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3000 watts inverter Answered

anyone knows how to build or make an inverter? a 3000watts inverter? can u give me the list of parts and picture diagram or schematic diagram? thanks guys


Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I found this circuit diagram,


By asking DuckDuckGo, to show me images of, "power inverter circuit diagram"


By the way, for this sort of device, it might cost less time and money, to just buy one.

That makes me think: Sometimes in the used market, like dumpsters, or thrift stores, or possibly even eBay, you can find broken UPSes (stands for Uninteruptable Power Supply), and these often contain a working inverter, or parts for one. Often the only thing wrong with then junked UPS is its battery is dead. You know, there are people who throw the whole thing in the trash, when the battery dies.

Although I have to admit, finding an old 3000 watt UPS, that might be kind of a rare find. The ones I have found in the past, in dumpsters and thrift stores, are usually just rated for less than 1000 watts. Like, 200 W, and 300 W ones, seem to be common, and easy to find, as junk.