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I have a featured article that will not show up on the front page? Can anyone help? Did Anyone Else Get This Problem?

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if my sway bar link bushing n bolt broke off would the left suspension (control arms) be lowered?

Im missing the bolt n bushing on the sway bar link the upper n lower control arms are now lowered and the nut on the lower ball joint is riding on the inside of the rim. well sitting on it, im not drivin it would this be the cause? 2001 Mercury mountaineer

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I have COPD and need O2 at home.How to lift cylinders up using the outside wall.House is reinforced concrete Answered

The delivery guy says he needs help to get my cylinders up my stairs, which is a very fair comment.I live in the Philippines where a block a nd tackle are unknown!I guess an electric motor with a cable is the answer.I am not a technical sort so help me please, thank you                 the picture shows the layout but where the cylinders go is to the right.I will remove 2 balustrades for cylinders.

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My front shocks

My front shocks are WAY too soft, i need help tightening them or making them harder, not including water. Thanks!

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Front page is broken

The front page is broken. First, words typed into the large search box come up backwards (can't upload screenshot due to "server maintenance"). Second, hitting the space bar whilst typing in the large search box takes you to the end of the front page. So, trying to type in "cable reel" shows "elbac" in the search box, then you jump to the bottom of the page. Third, the drop-down menus (Explore, Create etc) do not work on the front page. (But, the small search box at the top of the front page is working) This is not just on my home computer - Kitewife just phoned me to tell me that they were having this problem at her place of work (she was trying to show some colleagues some knitting techniques, I think.)

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Revised front page

A victory for common sense: the front page stays still, is a sensible size and readable. Well done. Steve

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trigger in front of hopper?

How bad would a trigger be if it was in front of the mag, for example an uzi, the ram rod will be pushing the ammo but both ammo and ram gets held back by the trigger so no time to accelerate.

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Front page changes

I've just released a new version of Instructables with a couple of visible changes, couple of less visible ones - well OK some of these went up last night but anyway here's the deal.  The homepage Halloween lists are down in favor of a set of gift suggestions - we're starting to get ready for the holidays as you can see!  We'll keep the Halloween category for a while longer though (not quite ready to let go of our favorite holiday). There are some bug fixes around rss feeds, around images, and around Pro memberships.  We're also in the middle of doing a css and javascript cleanup so there are lots of under-the-hood changes there.  With luck you'll never notice those at all, though. Enjoy!  As always if you find any bugs, please let us know in the forums, in Help > Bugs.

Topic by rachel  

Front page change, again.

I see my front page has changed again.  Not as drastic as last time. Now maybe I'm getting too set in my ways, but I like the way the front page was.  It suited me. Now I have the Classes and Feed showing. The Classes I don't mind so much, except that I have to scroll past them to get to Featured which is what I want to look at first. The Feed, well now I get "Your feed is empty! Get more inspiration every day by following your favorite channels." .  YES it is because I don't use it. I don't want to deprive others of features on the front page that they might want, but I would like to have the front page appear for me the way I like. I have asked this last time and I will ask again.  Why can't these front page features be selectable by the member?  Even be able to reorder them?  

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The Billboard Liberation Front: AT&T & NSA

See if for yourself at 14th and Valencia in San Francisco.Reminds me of slambert's awesome Look Like Your Enemy: Create signs that confuse, astound and parody!via Laughing Squid

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How to get your Instructable on the front page

I've seen the same Instructables on the front page way too many times. So in this topic we discuss what properties an Instructable should have in order to get on the front page. It probably should have: - Good spelling/Grammar - Accurate instructions - Plenty of photos - Good photo quality - A subject people will want to look at (I.E. dont expect "How to skin a pig" to be on the front page) - You must provide the graphic (Instructables will not make it for you; Make sure it has the right dimensions, choose a good photo, the right font, etc.) Can we get a site authority in here? :P

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Rear and front bikelights and road safety

A good bike rider learns from good and bad experiences during the initial rides. I pedal a bike on busy roads of my city. I realized that bikelights, especially the rear ones, are crucial for safety purpose. I got a backpack with solar panels and it has got a LED light as a rear bikelight, but it’s too dim, and the tail light sounds nothing like a good indicator for motorists. Either I would need suggestion on a bikelight safety kit or something else. I could do with my self-powered backpack. Is there is any DIY idea to replace it with a more bright option?

