Introduction: Finger Rings Using Waste Materials

Hey everyone!.We all have some empty and waste bottels ,non useful wires in our house .in this instructable I am going to make rings using glue bottels, flat wire. they are really easy to make . you don't need any kind of mumbo jumbo supplies for it. So let's get started.


1.Old glue bottels (you can use bottel cap or any cylinderical thing like marker)
2.flat wire
5.Crystal Stickers (I really don't know what you called them therefore I give one pic only for them and if you don't have them it's your problem just kidding. in first step I give some suggestions to replace them)

Step 1: Making Rings Using Glue Bottel.

You need to cut glue bottel of sutiable height.
It is really easy to cut glue bottel you have to mark point and cut it using scissor. If you are doing this with bottel cap then you need knife , be careful during cutting it and children should take help from elders in doing this.
Now stick crystal sticker on it ,(you can your favorite string combination , glitter or nail polish also. It's totally on to you)
If some extra part left uncovered on your rings then just cut it (again .be careful plz! )

Step 2: Making Rings Using Wire

Fold the wire into three parts make middle one small as shown in photo 1(for illustration I use thread ) . Then do three stand braiding. And stick one end with another as shown in pic can stick pearl, crystal sticker in empty place of pic 3
. Or you can just stick the ends of wire very close without leaving space between them. as shown in last pic.

Step 3: Clean Up Your Mess.. .. .. can make those rings without this step but be a good girl or boy and clean up your working place.

Step 4: Now You Are Done

Okay finally no more exta steps. you just need to clap πŸ‘ for yourself because you make those cool rings (I am sure much cooler than mine) and also you reused some waste too .
Hope you enjoy making this. Plz share photos of your work I really want to see that ,let me know in comment if you need more explanation and Offcource thanks for reading πŸ™‚πŸ™‚