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4g sidekick?

My port is broke so i cant charge it. how do you charge a battery directly

Question by dscustodio  

HTC desire on 4G?

Hey there, just got a HTC Desire from the company I work for.  I was told that the phone could be configured to use the most advanced 4G technology. But after a few days research. I couldn't find the completed instructions anywhere on Internet. Can anyone help me out? PS: I'm at Montreal, Canada. And the provider is Bell Canada.

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Hey instructables community, i have had my ipod 4g for almost a year now and have had it jailbroken since day one. it was working fine up until about 2 weeks ago when i added the ihacks repo to cydia. since then my ipod has app crashes randomly including cydia aswell as random reboots and resprings. it also is running slower. battery life seems unaffected by this. i have tried a restore and rejailbreak with both redsn0w and absinthe. aswell as a complete restore (setting up as new ipod not using any backups) and rejailbroke using absinthe which has aided a little but i still have all issues. im usually quite good at working this stuff out although this has me stumped. cheers in advance :) curious.

Question by curious youth  

Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G ?

Is there a method for jailbreaking an iPod Touch 4G that will NOT leave an iPod unable to update via iTunes?

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is it possible to boost my wimax speed with a bi-quad antenna

Is it possible to "hack" my wimax modem so I can boost the speed with a bi-quad antenna or through some other means? Here's the wimax modem type and here's the modem opened. [img][/img]

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What phone offers the best 4g network?Brian M Bernal?

Just wondering what phone and provider has the best 4g network. Brian M Bernal

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4G (LTE) Home Repeater With LimeSDR

I am making a "4G (LTE) Home Repeater With LimeSDR " product . i read it at : i don't find file repeater.ini or 4G_Vpeater.ini . . Can you help me ?

Question by HUYL31  

Geeky ipod touch 4g case? Answered

I might get an ipod touch 4g soon, and being the scratch-hater that I am, am looking for possible cases. I know I can get a reasonable case for 5$ on the internet, but im looking for something really awesome. Has anyone found/know of any ipod cases that are really geeky? Like that have circuit designs on the back or a blown view of electronics? Thanks in advance- Astroboy907

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Ipod touch 4g charger from AA's? Answered

Hey all- does anyone know of an ipod charger that runs on AA's that can charge an ipod touch 4g? I am going on a trip soon (1 week) and would like to try to make a backup battery for my touch. I have most materials that would be used for this- a variety of caps, 7805's, a few resistors, pretty much everything except a battery holder. I can also head to radioshack (maybe in a couple days if I need to get anything). Anyone know of anything?

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How to upgrade an Intel Macbook pro 2.16 Ghz RAM from 2G to 4G?

How to upgrade an Intel Macbook pro 2.16 Ghz RAM from 2G to 4G

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How to make 4G/LTE signal booster ?

Hello,I need your advice regarding making 4G/LTE signal booster or some small antenna that would contribute 4 - 5 db boost for 4G if you can suggest what I can do, but it needs to work.because on google you can find a lot diy projects that are not working...Thank you

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HELP! Coby MP610 4G Battery Repalcement. HELP! Answered

I had a Coby MP610 4G for 8 months and it's battery has gone bad, so I need to know how to replace the battery. ANSWER ASAP .

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how to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs ?

How to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs ?

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how to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs ?

How to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs

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Is there a way to put more mem in a ipod touch 4g 8gb? Answered

My son has a cracked 4g 8 gb ipod touch.We are going to replace the battery & screen/digatizer. While its open we were wondering if theres a way to put more mem in to it....

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Ipod touch 4g wifi problems? Answered

Well, I got my new ipod touch 4g a few days back, and the WIFI connected and worked fine for a few days, until today- thats when the trouble started. Now I cannot get a wireless internet connection. The ipod recognizes the wireless network, and even lets me connect to it. But when I connect to it, and open safari (or another internet app) it will not load anything (safari says its not connected to the internet). Everything worked fine yesterday... I did not change anything (but there was a 20 minute power outage today). My sisters ipod connects to the network and runs perfectly though... and its the same model. Ended up with a temprary fix by re-routing the ethernet through my computer to WIFI... If it helps any we have an apple router :) Thanks! Astroboy907

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Will I still be able to make calls if I install a custom ROM on my EVO 4G?

