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Double Celebration!

Wow, not only have I just been made a "Featured Author", but I have just gained my 600th Follower! Thanks to Wilgubeast for the article, and a special patch to Supersoftdrink for helping me hit the big six-oh-oh. I've got to say I'm really proud to join the likes of Lemonie, Scooch, Jessy, Caitlinsdad, NoahW et al.

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Hi guys, Happy Easter... If you have an interesting Easter today, why not describe it and attach some photos/videos? I'll add mine tonight.

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Age of Aquariums Special Guest Judge Announced!

For the Age of Aquariums Contest we are bringing in a special expert judge, Alex Andon! Alex studied marine biology at Duke and was always fascinated by the jellyfish exhibits at public aquariums. Jellyfish can't go in a regular fish tank because they would get sucked into the filtration system. They require a kreisel tank with a special water flow pattern to keep them suspended in the middle of the tank. There were no commercially available jellyfish tanks, so Alex started experimenting with large tanks and then made them smaller and more affordable until he had designed the first desktop jellyfish tank. He launched it on Kickstarter and raised $163,000, making it one of the first successful crowdfunded launches of a product. The company sells specialized jellyfish aquariums and breeds its own jellyfish, shipping them overnight to customers throughout the U.S. Alex's latest project is the Chargerito, the world's smallest in-wall phone charger.

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Jawa's Junkyard at Florida Star Wars Celebration

Whoopee!! I am going to be going to Star Wars Celebration 2012 in Florida!! I will be helping out at the Jawa`s Junkyard We will be assembling and painting model Gonks with kids. So If you will be attending, swing on by our booth. Why is this in art?  Because I am so darned psyched that I drew some Jawas, and they turned out pretty decent, so I wanted to share. I included the black and white scan of the sketch and the coloured in more 'final' product. Cheers! EDIT: Added two more images to keep it "Art" related.

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We’re excited to announce that just hit 30 million unique monthly users! Thank you so much for being a part of this fantastic, supportive, and inspiring community. You all are awesome. We are a community of makers, and we’re all striving to improve our skills. What makes Instructables special is that we’re also sharing what we learn, and in the process, we are becoming better teachers. The two things feed off of each other: improving skills and then teaching them. If I break down my build and explain it to someone else after I'm done, it gives me a chance to examine the how and why in my process that I might not have otherwise done. Creating an Instructable for a project is a chance to reflect and improve upon my design. All that is to say that I love the Instructables community, and I think it is making a positive difference in the world. We live in interesting times. As Instructables author Dominik Textor put it, “things you couldn’t find in a library in the past and had to travel far to learn can be learnt now in moments.” Instructables is a repository for a lot of knowledge, and it is growing every day. I can’t wait to see what you make next!

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Any ideas for a school celebration toy/souvenir?

Every year we have a "School birthday" party with the whole school decorated with well-known and funny quotes (Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, Master and Margarita, etc), some sort of act, games, tea, sweets, oranges, lots of former graduates, chatting, different competitions and a bit of dancing. We sometimes have something resembling souvenirs: somebody prints notebooks with a funny school drawing on it, or even T-shirts, but last year I decided to make a smaller, but somehow more join-the-fun ones: I brought about 200 prepared floaties (not inflated), which all went away like hot pies.  You can play volleyball-like games with them, carry them in the dark winter streets, make them produce an awful noise and take them home as a present for a younger brother or sister, so that he or she doesn't feel so left out. I'd like to make something similar, but I don't want to repeat last year. Also it needs to  be a cheap project, that is quite quick to make... Any ideas? I still have loads of time, the big day is the first Saturday of February. 

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Google Celebrates 57 Years of a Great Invention