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Bug in Front Page Flash

I've just noticed that the new flash slideshow on th front page is layered in front of the "Home | You | Explore | Community | Submit" dropdown menus. This means that I can't mouse-over "Explore" and select "Recent" like I usually do. Thanks in advance!

Topic by threecheersfornick  

Can you open the up the front of the DeLorean? Answered

It's a really cool car and I am considering getting one but I have one question. Can you open the front "hood" part of the car? It would make since because the engine is in the back, and you could use it as a trunk. Or is the space taken up by other parts of the car such as the battery, AC unit, etc?

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How do I put labels in a front panel?

I have made a multiconnections box for my computer that fits in a 5-1/4 bay. It has four USB ports, 1 Firewire, mic and earphones and several card readers. The front panel of the box is made of plastic and painted with spray paint to cover putty patches. I want to put logos for every connector, the USB logo, the Firewire logo, a logo of a mic, a logo of an earphone and the identification of each card slot (CF, SD, MS, etc) What are the ways of doing it with a factory-like finish? ¿custom decals? ¿Screen prints? ¿Is there any instructable about the matter?

Topic by jedikalimero  

I got an ad...

I came home today and went on instructables, and I got an ad for a dremel on the home page. Is this a in house ad, like for an upcoming dremel contest? I'm not complaining, I just thought I'd let you know.  Pic below:

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Step by step on building a Berlin Grand Reception desk?

I need Help on how to build a berlin grand style reception desk?  want the rounded look but a much cheaper build.... with particle board or plywood. i just need a design to get that round look?

Question by ur_sunshine4    |  last reply

Featured Article Not On Front Page

Hey I have a featured article that will not show up on the front page or as an editor's pick. Does anyone else have this problem. Thanks!

Topic by AZNdude    |  last reply

New Front Page For Instructables

I love the 'new' instructables' front page with the large search leader - arduino - which disappears when you highlight it and type in your criteria.  Well done guys - love it!

Topic by bricabracwizard    |  last reply

Building a new front door? Answered

Are there any codes or regulations (in general, or more specifically in Philly) that I should know about before building a new wooden front door? And what other things should I consider besides security and insulation? Thanks!

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front page banner typo

There's a typo on the front page in the new rotating banner: on the "3 Simple Ways..." one under video, it says "you'll need the embed code from you favorite video site", I figured this was the best place to put it.

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How to landscape a front yard?

I have a rectangular shaped yard that needs some shrubbery. I live in southern California and need something that will grow well in the sun, but is easy to maintain.

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Front Page Featured Comment

SFGate added a new widget to their front page - a Featured Comment box. Someone commented on one of my Instructables that they wished they could favorite the comments because they were so fun to read. It would be neat if there was a box on the front page with a single Featured Comment, or part of a comment. The folks who have the ability to Feature an Instructable could be given the ability to also Feature a comment. You really don't need many. I'd probably only keep the most recent 10 or so in the queue. You could use a simple JavaScript form to submit a comment to the queue. Tell the folks with permission to only put the best of the best in there. Even if it stuck on the same cool comment for a couple of days, that's ok. It would be maybe a minute or so to add a comment by cut and paste to the queue. If you each only do one a week it would be full constantly. It could lead folks to the Instructable, or even the Commenter.In the SFGate box it looks like they just choose the featured comment editorially. I'm not sure how often it changes. I think just whenever they decide to change it. I've never seen one persist for more than one day. It doesn't change with reloads; that's why I think it is chosen editorially.I love a lot of my comments.

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How to change the front page picture

For some reason I can't edit a picture on an instructable that I just published. I probably forgot how. When I go to edit, I click publish and it goes to publishing a new instructable when I just want to edit one I just published. Hope this make sense.  thanks. sunshiine~

Topic by sunshiine    |  last reply

Whats with the lame turquoise background on the front page?

I check instructables literaly 10 times a day and the turquoise is hurting my eyes!  DO NOT WANT!  Make it go away please!

Topic by blakeredfield    |  last reply

How does an instructable become "Popular"? Answered

What is the difference between getting featured and becoming popular? Does an instructable that hits a certain number of views all of a sudden become "popular" and go to the front page, until it is eventually pushed off by other instructables? Thanks!

Question by kcls    |  last reply

Homepage bug

Every once and a while when I go to the home page, the Featured/Popular/Recent buttons are a little off the Grey middle part. Not too annoying, just thought I'd let you know.

