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2nd Scholarship Idea

This one is similar to my first idea except it will be used on level surfaces, could ideally be used for attics or basements. It would send live video and sound to my laptop with a microphone and webcam. I still don't know how to make it wireless. For movement control I am thinking of a joystick or just have it move in random patterns. Feedback appreciated!

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How to access 2nd instructables ?

Apparently I have two accounts. One basic and one upgraded to premium for two years. I have PayPal receipt. I can access the basic, but can NOT get back into the premium site. How can I delete the basic and then access the premium?Sully241

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change ipod shuffle (2nd gen) colour

I won a 2nd gen iPod Shuffle from an arcade game at the local movie theatre and I got a purple one. Since I'm so insecure with my sexuality (and I just plain don't like the colour) I'm wondering if there is a way to strip the paint (if it actually is paint) from it. I've looked into other options like the silicon and aluminum shuffle cases but they are kinda bulky.

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Is the Ipod touch 2nd generation charger cord the same as the ipod nano 6th generation's? Answered

Planning on getting a 6th gen nano, and wanted to know if it would work with my docking station.

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Exploratorium's 2nd Skin: Call for Artists

Hi Instructables community - Do you work in wearable computing? 2nd Skin will be showcasing works that fuse fashion, technology, and art to address life in the 21st century on April 25th at the Exploratorium. This call closes Friday, February 29. Thanks for your time! -Jessi ~Call for Artists: 2nd Skin Exploratorium invites artists creating wearable computing, wearable art, or related performances to submit works for 2nd Skin: Imaginative Designs in Digital & Analog Clothing. This exhibition features works that fuse fashion, technology, and art to address life in the 21st century. Existing or proposed works in all media are welcome, including fabric, soft-circuitry, found-object, video, installation, and performance. 2nd Skin opens Friday, April 25 at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA. The opening night celebration will include performances, a runway show, and installations. Select works will remain on display through Sunday, September 7, 2008. Participating artists will receive a modest honorarium.To apply, please submit: 1-5 images (JPEG or PDF under 1 MB/ea) or URL link Brief statement (1-3 paragraphs) describing the art and concept behind it Artist resume / CV Estimated costs for shipping, fabrication, or installation, if anyPlease email submissions to Pamela Winfrey, Curator/ Senior Artist, at Friday, February 29, 20082nd Skin WebsiteExplOratorium2nd Skin Press Release

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2nd Scholarship proposal: Tool fetcher

I'd like to add another idea to my original entry for the scholarship contest. The idea is for a robot to assist car mechanics in fetching and returning their tools. With the low-profile of the irobot system, I think it would be ideal for this task. The robot could have a voice- recognition system that would listen for commands from the mechanic and fetch or return a tool for them. The system could have a mat (see illustration) which the robot could drive to and place the tools in their specific spot. If a voice-recognition system would be infeasible, then a key pad with a magnetic back could attach to the bottom of the car. I believe the robot could carry the tools via an electromagnet system. With this system, the mechanic could safely keep the underside of the car free from clutter.

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Does anyone know where I can find a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen cheap and in good condition? Answered

I need a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen that is in good condition and if you have one then I'll pay $150 for it if you'll accept.

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In the Instructables contests, do the people with most views, highest ratings, and most votes win first prize, or...? Answered

Do just the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place people with the highest votes win first prize in the contests?

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any hacks for ipod nano 2nd gen?

Ipod nano 2nd generation: sometimes it wont turn on. tried toggling hold....tried select and play together. it will turn on but sometimes got to play with it for awhile. any help appreciated!

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My Instructable won't publish-2nd user

I also have a problem not seeing my Instructables as non-logged in viewer ! It has been more than 5hrs and I still cannot even find it using Search facilities of Instructables. My profile should update to 9 but remains stuck at 8 instructables.

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Cant go pro again

 My pro member ship has ended!!!! FINALLY!!!!! So.... I want to go pro again.... but i cant.  when i go to the bottom of the page and click "become a  pro member today" it says: you are already one of instructables awesome pro members! HELP. i want to buy  a year long membership.+ PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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2nd chain dog for the knex screaming serpint car.

Here you go goers.

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iPod Shuffle 2nd gen USB charger! DIY

Hey guys, im posting this up around some places because my gf had a 2nd gen shuffle the clamshell and all the guides for usb chargers didnt work, so i made my own... Just want to share for anyone who is wanting to do this as well..

