Introduction: Loki Inspired Bracelet

Hey everybody! You all know about marvel Cinematic Universe and comic there are lots of awesome and cool character like gambit, iron man , thor, doctor Doom etc. Who turn us into total nerds. One of them is God of mischief "LOKI" He is hero, villan Or hero or villan at same time in many marvel movies or in comic.he always catch my attention by one way or another so in this instructable I am going to show how to make loki inspired bracelet for loki stans 🐍🐍


1) green ribbon
2) golden chain
4) green sewing thread
5) scissors
6)flat surface buttons
7) yellow card board
8) green, yellow and black color

Step 1: Making Bracelet

Take golden chain size of your wrist and green ribbon I finger more than size of your wrist sew the chain on ribbon.

Step 2: Charm for Bracelet

Take white button color it green and write any of your favorite loki dialogue some examples
"Born with glorious purpose"
"Sun will shine on us"
"I do what I want to do"
"I am not lying this time "
"I am going to burn this place to ground "
And for other charm you need yellow card board
and cut loki's helmet from it.

Step 3: Completed

Here you are done with loki inspired bracelet you can make other beautiful loki inspired bracelet by using color green, yellow, black. And ya I am lOKIng for your comments. Thanks for reading
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