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Gameboy Screen

Hi I was wondering if it were possible to replace a standard gameboy advance sp screen with a newer, larger screen and how I would go about doing something like that. Thanks!

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Gameboy Mods

Has anyone done the gameboy prosound mod or screen backlighting or underclocking, or would they be able to upload an instructable on it? I have found other articles on it, but there not very clear. I also have found a site where you can buy the kits to do these mods (ill post link when i find it) Thanks alot 8BITE P.S - If anyone else is interested in gameboy mods or chiptunes or anything gameboy related, please feel free to contact me, i dont bite : )

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gameboy emulator Answered

is it posible to take a game once you have downloaded it and save it over another game so you can play it on your gameboy.

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Wanted: Gameboy camera and/or Gameboy printer

I'm looking for a game boy camera and printer

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Is anyone willing to giveaway a gameboy color

Topic by minecraftpotato    |  last reply

modified gameboy color

Is it possible to get a gameboy color shell, an Ipod Classic 6th Gen LCD screen, and the internals of a gameboy sp and put it all together? 

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USB reader for gameboy

Does anyone know how to program? It would be cool to install a USB port into a gameboy cartridge so that the gameboy could read the files and/or play music on it. You would also need to put that code/program onto that GB cartridge. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to speak up! :D -cwix09 also see my related post

Topic by cwix09    |  last reply

Gameboy Volt / Speed ?

Hi, I am working on a little project with my olde Gameboy Color ! I am taking it out of its case, and building a wooden / bronze one in SteamPunk Style. Now to get even Nerdier i am considering to build a "Stirling engine" and power the little machine with a Dynamo attached to it! However this might turn out, i would like to know if the dynamo generates more than 3V if that would speed the Gameboy up, or simply fry it? I will add a Good Resistor to prevent that btw :p

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USB reader for gameboy

Hello! Have you ever needed to transfer a file on one of your USB drives to a second usb drive and dont always have a computer on hand? Sucks doesn't it.. I have an idea to build two usb ports into some kind of device with a screen so that you could transfer files. However this would require a skilled programmer and I am not that. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. It would be cool to incorporate a gameboy and perhaps make the gameboy into a MP3 player as well. Just sayin: it would be nice if things like kindles or ipads had usb ports! (thats for any apple employees who may be reading this lol) -cwix09

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Cheapest way to make gameboy emulator inside gameboy color?

What is the cheapest way to make an emulator from a gameboy color shell?

Topic by mariomagic22    |  last reply


Dose anyone know the button connections, power, audio, and video pinouts in a gameboy cartridge slot? Thanks so much. Zombeastly

Question by zombeastly    |  last reply

GameBoy Color to Larger Screen

Hello so I am trying to make a setup such that I can use a VGA cable to connect the game boy color to a larger screen (old computer monitor) in my case.  I haven't found any specific step by step guides on how to do this and was hoping for some help or direction.  

Question by ShaneK44    |  last reply

Connecting a Gameboy to my Mouse.

I got a lot of Gameboys, (I bough em cheap to do some hacks) My Logitec mouse uses 5V ofc. My Gameboy needs his 3V.   So far I have heard that I should therefore use a 200ohm resistor. The question is, can I hook the Gameboy directly into the Mouses powersupply? Or do I have to add a second usb cable for it's power? Also, do I even need the resistor?

Topic by Schoening    |  last reply

Gameboy Color screen projects?

Hi all, I have an old Gameboy Color that has been sitting around collecting dust for some time, and I was wondering what I could do to make it better/cooler, or to utilize it's parts to do something cool. Anyone have any ideas? My creativity flow seems to have stopped after 2 hours of thinking. Thanks in advanced.

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Gameboy/Ipod Interface, eh?

So I have my old Gameboy Color and I have my Ipod. The color doesnt have much use as I dont use it very often but I use the Ipod all the time. I want to put the two together to form something cool and/or intersting. I don't want to simply make a case or anything, I would rather wire up a cartridge to display the...display of the Ipod. Added functionality would be in the use of the buttons to change volume and track and whatnot. Any help would be awesome.