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2nd gen Game Boy Advance Movie Player

I'm looking for a 2nd generation Game Boy Advance Movie Player. Specificly the compact flash version. I don't care what condition the shell is in as long as the circut board inside is still intact. If anybody has one that they no longer want PM me. I have been looking everywhaere for one of these and nobody has them, not even ebay! The picture is the exact verson that I am looking for, there are three versons but I will only accecpt this particular one. Thanks

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Guide for display 2nd line 16x2 LCD,Please Answered

Dear All. I have seen this site : and following  from the author guide:  (Start) set D3 D2D1 D0 =0 >set EN=1and return 0> set D3...D0 =0 and continue..(please see  the instruction on this site ) I have successfully displayed what I want on the lcd 1st row but not able to display anything on the 2nd line… ( I know very little in the word programmer computer) Please help.. let me know the instruction to take the cursor to the 2nd line. Thank you in advance  for your time.                                       Best regards

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Adding a 2nd transformer to a disposable camera stun gun?

I was thinking about adding an additional transformer(or 2) from a separate disposable camera to an existing one modified as a stun gun.  I'm getting about 300 volts with a dead AA battery but i want much more so it can arc.  Do you think this will work?  Thanks in advance for your answers..

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How to add 2nd battery to circuit or increase voltage

I have a Normally Closed NPN inductive proximity sensor which operates at 10V. I use it to control a load (light bulb), which is normally on, and goes off when the proximity sensor detects metal. The problem is that I need to work with portable batteries, or something like an acid battery, and ideally not exceed 12V for safety reasons. Since the sensor needs 10V to operate, this only leaves me with 2V for the light bulb. I need to increase the voltage to the light bulb so that I can use a decent light source. Is there a way of adding a 2nd battery to the circuit so that the bulb has its own power source, yet that too is controlled by the sensor (otherwise the bulb would just stay on continuously). Any other solution would also be appreciated. Current circuit diagram attached. Thank you.

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NASA Contest update, updated 2nd March 09

I thought I'd update you all on the NASA contest.Since I'd almost forgotten I'd even entered, it probably means you've forgotten as well.Thor's Shotgun is currently in 57th position, with 243 views.The Cuttlefish Drive is currently 18th place, with 942 views.More views from you, dear readers, will of course improve my results.(You may consider this to be an invitation to spam people...)UPDATEI received an email today:Is your entry to the Create the Future Design Contest among the top winners? Find out on Tuesday, March 10 at 11:00 am Eastern.Join Tech Briefs Media Group and SolidWorks Corp. for a live Webcast announcing the Grand Prize, Category, and Popular Vote winners of the seventh annual contest.Speakers will include Jeff Ray, CEO of SolidWorks, and Linda Bell, Editorial Director of NASA Tech Briefs. Register today for this complimentary Webinar at: Good luck and thanks for participating!Unfortunately, I will be in a parents' meeting during the "webinar", so you might find out before me...(Crosses fingers)

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can you play podcasts on a 2nd generation iPod nano?

Right now I'm kind of mad I got this shiny 2nd generation iPod nano year ago and today I went to to see if it was first or second generation or something along those lines. So I look on the site and to my surprise apple dose not even list my ipod as one of the current items apple is selling. Kind of in the same manner a group of schoolchildren shun or banish if you will;the children that they label as malcoms or something. And this made me mad. so I go back to the oringial reason of my post can you play podcasts on my 2nd generation iPod nano? because my friend told me you could. and if you can howwould you download them onto the ipod to begeain with? thank you so much.

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why wont my 2nd gen ipod sink up to my laptop??? Answered

I bought a 2nd gen 2gb ipod from goodwill for 20 bucks.went to wallymart bought a usb cord to hook up to my laptop & all it does is flash a no sign & say do not disconnect.what can i do??? this is after i put in a $24 battery from ebay.

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Profile says 3rd place trophy, but I actually won 2nd place

Hi there! My profile has a 3rd place trophy, but my Wi-Fi Magnetic Door Spy tutorial actually won 2nd place. I'm assuming this is a bug? Can it be fixed? Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about: And here's the contest where I'm listed under 2nd place: Thanks! - Josh

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Old Presario 2100 laptop screen to be used at a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

I have the laptop screen from a Presario 2100, and im wondering if there is any way I could wire it to be used as a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

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Is the Ipod Touch 3rd Generation any better than the 2nd generation?

What are some good apps for the ipod touch?

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How would one make an Ipod shuffle (2nd gen) charger?

