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Pringles ARE Potato Crisps (Chips)

Procter & Gamble will be forced to pay tens of millions of pounds in VAT after losing a legal battle with the (UK) taxman over its Pringles snack.The Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the Inland Revenue, which maintained that Pringles constitute a potato snack and are, therefore, liable for VAT (tax). The Appeal Court judges disagreed with a previous ruling that the low potato content (42%) exempted Pringles from VAT.See here for BBC article

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How to make or salvage a humidistat and have it control a device?

I'm using a portable plug-in electric kettle as a humidifier. This is it: I have a separate little handheld hygrometer, so when I see that my room has reached a good humidity level I have to manually turn off the kettle. My question is, what is the cheapest way to make a humidistat, even from parts salvaged from other things, and have it control this? I have experience in electronics, circuitry, soldering etc. but I don't know where to begin on this one. I can provide any info such as specs on the kettle if needed. Appreciate any ideas and thoughts!

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Alright, I found out I have testophobia (the fear of taking tests) in about the worst stage imaginable. My symptoms include rapid heartbeat, vomiting, uncontrollable shaking, crying/laughing for no reason, deep depression, and going completely blank on a test (I couldn’t even fill in my name).  I tried taking the SAT last June and was forced to stop. Both the assistants and proctor though I was about to keel over and that I should go to a hospital. I declined and walked out felling pretty low, while at the same time realizing I would need to take a similar test again. About a month ago I went to my doctor and he put me on meds that were suppose to help with my upcoming ACT test that I was planning on taking this December. Long story short I started panicking a week before the test and fell into depression and suicidal thinking. My parents called the ACT board and were told to pull me from the test. As of now I am at a loss for an answer. I had aspirations of become a Mechanical Engineer, but if even the medication cannot mask the problem, then what hope is there for improvement? I am not a stupid individual, but that dose not means every concept comes easy to me. I tend to be hyperactive and need to release my energy, but I can still apply myself to my studies. If anyone has had this or simply has a suggestion I would be forever indebted.

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