Introduction: How to Clean Coins With Electrolysis

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How to clean coins using electrolysis, very easy to do. Salt, water, a old mobile charger 1.2A and a pair of cocrodrile pinces.
We clean a 1964 peseta alloy and a 1870 10 gramos copper spanish coin. Remove all the rust.

This process could ruin the value of your coin! Get advaice before going ahead!! You are warned!

Step 1: Get a Plastic Pot With Water and Add Salt

Get a plastic pot with water and add salt to increase the water conductivity

Step 2: Get and Old Mobile Charger and Cut the Cable

Get and old mobile charger and cut the cable

Step 3: Connect Two Crocodiles

Connect two crocodiles, black crocodile to the negative pole and red crocodile to the positive

Step 4: Place Coin and a Iron Screw on the Crocodiles

Place the coin in the negative crocodile and a old iron screw on the positive crocodile

Step 5: Plug the Charger and Wait 20 Minutes

Plug the charger and wait 20 minutes, then un plug the charger and remove the coin

Step 6: Clean the Coin With an Sponge, Soap and Water

Clean the coin with an sponge, soap and water. You are done!