Introduction: Simple Moana Pendent

About: hi.I'm from Banglades. I love to do crafty things a lot.

who Doesn’t like disney Princesses? we all are in love with them.among all the beautiful and gorgeous Princesses I have a especial corner for Moana in my heart.that's why I made the pendent of Moana.. this is really easy and simple you..


1.a well shaped rock(you must have a oval Shaped stone to make the penden)
2.acrylic paint (white,blue,black)
3.pencil for drawing
5.a hook for the pendent
6.glue gun
8.few white round Stones

Step 1: Drawing

At the very beginning you have to draw the lines of the moana pendent in the rock..I used pencil to draw the carve line which represents the wave of the ocean..thn two half circles and joint them togethe..

Step 2: Coloring

then you have to paint the rock..I have painted the bottom with light blue can also use sea green color it will be more attractiv. then the top side has to be painted with white have paint the both side of the rock equall.

Step 3: Detailing

Then i have just added some.more details.I paint the lines of wave and circles with black color,and add some black small lines to look it can add black dots also.

Step 4: Adding the Hook

In the next part you have to add a hook for the penden.i have add a small hook.i used glue gun to add the hook as glue gun is the perfect glue to add something small or really the glue gun have perfectly the hook with the penden..

Step 5: Making the Pendent Chain

I have made the pendent chain with yarn. here i used dark.brown yarn.. thn i tie it on the hook..i also add some white small round Stones to look it more beautiful and attractiv. you can also use white pearls.i Don't have them so i add this stones.

Step 6: End

Here we go..our Moana pendent is ready! you will really look stunning wearing it.Besides this pendent will be really helpful for fancy dress competition of you want to dress like Moana.