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Need help with Original GameBoy DMG

I have an Original GameBoy DMG, that when I turn on with game cartridge loaded , it goes through its trademark symbol then starts flashing with what looks like zeros up and down and across the entire screen, I checked to make sure it was not the game by trying it in another GameBoy I have and it worked fine, any ideas on how to fix, please and thank you.

Question by Smallville1962    |  last reply

Possible things not yet done with a GameBoy

From Chiptunes to an LED addon for the screen, there have been numerous creative things done to Nintendo's GameBoy line of handheld consoles. Given the capabilities of these sturdy, nostalgic devices, what kind of things could be made or done to them to increase their awesomeness? Apart from making Chiptunes, MP3 player casings, and some of the usual mods for any kind of GameBoy, is there anything else that a Maker could do to it?

Topic by EngineerJakit    |  last reply

Gameboy / Gamate (handheld)screen replacement?

I have a gamate (taiwanese reverse engineered gameboy) with a dead screen, and since the original screen what junk to begin with, I thought it would be worth while to transplant a higher quality screen into it. what are my options, considering it's c. 1990 technology. I thought perhaps a gameboy pocket screen or gameboy color / gamegear screen. Anyone's thoughts or advise would be welcome.


Gameboy Color MP3 Player!!!!Ga

I have a request. I have attempted to make a "Gameboy SP" with a gameboy color and an altoids tin. Accidentally snapping the thing in half, i have given up on the project after hours of trying to make my own bit that'll fit those darned screws (i've succeeded and plan on making an instructable about it sometime in the future) and i finally got it opened. then i destroyed it. I noticed that the thing has the potential of becoming an awesome mp3 player because it has the headphone hole, a button for select, and whatever you need! Maybe someone could use an old ipod mini for the project because i've got one that i broke too. Anyway. To summarize, i would like someone to make a Gameboy Color Mp3 player becuase that would be extremely awesome and would make me happy becuase i have a broken gameboy with nothing to do now. Below is a picture of how i feel.

Topic by alvincredible    |  last reply

Is it possible to make a "simpleified" gameboy computer?

I was just wondering if it would be possible to make a gameboy into a simplified computer with some small (?) upgrades. IE higher resolution, modern screen, extra buttons, wifi? I'm mainly thinking about it in terms of playing games like the following: These are just a small few of what I had in mind for the proposed system, but I am unsure of the plausibility of all of this. Keep in mind though that these are all free, free to share, independent games with file sizes much much smaller than traditional games. I do know that Texas Instrument calculators of the 73 line and higher have the capability to be rigged up for some simple games, so I got to wondering.... Anyways, let me know what you all think about this :)

Question by Schisler7    |  last reply

RGB TV Output of Gameboy Color?

 I'm absolutely stumped by this. I have my gf playing my old gameboy color but the screen cover is pretty scratched up and I don't feel like peeling it off until I find something to buff the scratches out. I've nearly googled it to death and all I come up with is random websites selling gameboy advanced tv out adapters. I know this HAS to be possible as The guy says in his comments on the youtube page that he does IN fact have a real live gameboy color hooked up to the LED matrix. Yet he does not explain how he hooked it up, obviously he did it somehow. Does ANYONE have any bloody clue as to how this is done? I'm not afraid to do some soldering as I know that'll probably be required but really how hard can it be.

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

Do i need a charger for a gameboy advance? Answered

I saw one for sale on the internet for sale but it doesnt have a charger and i dont want to buy a seperate charger. also if it does need a charger could i somehow hack it to fit standard batterys?

Question by thecookiemonster    |  last reply

What can I do with an old Gameboy Advance? Not into video games.

Any fun stuff I can do with this?

Question by buffysissy1    |  last reply

does anybody know how to overclock AND underclock your gameboy so you can make it variable?

