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4 Days to Order an Open Source CNC Mill Kit at Inventables Answered

Inventables has reached their tipping point by successfully selling 50 Shapeoko CNC Mill Kits.  What does this mean for you? If you purchase a kit in the next four days you are guaranteed a Shapeoko CNC Mill Kit to ship to you in 60 days.  If you wait until next month to order your kit it may not be available! 

We will be giving one of these CNC kits away in a July contest so make sure to check back in for more details!

About the CNC Mill:
These are simple, low cost, open source CNC milling machine kits that can be built in about 3-5 hours. Assembly is required before you can use it.

This machine has been under development for the last four years. Edward Ford has been designing, redesigning, and building what he hoped would be a CNC machine that anyone can build. Make Magazine did a nice article on the project.

The entire process is built around open source components. From CAD and CAM software to the CNCcontroller, every step has an open source solution. Every nut, every bolt, every belt, is fully documented with part numbers and vendor list.

The reason you would consider ordering one of the three kits vs. sourcing all the parts yourself is convenience.


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8 years ago

Ooooh, is this ever tempting! I even have the motors and drivers I need, ready to go...