Google's new picture depicts a barcode saying "Google" to celebrate 57 years of the bar code. For a brief history from Wikipedia about the barcode;"In 1932 business student Wallace Flint of Harvard Business School wrote a thesis promoting an "automated grocery store" using punch cards, which customers would hand to a clerk, who would load them into a reader, causing flow racks to deliver the desired products, after which an itemized bill would automatically be produced. In spite of its promise, punch card systems were expensive, and the country was in the midst of the Great Depression, and the idea was never implemented.In 1948 Bernard Silver (1924 - 1962), a graduate student at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, overheard the president of a local food chain asking one of the deans to research a system to automatically read product information during checkout. Silver told his friends Norman Joseph Woodland (1921-?) and Jordin Johanson about the request, and the three started working on a variety of systems. Their first working system used ultraviolet ink, but this proved to fade and was fairly expensive.Convinced that the system was workable with further development, Woodland quit his position at Drexel, moved into his father's apartment in Florida, and continued working on the system. His next inspiration came from Morse code, and he formed his first barcode from sand on the beach when "I just extended the dots and dashes downwards and made narrow lines and wide lines out of them." To read them, he adapted technology from optical soundtracks in movies, using a 500-watt light bulb shining through the paper onto an RCA935 photomultiplier tube (from a movie projector) on the far side. He later decided that the system would work better if it were printed as a circle instead of a line, allowing it to be scanned in any direction.On 20 October 1949 they filed a patent application for "Classifying Apparatus and Method", in which they described both the linear and bullseye printing patterns, as well as the mechanical and electronic systems needed to read the code. The patent was issued on 7 October 1952 as US Patent 2,612,994. In 1951 Woodland and Johanson moved to IBM and continually tried to interest IBM in developing the system. The company eventually commissioned a report on the idea, which concluded that it was both feasible and interesting, but that processing the resulting information would require equipment that was some time off in the future.In 1952 Philco purchased their patent, and then sold it to RCA the same year. In 1962 Silver died in a car accident."Full story about Google's choice of picture here here.

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i want to know how to put images of celebrity on for free

Actually when i am trying to put a picture of a celebrity, it says that i have to pay money. but i want to add pictures for free. please help me.

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In celebration of my successful rebuilding of my XP machine....

Robot and I went out on the town (my wife came along too)I can't afford to go TO fancy or very far, but we get to do something every now and then :-) BTW: the restaurant proper, is called Huckleberry's (formerly named the same as the Hotel).Here's a link to Huckleberry's.Below are the pictures:

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How will you celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing on the 22nd of July, 2009?

I am looking for ideas about recepies, decorations, etcetera, for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, on the 22nd of July, 2009. Ideas which could fit in a small room in student accomadation would be good... Let's party... Here's a start, ummm....moonwalk everywhere...?

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Towel Day

Hey everybody, I just found out that May 25th is Towel Day.  Is anyone out there celebrating the life & work of Douglas Adams today?

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david carradines death?

I think he was a kinky bastard but nobody will admit it because he was a celebrity

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Geeks, Nerds and Dorks.

Here we are boys and girls (and others) . How about a lively discussion about the differences and similarities between the above groups. What about examples and even names of celebrities who fit a category. Whoops that was an oxymorone. A celebrity who is a geek, nerd or dork. Anyway I look forward to your lively remarks.

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Darn it!!

I was going to celebrate my 1000th comment, only to notice that I'm already past 1040!

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New Video - Urine Nation

A video guide for stress-free public urination.

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What cultural traditions do you have for celebrating a new year? Answered

I'm planning on doing a multi-cultural new year's eve this year, and I need some help. If you all would be so kind as to supply me with some traditions your country/family/friends use to celebrate new year's eve. I would prefer simple crafts or traditions like eating twelve grapes and casting wishes or making party crackers (both of which I've already planned.) but a few larger plans would be acceptable. And do remember, I'm short on time and money, and I have to keep this secret, so keep the loud projects quiet. Please remember to supply plenty of details.

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Just wondering..

What was the ACTUAL DAY Instructables was made?Because I want to celebrate it every time it passes, because it is one of the most important dates in history. :-)

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200 Subscribers!

I just looked at my profile and found I had exactly 200 subscribers! I just feel like celebrating, that's all.

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tomatoes growing up?

My 2 hanging tomatoes (celebrity's) are growing in a big u. will they hang down from their own weight/gravity eventually? should I assit them?

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Billy Mays is Dead

TMZ reports that Billy Mays has past away this morning, he was 50..'''LINK'''Two celebrities dead, both at 50 years old...O_o

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A pagan group?

Anyone wanna start one? (if im not the only one?) stuff like spellwork supplies on the cheap, how to celebrate holidays, simple things like circle castings and such?

