Introduction: Mustache Bookmark

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Hi Everyone!

This mustache bookmark is super cute and easy to make at home. Unlike other cute bookmarks for kids, this bookmark can be even used by grown-ups, especially boys. :P

Anyways the materials needed to make this bookmark are given below


  • Square shaped yellow chart paper
  • Black chart paper
  • White paper
  • Black sketch pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Materials Needed

Step 2: Fold the Paper to Make a Triangle Shape

Step 3: ​From One End of the Base of the Triangle Fold It to the Top.

Step 4: Repeat the Same Step for the Other Part

Step 5: Take the Top of the Triangle and Fold It to the Base

Step 6: Take One Side of the Triangle and Fold in Inside the Previous Fold

Step 7: Repeat the Same Step for the Other Side

Step 8: Time to Make the Mustache, Eye Brows and Eyes

Draw the mustache and eyebrows on the black paper and cut it out. In the same way cut out the eyes

Step 9: Stick and Draw the Eye Balls

Step 10: And Your Mustache Bookmark Is Ready

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