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20th Anniversary! Answered

So for any of you wondering it's 20 years since K'nex was released... 

...and I've had it for 13 of those years (o_O) 

To celebrate, K'nex are making a Remake of the Screaming Serpent, called 'Son of Serpent' this month. But at $999 it's pretty expensive. 

To Celebrate, share your stories of any mishaps/interesting things you've done with this great Construction toy when you were younger! (not just Gunz) 

Also: When did all of you get your first K'nex set?! And which one was it? 

My First Set: 10 Model Box set (the one with the Surfer on it) Age: 5 Been hooked ever since, I still have the original Instructions! 
Random Moment: Age 9, I made a 'Podcopter' as I liked to call it. I doughnut-shaped Helicopter with Gears to make the Props spin. 


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Released? Or escaped?