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Fried Contest Launches 5/13, HQ Celebrates with Fried Day Friday

We're launching the Fried Foods contest on May 13th. Enter your best fried food recipe to win frying tools and accessories that look remarkably similar to the ones below: Update: We fried food for about three hours today. The fryers are still running, the oil is still hot, and there have been no injuries. All in all, a pretty great Fried Day. Here are some photos from today's extravaganza: Everybody hovering near the fryers, along with the Cap'n Crunch that was used to bread fried chicken. ewilhelm trying out cryofrying with his hamburger patties. Instructable should be forthcoming. ------------------------------------------ We're so excited about the notion of a fried foods contest, that tomorrow will be Fried Day at Instructables HQ. Randofo brought in a pair of deep fryers, I'm bringing in some liquid nitrogen, and everybody's bringing something to plunge into the hot oil. Some ideas we're kicking around: deep fried cupcake deep fried oreo cryo-fried meats fried chicken with an unusual crust fruits I'm particularly excited to play with the cryo-frying technique I first learned of from the series of Modernist Cuisine videos circulating on Youtube. In cryo-frying, you flash freeze the exterior of fully-cooked food, then deep fry to brown the outside without overcooking the interior. But don't take my word for it. Because you can watch these inspirational videos for yourself: So, anybody have any great ideas for the Fried Foods contest? Are we missing anything awesome?  

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Halloween Bash – A Community Arcade

A mashup of Halloween and makers, celebrating community-made arcade games, with free trick-or-treating and a food drive. Part of the Bay Area Science Festival – it’s the perfect mix of technology, creativity and Halloween celebration. Community Maker Groups with large arcade games throughout the Center. Cardboard Challenge + Community Arcade game -making Station: You make the games, we provide the prizes! Saturday, October 25, 2014 noon – 4pm Bon Air Center Just off Hwy 101 on Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Greenbrae, CA

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'Tis the Season to be Missing...

.. fa lalalala la la la la! OK folks, I'm off to the wilds of Northern England in about 18 hours from the time of typing, spending Christmas with relatives who don't really grok modern technology, so my access to the inter tubes will be sporadic. Just in case I don't get online before then, I'd just like to wish you all the best for whichever version of the season you choose to celebrate.  Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, I wish you a relaxing time with your loved ones. If you are celebrating alone, I wish you a hug from a stranger and a phone call from a distant friend.  If they don't phone you, you should phone them, just to wish them a happy holiday, and to remind them that they are in your thoughts. The tree was posted on Laughing Squid. EDIT OK, so I didn't end up missing so much, but I will definitely be offline for the next 24+ hours. Happy Holliers, one and all!

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BBM Challenge Council Internship Contest

WANT TO WIN A CHANCE TO MEET LAUREN BERGER, THE "INTERN QUEEN"?  HOW ABOUT WINNING A NEW BLACKBERRY? FOUR CHALLENGES. EIGHT WEEKS. SIX GRAND PRIZE WINNERS. If you think you have what it takes to become the next big thing, enter to become a Protégé of one of our six BBM™ Challenge Council members. All Protégés will get a free BlackBerry smartphone and the chance to meet their celebrity in person. To get started, choose a celebrity and submit an entry describing why they should choose you.  DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? PROVE IT.

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Happy Darwin Day, everyone!

On February 12, 1809, in the town of Shrewsbury, England, Charles Robert Darwin was born. If you somehow don't already know, he's the guy that rode a beagle and played with birds and was a monkey's uncle and wrote some book. This Friday celebrates his 201st birthday. In other words, PARTAY! I will be wearing my science shirt in honor of the holiday, due to my unfortunate lack of suitable Darwinian attire...I shall also be eating ramen noodles in honor of the Pastafarian holiday of Friday, but that's mostly because I'll be working a play and that's all I have time to eat. How do YOU plan to celebrate this auspicious occasion?

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Fort Of July

Anyone heard of this: ~ Fort of July ~ = playfulness + community building + irrelevant revelry team awesomes all over the globe unite and celebrate in the name of awesome, fun-enabling, just-for-the-heck-of-it attitude, the spirit of nevernever land, and because building forts is just downright sweet! so on July 4th: * get a gang together * brings fort supplies – sheets, pillows, boxes, ladders, tree fronds, whatever-is-clever! * build an awesome fort * play together, in the flesh and using fun flashy techy tools to connect forts in worldwide ideas = welcome! spreading the idea = super welcome! making it blow up = well duh! high 5! team awesome ________   From Fort Of July I'm totally going to celebrate, are you?

