Introduction: Young Witch Jewelry

Hey everyone ! Here I am with another new instructable. You all know who witches are
and we all have a witchy side . In movies they do spells and have lots of green, red, black and purple stuff. So in this instructable I am going to make jewelry which are inspired by witches.


We are going to make bracelet, choker ,pendants, keychain and hair piece for finger rings you can see my channel.
a) black beads
b) black ant beads
c) flat wire
2.pendant and choker
a) clay
b) black flat beads
c) old marbles or glass balls
d) black beads
e) old black denim jeans
3)Hair piece
a) wire
b) black hemp cord
c) old small bangle
d) brown ribbon
4) keychain(you can use scraps for this)
a) brown paper
c) old book or notebook cover
d) white paper
4) Common things
a) scissors
b) glue
c) tape
e) ribbon
f) glitter nail polish
g) black thread
You can replace any of these supplies with your imagination, creativity and skill . In case you don't have any or many supplies.

Step 1: Making Bracelets

For bracelet
you need ant beads and black beads first you have to cut the black thread in three equal part
Make knot at one end fill the middle strings with big black beads and side one with ant beads. Do this process until it becomes enough big to fit your wrist. Ten do another knot and secure it
Second bracelet :-
Take flat earphone wire 3 and half tims of your wrist.divide it into three parts one more than other two. Then do three stand brading. When you are done make loop at one end and at other end join button or bead according to size of loop.

Step 2: Making Choker and Pendants

For chokers:-
Take old black jeans cut a strip of half finger small tnan size of your neck join the ends using black ribbon. Use black flat beads to make them look more cool 😎. If you don't have beads then you can just leave them simple or can use sone charms. (For example you can make small skull on cardboard or flat button)
Making pendants:-
For this I colored my old marbles (wrap in wire to) and black beads with glitter nail paint and I used brown clay give it round shape and color it with glitter.then place them in order that I want to make pendants.

Step 3: Making Hair Piece

Take old small bangle cover it with black by repeating steps that are shown in photos
For broom you need black hemp cut it in one part and fold it equally then secure it and comb it so you get a nice broom bottom. for top use irregular wire or you can use piece of old paint brush refill or uneven twig . I cover my wire with brown ribbon and end with black tape in order to remove pointy tip.

Step 4: Key Chain

For this you need old note book cover cut rectangle from it of breath 3cm and length 6.5 cm. Cover it using brown paper fold it like shown in photo fill it with white paper of suitable size
Now at front make your favorite magical symbol.

Step 5: Now You Are Ready to Do Magic!

Hope your witchy side bring you here and you enjoyed it and.. .. .. Thanks for reading this magical spell with bring ideas and witchy smile on your face.