I want to root my EVO 4G for WiFi tethering and to install custom ROMs.. Will I still be able to make calls even though I will flash a custom ROM?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy all iPod touch 4G with cracked/broken screen. Besides broken/cracked screen, iPod touch must be 100% functional including all buttons. I am only looking for 4th generation and I am ready right now to give you my money. Hit me up at theseanho(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks, Sean

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How to convert a 2G sims operating device to a 4G?

I have 2 GSM 2G Sims card  listening devices which is not capable to work on 3g or 4g network.. Since cell phone companies now require a 4g sims card and the listening devices have not advance to work on the 3G or 4G network, I need to convert my device to work on a gsm/wcdma.  The problem is that I don't have an older sims card.  AT&T; and T-Model are stating I have to get their 4G sims.  And I can't find a cell phone company still operating on Edge (2g ).  Can anyone help? Here's a link to show the 2 devices:;=item45fabd12c8;=item45fdc07489     Thank you

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how do I get mobile network to work on a htc inspire 4g? Answered

It is giving me an error ever since I formatted it

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

how to make really loud speakers for my ipod touch 4g? like really loud?

How to make really loud speakers for my ipod touch 4g? like really loud?

Question by Pimpdog23    |  last reply

How would I be able to fix the sidekick 4g screen , if the touch screen glass was broken?

What other materials would be needed, other than the actual glass screen would be needed if I wanted to repair the screen myself?

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iphone 4g wifi problem? any suggestions? Answered

Hey there guys i have a water damage iphone 4g and i revived it and everything works god but the wifi! if u turn it on it will just load and load and load and load. or sometimes it wont even show. i tried going to settings>general>and reset network and still doesnt work, i reoot it and restore and all that other stuff and nothing, i also bought a wifi antenna ribbon thingy but still nothing any suggetions?

Question by HmOnGbOi    |  last reply

Can I charge my ipod touch 4g with 9000mah? Answered

I'm planning on making an ipod charger with 3 or 2 trustfire 18650s that are 3000 mah a piece and 3.7 volts each. Could i make this work with an adafruit battery charger? Thank you in advance.

Question by theboygenius    |  last reply

homemade signal booster? Answered

I was trying to figure out how to boast my signal coverage in my area, and a got an idea: to use a UHF amplifier, to pick up the towers signal and rebroadcast it. of coarse since things like WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular 2G/3G/4G networks use two way radio, the signal can go back to the reviving end of the UHF amp, and get broadcasting to hit whatever tower. my phone should better recognize the tower, as if i just magically made a tower 2 feet away. however this might also amplify stay noise. if this idea doesn't work, why not? i think i am going to need at least a 20dB increase in power, but as of now i  need to do more research. but if i can buy a product that does a similar thing for less than $40, i would. (cellphones use UHF spectrum)

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How to make an iPod Touch 4g look like an iPhone 4? Answered

Hi, I have a. iPod Touch 4g 32gb White and I kind of want to make it look like an iPhone 4, mainly just because I like the feel and look of them but don't have the cash to purchase one. Right now I have a cookiecase, which is pretty nice, but it makes it to thick.  Any ideas how I can do this? I was thinking maybe a type of clay, mold it onto it, slip a metal band onto it and paint it, but I dont really want it to be permanent...