Hello 'iblers :o) I'm sick of my bulky shuffle dock (shame on you, Apple!), and want to make something like the shufflebud or this homemade one*. I have plenty of parts but the problem is that I cannot find an 'ible or anything telling me what to do - I'd make one myself but don't know the details of usb wiring. The dock alternatives shown in these pictures transfer song files like the standard dock - this functionality would be a bonus and I know that one of you has the knowledge! *The link on the Engaget page to instructions (in German) is broken. Here is a translation of the page.

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My Jailbroken iPod Touch 2nd Gen wont install apps from the App Store... HELP PLEASE!!!

My 2nd gen ipod touch jailbroken CORRECTLY by quick freedom, and has worked properly for a month will not properly install apps from the app store. Here is what happens: 1. go into app store and click install app, 2. I enter my password and the buy now button now says installed, but IT IS NOT ON THE HOME SCREEN. On the first occurence of this, it made a lot of bookmarks.PLEASE HELP!?

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See On Board Compressor/welder for a vehicle. Can 2nd alternator be eliminated?

This instructable relates to this question . I can see the need for a second air conditioning compressor for that part of the build. With the alternator however, there is one under the hood already. Why not hack it to do two jobs. Couldn't you just add back in the alternator parts you disabled in an external box and then with some wire and switches, alternate back and forth between welding and charging. The car can run off the battery for a while, so this should work. Part 2 of this question is, the alternator in my case is in a Toyota Corolla. Toyota makes pretty tough stuff, however will my alternator make nearly, or as much juice as the Ford unit the guy recommends for the hack. I could swap in a Ford alternator I suppose, however it would likely require significant work to adapt the mounting bits. Thanks for Listening, Zipperboy

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May 2015 Build Night with Strawbees (2nd build night in May!!)

#BUILDNIGHT 30 SPACES AVAILABLE Deadline to sign up: March 29th, 2015. Accepted spaces will be notified by March 30th, 2015. Read our FAQ to learn more about the Build Night program rules and how to make the most out of this event for your space. MAY BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with Strawbees, they make connectors to build epic structures with recycled plastics, for our SECOND May 2015 build night. You heard that correct! We’re running two build nights this May. Sign up to participate in the build night and we will ship you a package that includes the following: (1) Crazy Scientist Kit (includes 1034 connectors and 100 straws) HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Host a Build Night: pick a time in May to host a project build night using the Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit. You can host multiple build nights during May to work on your projects. Post 2 Instructables: post 2 Instructables using the Crazy Scientist Kit. Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights. Brownie Points (not required): after the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about your event. Include pictures, stories, etc... Here are two examples from past build nights: Noisebridge and Makers Local 256. We may even feature your photos on the homepage. REWARDS: If your submitted Instructable for this event gets featured by one of our editors we will send you an Instructables Prize Pack which includes: Instructables t-shirt, stickers, and patches. This forum post has guidelines for posting feature worthy projects. Be sure to let people at your event know so they can win a prize pack! Limit 3 per makerspace. RESOURCES: Strawbees Resources Instructables App (for documentation during the build night): iOS and Android REACH OUT TO US ON SOCIAL MEDIA #BUILDNIGHT #INSTRUCTABLES #STRAWBEES Twitter: @Instructables, @makestrawbees Instagram: @Instructables, @Strawbees SIGN UP: Fill out this google form

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hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find any that worked for the itouch 2nd gen please help?

OK hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find an that worked for the itouch 2nd generation please help...?

Question by ppatches24  

can I charge an ipod touch 2nd generation with 4.8 volts of electricity?

I just got an ipod touch, and I noticed the battery gets drained very quickly when I am using wifi, so i figured maybe if I put 4 nickel-metal hydride (rechargable 1.2 volts each) batteries in series in a container, and added a female usb plug, it would be enough to power the ipod touch. Anyone think that would be enough to work?

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Can we use a Laser as a wireless conductor of electricity?

Wireless energy transfer question. Please note: I added a 2nd question here ( the emphasis now is if Microwaves can transmit energy as a 2nd option to replace copper cables in energy distribution):

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kindle battery changing?

How do I change battery in my 2nd generation kindle?  Where and what kind of battery?

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how to calculate this FM Oscillators ?is the ceramic capacitor (beside 2nd transistor) in series ? ?