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DJ Radio- celebrating 14 years of pure awesome. (Aka my birthday) -UPDATE

Yes, today is my birthday.  I am 14.  I have a cake and everything.  I was gonna post a gun to concide with this event but unfortunately I couldn't finish it in time.  Oh well. *Update* To coincide with my birthday, I will not read any PM unless it has "To his majesty, the Honorable DJ Radio" in the subject line until March 15, 2010, 14 days from now.  The only exceptions are staff and replies to PM's I have made before March 1.  I'm serious, if you want your PM's read, you have to use that subject line until March 15.

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Its been a sad month

This month of July 2009 has been tragic. Four celebrities have died: Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays. I can't believe it!!

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Instructables Chatroom Party...Again!

Everyone, its a chatroom party, to celebrated Halloween!!!!! Come on Halloween Eve (October 30) at 7-9pm EST. All are welcome. Hope to see you there. Stay tuned for more chatroom parties by joining the chatroom groupLink to Chatroom

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Check out Gilrostwo's KNEX SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou so much and merry christmas hanuka kwanza three kings day or whatever you celebrate :) Sorry about my spelling, dont comment on it. Instead, save your comments for the sale! Here it is enjoy!!!!!!!!

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my newest arsenal

This is my newestr arsenal not much but good the sexbow from zak the mezak celebration of zak and mepain the FSSG from logic boy you can see i really like oodammo and just post your newest arsenal i really like to see what's your war kit thanks

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AT-AT wedding cake

What better way to start a marriage than an AT-AT cake that celebrates the Battle of Hoth?  Teresa Ulrich made this one for her friend, Rebecca  Dudeiros, and the results are great. It also comes with Ewok cupcakes. Wait a minute... Ewoks weren't at the Battle of Hoth! Awesome Star Wars Wedding Cake via Craft

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The Instructables Community

Recently I was watching an episode of futurama (I dated a robot) where the characters enter the internet to download a celebrity. The point is, the internet there is like a mall. People actually come inside the internet.I was wondering, how would Instructables be presented here? And how about youtube?Any ideas how it would be?Looked like this:

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson =(

Wow. The king has died. 50 years of excellent, ground breaking music has come to an end. Here, I am paying tribute to him as a mediocre fan. Discuss the life and times of MJ here, not sadly but in celebration of his life. Rest in peace, we will miss you!

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What Be Ye War-Cry?

I believe it is a commonly known fact (<--I assume) that most organisms capable of doing so exert some form of cry when exerting force. What cry do you use most often? When lifting? When celebrating? When charging into battle? When slaying that enemy in a video game?

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Scientists HELP!!! Ideas/Instructables for installation art celebrating chemistry, new elements, need models of atoms

I am heading a group of teens making ART to be installed in a park in Livermore, CA where the Lawerence Livermore National Lab has commissioned us to celebrate the discovery of the 116th element "Livermorium" - problem is, we artists need help VISUALIZING and making the esoteric idea of atoms into VISUALS that the lay person could enjoy and understand. We have a corner park. We need to make INTERACTIVE science displays that are hardy to the weather and to human touch. -- How to show (the latest ideas) of an atomic model for Livermorium?? -- How to explain/show what that element is for? -- How to display the dynamics of molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, etc. --what machines does a scientist use to discover new elements? Please reply with links to images, explain simply about the structure of atoms/molecules, IDEAS?

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Corwin's birthday in the tower

We celebrated Corwin's birthday in the tower at Squid Labs yesterday, and, while up there, fixed up the flag poles and hung a pirate flag. I think it's admirable that we had at least 3 months of a "professional" looking fascade before our true colors bled through. Or, maybe it was just laziness...More pictures here.

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Oh, My... GOD!! :) :) i just finished my very first sweet potato tenor(?) OCARINA!!!!!!!!!!!! well, actually, i finished it about 3 days ago. i just couldn't tell anyone about it on the internet because i was grounded! back to my tiiiiiiiight ocarina. lets see, details -- 10 holes, blue, painted.