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iPod touch 4g (badly damaged) screen repair

Ok, I recently bought an iPod touch 4g and really love it. Now my brother really wants one but doesn't have enough money to get one. Sooooo, yesterday he found one laying, screen smashed, 2 inches underwater in a stream. He begged me to charge it so finally I let him use my old charger. We plugged it in and I almost screamed when it actually started charging. Naturally my brother freaked out but when we tried to unlock it, it turned out the screen was too shattered to completely slide the unlock slider. My brother has $14:00. So now I wanna know if I can fix the screen enough to actually use the iPod. Plz help? Sorry I can't include a pic of the iPod right now.

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need shsh blobs for ios 6.1.2 for ipod touch 4g?

I accidentally updated to ios 6.1.3 on my ipod touch 4g and I need to downgrade my firmware to 6.1.2 to jailbreak. I downloaded the 6.1.2 shsh blob from cydia but ifaith says that it is invalid. the only valid shsh blob I have is for 6.1.3. I have read many articles of how to downgrade but I have never saved shsh blobs before because i never knew about them. Can someone give me a direct link to download some or give me advice as how to get valid ones? thanks.

Question by tvsamuel    |  last reply

youtube no option for 144p and 480p and 1080p when using tethering on phone [ANSWERED]

When I open youtube to watch any video, and I am connected to the WiFi in the house, I get all the quality options available to me: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and occasionally original (usually reserved for 4K resolutions?) However, when I use my phone's 3G/4G and wirelessly tether that to linux, I do not get all 6-7 quality choices. 144p, 480p, and 1080p are missing. shows tethering 4G to my computer shows a 3-8 Mbps down with ~70ms latency. the WiFi in the house is CenturyLink DSL, and can get as fast as 1.5Mbps with latency ~50ms at best, it can sometimes get very slow and I am forced to switch to tethering my phone's 3G/4G. Also, it is worth noting that the 360p quality appears more compressed, The amount of "boxiness" (MPEG reduction) is annoyingly high. (poor quality) While the phone is in 3G, I can't even watch 720p quality, the lowest quality that allows one to make out a faces in the video. It does not appear to be Chrome, the browser I'm using or flash video, as it is also true with the HTML5 player. 

Question by -max-    |  last reply

how do I get google play apps on my android inspire 4g?

I would like to know so I can get games and stuff

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

Creating a Cell Phone (Kangaroo PC + 4G LTE module + LCD Touchscreen)

Good afternoon, all! As the title sums up, I am looking at the Kangaroo PC [1], which is a $99 battery-powered pocket PC, about the size of a cell-phone, with a tablet processor and a full Windows 10 OS, and I'm asking myself one question. Why is this not a cell phone yet?! Basically, I want to install an LCD touchscreen, a 4G LTE module, and some software. This project is similar to Raspberry Pi cell phones, in the sense that it will be DIY, and the new Microsoft Lumia, in the sense that it hooks up to a monitor for desktop. Does anybody have any advice, or know what direction to point me in? I am specifically asking for help with the 4G LTE module and maybe the LCD Touchscreen. I'm not sure what to get, where to get them, or how to install them. (I've searched and found miniPCIe and m.2 modules, so far.) Thank you!! [1]: (Newegg)

Topic by jrs91  

Charging a 9.5V netbook using a 5V USB charger? Answered

Is it possible to use a USB charger to charge a Netbook battery (Asus eee 4G 9.5V)? Basically is there a way to get 9.5V out of a 5V usb charger? Thanks.

Question by ahitman    |  last reply

good cydia apps?

I need some good cydia apps, i currently have a 64gb itouch 4g with 1.installous 2.winterboard 3.sbsettings lock those are the only cydia apps i've got, just wondering for more...

Question by nachozombie    |  last reply

Does anyone know a safe way to charge an ipod touch 4g with 4 aaa batteries? Will I need any resistors, if so what kind?

Any resistors, capacitors, etc. needed? What circuit should I use?

Question by DoctorDv    |  last reply

Usb Ipod sync cable that has a separate higher amperage power input?? Answered

Hi there! I was wondering whether it would be possible to split an ipod sync cable so that the data lines still run back to the computer but the ground and +5v cables be connected to an external power source with more amperage (to speed up charging)?/ Would that be possible??? 