I can calculate it is by but, is the 4.7pf take effect with the frequency ? how frequency is it, if i change the trimmer capacitor with 20pf (i don't have the trimmer capacitor) ? please help me : )

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My 2nd Scholarship proposal: Mobile Web Cam Interface for exploration and interaction

I thought about this one at lunch with a friend of mine. Basically, it is a way for some one to interact, follow, communicate, and explore a space. So if you couldn't be somewhere "physically" the robot would take that place. -So in essence you would have the robot fill in the persons presence and you would be able to interact with the robot just like the other person was there! Say for instance, you have a client 3 states over and you have this robot on hand with wireless i-net in the room. Your client could log into the computer via remote host and be there where you are. You both can interact with each other, your client can follow you around say an office, share contact files from cell phones via Bluetooth, and a few other neat features! Materials, Create Webcam with laser pointer ( to accurately show where user is looking, e.g. from the robots view you see a paper cup, the person beside the robot will see exactly what you're seeing!) Mini itx cpu with wireless capabilities and Bluethooth (for on the fly file sharing) Robotic arm And program the create to follow "joystick" commands from the user speakers If you have an easier way of doing this or think something should be added on let me know!!! Thanks

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How do I unlock an ipod 2nd generation? I have cleared it and even renamed it but it still won't unlock.

How do I unlock an ipod to get to the music? I have redone it and renamed it. It charges but when I try to turn it on to get into the music it turns off. Also, it won't come on in the regular mode, it only comes on it standby mode. Thank you.

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I need help with arduino

Hi everyone,  I am playing around with arduino, and I got in trouble with the push button. Is there any possibilities to switch in between the LED patterns. I got the coding for three difference LED pattern here. I want to switch from 1st to the 2nd , and from the 2nd to the third by pressing the button. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. These are my LED patterns

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Arc Reactor

These are the photos of my arc reactor I built. This particular arc reactor is based off the second model from the 2nd iron man movie.

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Anyone know how to make a mouse restrainer?

The purpose is to immobilized the mouse so that tail vein injection can be done. My senior made one of this before he retired. made from plexi glass/ plastic. So basically, it consist of 2 parts. The first part is like a base/ platform which the 2nd part rest on it. The 2nd part is made of a tube which a mouse can go inside just nicely. Thank you

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Hand Painting Wine Glasses

I have always used Folkart Enamel paint to paint my wine glasses and never had any problems.   This paint is now changing to the GLOSS only in stores, I can't find it in the non-gloss anymore.    Why does the paint start cracking when I put on the 2nd coat of paint?  I'm cleaning with alcohol first, waiting 30 minutes, then painting and it still want adhere to the glass with a 2nd coat. See picture below. 

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I found a bunch of parts from two ipod' s!

I want to start a project using various parts scavenged from dumpster diving. A bag containing two ipod hard drives an ipod 2nd gen circuit board three brand new replacement screens, the outer shell of the 2nd gen video case. wheel clicker. I have basic soldering skills but unsure what to do with all these great parts... Any suggestions would be praised!!!!

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I put my laptop hard drive into my desktop as a second drive, how do I make it a bootable drive?

Desktop OS=Vista Home Basic, laptop drive= Vista Home Premium. Laptop drive is a SATA so it hooked right up, it is showing up in the Computer window and I can access the files on it. I want to be able to run the programs on it so need to be able to boot it up.

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My Final Conveyor Belt

I have made my final and 2nd Conveyorbelt. I got part of the idea from a rollercoaster booster. called "The Jespar Launch" or something like that

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Amazon voucher give-away - WINNERS!

I won a prize by posting a comment on a tool blog. The prize is a $10 Amazon voucher. Unfortunately, I can't redeem it on, and it would be swallowed by postage if I ordered from the US. So, I have a voucher to give away. To win, have a look at this topic started by Acidbass, and then post a verse for an Instructables boom-de-yada song here, complete with links (see the verse I posted there). Deadline: 4th December. Judging - the "best" verse will be selected by the capricious whim of Acidbass and myself. The winner will be announced in this topic, and receive the prize by PM. WINNERS! In reverse order: 3rd goes to Wasagi 2nd goes to RedNeckEngineer and 1st, with the prize voucher code, is.... GOODHART! Well done, that ibler! 2nd and 3rd get no cash prize, but Acidbass will include their verses in the video. Keep posting good ideas, though! I think the winner is Goodhart because he followed the rules made a catchy verse and had the guts to send me a recording of his verse that he made by himself to place in the movie. 2nd place is RedneckEngineer because he got creative with the verse. 3rd is Wasagi because he followed the instructions and did a very good job. The 2nd and 3rd place prizes are that their verses get to be in the movie :-)

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2 questions

1st- is it or if how possible to combine 2 electronic devices into 1 2nd-Can you give me a link to a  shop like thinkgeek that sends anywhere in the world

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