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Labor Day Weekend Sale

We are having a Labor Day Weekend Sale at Purple Squirrel. Come and celebrate the weekend and check us out. We have several kits, break out boards, and development boards and an Arduino bundle all of which will be on sale and shipping in the US is free.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

It's that time of year again: Chinese New Year! In Asian households all over the world (well at least mine), preparations are starting for the holiday. This year Chinese New Year is on February 3rd. Time to celebrate the year of the rabbit! I know w we've been baking, cooking, and buying all sorts of things for the new year. I found some great recipes to make for it and you'll be sure to see some of them from me on instructables (hopefully if things don't get too hectic). Here's some recipe and happy Chinese New Year! Pineapple Tarts Fried Pot Stickers Kek Lapis Braised Peanuts Sesame Balls Almond Butter Cookies Vinasse Eggs Tofu Dessert Chester Cake Tomato Soup with Vermicelli Stir Fried Beef (images from google)

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20th Anniversary!

So for any of you wondering it's 20 years since K'nex was released...  ...and I've had it for 13 of those years (o_O)  To celebrate, K'nex are making a Remake of the Screaming Serpent, called 'Son of Serpent' this month. But at $999 it's pretty expensive.  To Celebrate, share your stories of any mishaps/interesting things you've done with this great Construction toy when you were younger! (not just Gunz)  Also: When did all of you get your first K'nex set?! And which one was it?  My First Set: 10 Model Box set (the one with the Surfer on it) Age: 5 Been hooked ever since, I still have the original Instructions!  Random Moment: Age 9, I made a 'Podcopter' as I liked to call it. I doughnut-shaped Helicopter with Gears to make the Props spin. 

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A little early for most readers, especially our hosts, but the Antipodeans started hours ago, and I'm going out in a few minutes to see the New Year in with pizza and beer at a friend's house. Hope you all have a crackin' 2011, and keep posting the cool stuff. And, on the 7th Jan, I'll be celebrating my fifth anniversary as a member of Instructables!

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From the Editor: International Buy Nothing Day

A few years ago I started celebrating International Buy Nothing Day, which falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States (and the following Saturday everywhere else). I typically celebrate by going for a walk on the beach in the morning, and then spending the rest of the day eating leftovers and working on projects. I find it's a pleasant way to start the holiday season, and helps put the season in perspective. Using one of the busiest shopping days of the year to take pause and go out of my way not to spend money made me very conscientious of many of the absurdities of the holiday season. It also helped me become aware of all of the small transactions that I typically made throughout the day, and the importance (or frivolity) of each one. Another unexpected consequence was that it limited travel, and forced me to stay local to my neighborhood. This made me engage with my neighbors in a way that did not require spending money. Not to mention, there were no pushy crowds elbowing for deals, no parking spots to fight for, and no unbearable register lines created by poorly trained seasonal staff. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that all transactions are bad. If no one ever spent money, our economy would probably collapse pretty quickly. We can't all avoid spending money every day, but we can choose where and how we spend our money. After a few years of celebrating International Buy Nothing Day, I am much more likely to spend money with local businesses, and support local artisans and craftspeople. This decision was arrived at while I was strolling about aimlessly a few years ago, and noticed how empty some of the local stores were on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It was my conclusion that local businesses needed my money much more than the ubiquitous large retailers I typically purchased from. After all, these stores are more likely to sell the wares of local makers, and are an important part of the DIY community. I highly encourage everyone to celebrate this holiday to the best of their ability. I understand that you may need to go get some food, or put gas in your car, but, if you can, try avoiding the magnetic pull of shopping malls and Amazon deals. Instead, I would encourage everyone to try spending International Buy Nothing Day crafting thoughtful gifts for people, reading a good book, playing board games with friends, or simply going for a walk. Have you ever celebrated this holiday? Do you think you might like to try? Do you have any plans to make your own gifts this year? What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?

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Instructables Halloween Postcards 2011

Trick or treat! We love celebrating Halloween here at Instructables, and in the past have send out post cards to mark our favorite holiday. We're doing it again this year! If you'd like one, leave a comment here by Monday October 17th, and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system. Happy Halloween! 

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Fireworks make my Dog Terrifyed

Does anyone know of some good remedies? He really suffers; shakes, drools, gets that wild look in his eyes, and has to be right next to me like a shadow. I haven't been able to celebrate the Fourth or New Years in forever. Not a big deal for me, but I just don't like to see him suffering. He's my best buddie.

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Peep Experiments

Peeps. The fun, delicious little marshmallow chick, bunny, snowman, pumpkin, etc. that we get on Easter (or near Easter for the people who don't celebrate it.) But after Easter, when you have so many of them, what do you do with them? I know you can eat them or explode them in the microwave, but I need is a better idea. Have any?

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