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Custom audio jack for Front case of PC, need help!

Hey guys, I have started to do a little project for myself to convert my PC case. While everything was going nice and smooth I decided to look for cool audio jacks for front panel. Now the problem became when I couldnt find anything cool. And so i was wondering is it possible to solder the jacks somehow to be used on a motherboard pins. Was thinking to use something like: . Any ideas, instructions are more than welcome! Thanks in advance! Regards, Arnold

Topic by ArnoldasK1  

Pro suggestion: Custom homepage

Just a suggestion, it would be cool if pro members had the option to rearrange the front page like you can do with iGoogle. Maybe they don't like the recent instructables at the bottom, and would rather have their comments there. Alot of people dont have macromedia flash player, which is required to view the instructables in the slideshow at the top.. I like the front page just the way it is, but some others might not. Just something to think about for the future.

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Yes, well the Front fell off.....

This is almost unbearably funny: an interview with a senator concerning a ship with crude oil as its cargo....well, have a listen... ;-) .

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Front door unlock with face recognition

I have a "Danalock" attached to my front door ( works with Bluetooth ) and compatible with Apples Home kit. As all standard front doors there is a small "spyhole". All works perfectly I use Home kit to lock and unlock the front door. This idea just poped in my mind that, what if i use one of the "raspberry pi " cam or any other small cams put it in the spy hole, then some how program it to connect to Pi so it can use face recognition.lets say I avoid using any app at all as soon lets say I or any user arrives at front door the face recognition allows the user and just for the fun of it plays a greeting "hello & welcome user1". So there is Pi cam + pi and Danalock. I would appriciate if there are any ideas or sloutions or comments etc.

Topic by ruler68jg1    |  last reply

It's probably right in front of me, but..... Answered

It used to be that I could go someplace like, LIVING and within that, there were choices for say, Sewing or Knitting or Upcycle etc.  I don't see a way to access the list anymore.  Is it there and I'm not seeing it, or is it gone?

Question by mole1    |  last reply

I got the front part of an iTouch

What should i do with it? i want to get the back for it but its gone. ill post pics of the parts i have (only two). ideas? suggestions? place where i can get the metal back to it?

Topic by REA    |  last reply

GE Adora Front Loader with no power?

We bought a used GE Adora Front Loading washer. We should have done our homework first but now we're 5 months into this. Out of nowhere I cannot get it to power on to save my life. We've unplugged it, tripped the power and nothing. My husband was able to get it back on after some playing around with the buttons and controls but now it's just plain dead. It was running fine until then, no problems, no leaks, no nothing. I hate to make an expensive service call but there has to be something. Any suggestions?

Question by jaykubs    |  last reply

The New Instructables Front Page Format

I am having trouble with the new design of the front page format of Instructables. Being a Mac and Safari user, it is very disruptive for my top bar google search to jump down into the Instructables (which is set as my home page) search bar. As you can see in the photo, a simple search on Japanese pygmy flying squirrels, turns into burning fits of intense rage (or something like that, haha) I understand why this would be useful for some people, especially people who are visiting the site for the first time. The new design is very smooth and clean and, in my opinion, really nice... except this "search" feature is incredibly bothersome. I know the easy fix would be to just change my home page, but I really don't want to. Is anyone else having the same dilemma? Any ideas?

Topic by tqwerty    |  last reply

One Front/Thumbnail Image Not Displaying

Hello, I have an odd problem.  On one of my submissions, the front/thumbnail image stopped displaying.  It was OK some time ago.  I have tried deleting the old image, re-uploading it and re-selecting it without success.  The image is perfectly visible in the "edit" page and image library - as well as on a computer outside of  The problem can be seen when searching thus:;=adeldor+acorn I don't know beforehand if it'll show here, but I'll attempt to attach the problem image to this message. Any advice appreciated! Cheers.

Topic by Adeldor    |  last reply

Weird text on all but the front page.

