How to graph MPU6050 data?

I am using the MPU6050 sensor. I want to plot the graphs of accelerometer and the gyroscope data that I am reading via arduino. I have created a programme where I can plot 3D blocks of accelerometer and the gyroscope and then use the Complementary Filter to combine them together and get a nice and precise data. However, now I want to use the processing to plot the data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope and also to show the comparison with the complementary filter. Does anyone know how can I do that or anyone know any tutorial regarding this or has done a similar programme?

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MPU6050 failled connection why !

Hi friends, I'm working on a project ''visualising the motion of an MPU6050 motion sensor in the form of artificial flight instruments'', in this project i used MPU6050 motion sensor and I connected it with an arduino UNO, then when I compiled the code of the sensor ( I found the code it in the MPU6050 library which I added to my arduino libraries) so when I compiled it then I clicked on the serial monitor I saw this message (MPU6050 connection failled !) so I dont know how to solve this probleme is it in the code or in cablage ! can someone help me please ! guys I need to finish this project cuz its my final year project ! please help me !

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How can I use the flight control board?

I am making a quadcopter and I am in some confusion. I am planing to get a KKv3 Flight Control Board from Hobby King. The question is, if I get the board then what is the need of getting a seperate IMU6050 as I have seen in some projects that people have used the 6050 sensor along with the Flight Control Board. Is it necessary to use that? As the flight control already have sensors on them. Also, does the flight control board gets connected to the arduino? and if so then how?

Question by Bam Boy 5 years ago

How do I make circuit schematics for quadcopter?

I have made a quadcopter using ESCs, brushless motors, Arduino UNO, MPU6050 and a battery. Now I want to design its schematics. But I dnt know which software to use to do that. I have tried to use fritzing, but its doeenst give me any components for brushless motors or ESCs. So can anyone suggest me a good software used to make schematics for quadcopter?

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Quadcopter wont lift off? Answered

I have made a quadcopter. However, it wont lift off :( I really need help with that. Following is the list of components I have used: 1) 2) 6200mAh, 35C LIPO battery 3) The weight of the whole copter along with the battery and the components is 1.52Kg which I am sure the motors can lift. I am using and arduino UNO and an MPU 6050 along with a FLYSKY 6Channel Rx/Tx for communication. The motors run on full power, however I am not sure why I can not generate a lift :/ I really need to make it work as this is my final year project. PLeaseeee someone help me :(

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How to stabilize a Segway using Arduino, MPU6050 and Sabertooth 2x32 ?

I'm new to programming and this is my second project. Currently I have completed the mechanical design and fabrication. The wiring has been completed but when I switch the main power ON, the left side motor starts spinning at max speed. Can anyone please comment on this issue?

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by using ardino R3 ,BT module and mpu6050 can we make stable brushed quadcopter?

Sir i want all the instruction of ardino brushed quadcopter .i want make this project in lower budget and i .can i use ardino micro insted of nano? can i use 180 motors?and laptop battery?

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Buon Giorno Sono istruttore di tico con l'arco volevo applicare questo esempio sul raiser ma purtroppo non riesco a farlo funzionare unllego PDF per verificare i punti di controlloSpero in una vostra risposta Luigi Andreoni

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Bluetooth Arduino quad copter

I making a Bluetooth controlled Arduino quadcopter. I want some help with the code. It is using mpu6050 gy521 breakout board. Please help. I want it to auto level.

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Having problems with Arduino code for Self Balancing Robot

Whenever I try to Compile this code arduino gives me this error E:\Balance Bot\BalanceBot2_PID_Control\BalanceBot2_PID_Control.ino: In function 'void setup()': BalanceBot2_PID_Control:38: error: 'class MPU6050' has no member named 'Initialise'    sensor1.Initialise();            ^ E:\Balance Bot\BalanceBot2_PID_Control\BalanceBot2_PID_Control.ino: In function 'void loop()': BalanceBot2_PID_Control:43: error: 'class MPU6050' has no member named 'Update'    sensor1.Update(); Now when I also include this library which contains GetGyroReading, GetAccelerometerReading etc variable it again give me the same error. I am pretty new to arduino programming and is trying out some PID controls. my_mpu_library: BOmotorpair library: Project I am following

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How to make the GY-87 work probably ?

Hey, This my first question and ... action here with this new account :) My problem is I'm making a quad-copter, which needs some balance and no problem of adding some features like alt. measurement and so. I bought a GY-87 10DOF chip which combines 5 sensors :- MPU6050 Gyroscope MPU6050 Accelerometer BMP085 Barometer BMP085 Temperature sensor HMC5883L Magnometer I don't know yet how to make the quad-copter balance using the chip but I'm focusing now on making the chip work at all. After 7 hours of searching I could get a messy code using KALMAN filter to get the gyro and accel angels which worked fine eccept that the code combines the Z axis with the compass reading and I need to understand how to make every reading separate, which get us to the secong problem, the compass is stuck at 50.3 degrees, after reading i found that i must enable the I2C cuz both of the MPU and the HMC uses the same bus ways, I added a delay (100) ms to let the HMC get it's reading, i could make it work till I realized that the reading is not from 0- 360, it's between 200 and ... maybe 342 ! although making the BMP work was difficult a bit.. now my questions are :- -Understand how the gyro code works or at least add the Z axis of the the gyro not the compass -How to make the compass work probably Files:- Libs:-

Question by Mavrick23 2 years ago