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Ok. So I got this sweet new flashed based 4g creative zen mp3/mp4 player. I can't use it! I have 2 computers, an old windows 98 and a newer one running fedora core five. Please help! It doesn't even work with gnomad. And on the 98 it says it doesnt support that windows! Please help!

Topic by LinuxH4x0r    |  last reply

how long should I keep my iPod in rice?

I accidentally had my iPod touch 4g in my pocket when I went swimming. I discovered it 10 min later. How long should I keep it in rice?

Question by tvsamuel    |  last reply

Qbo Robot for Sale!!!

I have a QboEVOPro robot for sale. It came with 4G and I upgraded to 16G. It sells for around $3900 Euros or $5495 USD. I will take $3200 USD with FREE Shipping to anywhere in USA major northern states. The color is Apple  GREEN. If you want to know about him, do a Google search and video YOUTube search. If you are interested:   yhmmc  Thanks!

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If I buy a wireless mini camera 1.2 can I pick up footage on my Samsung galaxy 3 tablet

I wish to have a camera on back of caravan to monitor traffic behind and have tablet in the car without going to the trouble of running wires. I already have a wireless reversing camera 2 . 4G I think

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iPod touch glitch Answered

Hi, I was wondring what is wrong with a ipod touch 4g that suffered minor impact trama (no cracks on lcd or screen). When you press the lock button, the screen turns on, but it has a lot of white thin lines going down it and the picture looks distorted. You can unlock it, but it still has the lines and the screen is still distorted. Can you tell me the physical problem and solution please?

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What usb cord do I need to use a Battery Charger with USB Output for the HTC EVO 4G in my car dash board usb port?

I have a Universal Battery Charger with a USB output 5.2Vd.c.800mA. I would like to be able to use this charger in my car, in the USB port on the dash board, so I could charge the batteries out of the phone and in the battery charger while traveling. 

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Is there any way to manipulate/hack a NWZ-E436F 4gb mp3 player?

I have a NWZ-E436F sony walkman mp3 and mp4 player and i'm getting bored with it. I like the music and video viewing but i would also like to custimize it in any way. Iwould also like to add simple aplications on it like a caculator. My search has been endless and i would greatly admire someone who can help me with my problem. plz and thnx

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Format an SD card

I have  a SD card 4G - I need to format it to FAT16 to use in a  Sharp XEA-207  Cash Register, A friend tells me I have to go back to last century OP systems or DOS (to the dawn of so called civilisation) Is there a way out - I can recognise the head and point of a nail but that is about it - can follow instructions - please be kind enough to come down to my level - a, b, c, d,,,1, 2, 3 etc. - Deepest gratitude.

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Ipod a/v component and composite cables Answered

Okay, I want to have my Ipod touch 4g on the tv using one of those av component or composite cables for ipod/ipad. I have read and watched stuff on YouTube saying that you can only play music and video on tv. I want to have the whole ipod homepage on tv   so i can surf the web on the tv from Ipod. Is this possible?  Some other 'ibles' don't explain how to (without having it jailbroken)

Question by alpe_97    |  last reply

Error while loading instructables after update

After an update of Instructables not that long ago, I can no longer see any instructables or even log in on my Samsung SIII+ phone. When I try on a newer Samsung S8 it works fine. After starting Instructables, the error message is: "Error while loading Instructables. Please reload and check and check your internet connection" My internet connection is fine - through WiFi as well as 4G and both have been tried. Any ideas? Thanks, Jens.

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Charging station for eee PC

Hi, I need a charging station for an eee PC 4G from ASUS. I was searching several days in the internet but I didn't found something. The cradle is only needed for charging nothing else. After working with the eee pc I only would plug it in the cradle upright for charging. Where I can find such a charging station for the eee pc or a station for an other device wich suits to the eee? If there's no matching station how I could build it by my self? Here's a drawing of my idea:

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