Whenever I go to any page but the home, I see this. BZh91AY&SY;�՘��2_��pc�� 7L�>���0��D0@�h4@�4�aj�� ��&���=�jCO�4���2bI��/�zg�M_tv~U�I�s'{}Uks5��5�J��s4� ��1���� x���W�$�W2\Qf�y7V��NE � E?1�8m߈�1�B�� <���(�d��w����i��#~ټ��`��HQ[}%1�F�.�z"td���P�8 $��*�]�¤8�@��*0�E��LQ!4d-�6��VJ�r�l���)„�֬�

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can someone build me a front grip(handle?) for my left hand

I couldn't come up with something really comfortable. I want a good connection to this blasta. Help me please :> I feel like this knex gun is almost perfect. Everything feels right. Maybe a more comfortable stock? But a front grip for sure. Please let me know of any modifications you tried or adopted.

Topic by Knarez    |  last reply

Guitar amp/baffle front cover cloth??

I need your help!! to find an alternative way of making or getting a front cover for an amp/baffle... You know the kind of grill stuff, I've seen, full metal grill, simple cloth, or a wierd hybrid... Any way, like some massive tights or something? any help would be great!!!

Topic by gavox    |  last reply

Omitting front page Instructables from Zeitgest?

I just think it's redundant.

Topic by JamesRPatrick    |  last reply

1990 Camry front signal cover release?

How do I get the front turn signal cover off to replace the signal bulb?  I unscrewed the screws I could see outside and pulled.... which got one end loose, but that's all. Screwed it back together... and have been driving around right front blinker-less since. Not good.

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Front Page Feature Never Showed Up

I got an email stating that my latest instructable was featured on the front page, but I never saw it there. Did anyone else? I got the email around 5:30 am, does that mean it was featured for a bit in the early morning and then disappeared into the tech category? Is there a significant delay between the time something is chosen to be featured and the time it appears on the front page? Thanks! Xellers

Topic by Xellers    |  last reply

 in front of every pound sign.

Whenever I preview or save and return to my instructable all the £ have a  in front. I have tried removing them and re-saving but they just don't budge. Any help? Edit: as you can see it's come up in the text here and even in the keywords! rarrr

Topic by Biopyro    |  last reply

How to move plate in front of window with arduino? Answered

I would like to be able to move a plate in front of a window in a door to prevent light from coming in at night. I don't know how to attach the plate onto the door in such a way that it can be moved with the use of a servo/motor controlled by the arduino. I would also like to know where how I could mount the servo/motor and connect it to the arduino, would I need a motor shield or something similar or would the arduino on its own be fine to control it? Thanks in advance for any help!

Question by piefert    |  last reply

How to remodel my front yard garden?

Hi, i have my front yard that I want to renovate so that it is both appealing day and night to anybody who walks in and memorises that moment.  This is the area that has the most traffic everyday at about any time so it needs to be practical, safe and appealing.  I want to design and use any materials but needs to be in the green way as there are much focus on these nowadays and prevent wastage. This is what I have in mind: 12 volt system: A/or many power packs that will provide power to all the electrical stuffs, charged using solar panels and since these will be low voltage it should be safe. Items that would be using 12v would be outdoor lighthing, the power cables, water pump submersible, submersible light.  It would be great to have an electrical plan that would aid however I don't know how to do that. Water feature: Add a biological filter made of concrete for the pond with all its plumbing and also add overflow drain in pond and a small canal to evacuate the excess of water.  Plants:  Concerning the plants some will be moved, cut down or removed completely.  I want a complete mixture of different kinds of plants such As bushes creeping plants etc.  It would be nice to create a plant plan both written and visual as it would aid greatly however I don't really have that knowledge. Other things: I would like to include pergolas and arbours and also allow plants to grow on them such as creeping plants. I want the area to have complete or as much privacy as possible but don't really know specially by hiding the view from above.  As A boundary I want to include fencing and then let creeping plants to grow on them just to get that privacy.  An automatic watering system would be very good such as popup sprinkler, or drip irrigation but an irrigation plan would best be suited but still I don't know how to make that. There should be provision for spaces in adding security cameras that would remain hidden for a certain time period. Finally there should be an Area to store dustbin and also to let clothes dry.

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Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain - UOGB

These people are so 'other' that I need to share them with you - hoping to see them live in the smallest city in the UK on the 27th.Uke'em

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how do you sew a fly-front zipper? Answered

I'm sewing a pair of shorts and need to know how to sew the zipper. Thanks for any help.

Question by tang6567    |  last reply

how do you repair a guitar with a busted front?

The front of the guitar is broken on the edges and it's a electric\acoustic guitar so how do i fix the busted volume controls?