I have a gameboy that I overclocked and I underclocked a game boy. with positive results and they work great! i also circuit bent my guitar effects pedaland I've seen a video on youtube of a guy who used a 555 timer to help the game not crashand a variable resistor. can't figure it out


how do i wire a original gameboys controls to a gameboy advanced sp.. for a rehousing project?

For a rehousing project i am trying to implement a gameboy advanced sp. into a gameboy original case while still using the orignal buttons and board from the original gameboy and i have no idea where to start.  thank you magnetobob

Question by civic man  

Remove Haze off Clear Gameboy Plastic Screen?

This is a Gameboy Light Plastic Screen and i'm wondering if it's possible to remove the haze in the picture off the plastic?  Anyone have any ideas?

Question by ZaneChua    |  last reply

How do I keep the screen on my game boy?

I just got an original game boy off of eBay, and there are a couple things wrong with it. It has dead pixels, but I know I can't fix that. It's the fact that the screen cover keeps coming off. Is there any specific adhesive or something that I need to use to keep it on, or is double sided tape the way to go?

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So i'm selling a broken gameboy color that i took apart to try and make a mp3 player out of it. Then i realized, i have no idea what im doing, no soldering iron, nothing. i started to put it back together, then it slipped out of my hands, and a wire came out and broke or somethign i dont know. Everything else is fine but that little flat wire thingie. So if you want it, come get it. I will post pictures soon. $1 :-)

Topic by alvincredible    |  last reply

Is it possible to download 'ndless and the gameboy emulator on the ti nspire cas?

I have attempted to download the emualtor for the gameboy on my ti nspire cas. But it did not work, i'm pretty sure it won't work, because in the readme file it said they only tested it on the ti nspire.

Question by flashanimator    |  last reply

Gameboy Mintyboost Solar ???? You tell me

First off, I'm a noob, but so far I have learned a lot. I have made the mintyboost with the solar ipod charger mod, but I had to put it in something different that a mint can. So naturally I went back to my roots and thought of the old school gameboy. So my ??? for you the educated and creative community is what else can I put in this case for fun?  On the front are 8 possible switches I could use to turn on/off led lights, mp3player, spy camera, taser, simon says, etc I just wanted your ideas on what you would put in. Thanks!

Topic by 007onionrings    |  last reply

If I bought a Gameboy advance SP at a garage sale for 15$ would that be a good deal? Answered

It was only 15$ Anyone know how much they are normally?

Question by bubbaman22    |  last reply

How can i turn my gameboy advanced into a controller fo a computer?

I have an old gameboy and thought it would be cool to turn it into a computer controller or computer hacking device?

Topic by sonicsizer    |  last reply

How can I put video inputs on a gameboy advance sp?

I want to put video inputs on my gameboy advance sp but I do not want to have to purchase anything. I want it to be all home made and I want to put rca jacks on it. Can anybody help me with this?

Question by steve-lane    |  last reply

RPi Zero and GameBoy - Can the New & Old Work Together?

So I recently found out about the Raspberry Pi Zero earlier last week. After looking at the size of the board and comparing it to the size of a GameBoy/Color/Advance/SP cartridge along with the back of a Gameboy Color/SP system, I had an interesting thought. I know that the RPi's have a great use as a video game emulator (with some case or hardware modification to the original gameboy system). I even saw one DIY article that had a GameBoy cartridge hollowed out and a Micro SD card adapter put into it, just so a heavily modded GameBoy Brick with most of its guts replaced with other techbits (mainly an RPi Zero and plenty of wires) could be used to play NES, SNES and GameBoy games while on the go. So since the Zero is slightly larger than a GBA cartridge, would it be possible to make the Zero connect to the hardware of say a GameBoy Color via the cartridge slot on the back of the console? Or what about other RPi's with other GameBoy consoles? I would try to find out about this myself, but i missed out on buying a Zero when they were first announced and i dont want to buy one from a scalper.

Topic by EngineerJakit    |  last reply

What are the thoughts on moding an original Gameboy to hold a Nintendo DS/DS Lite?

I've been playing around with the idea of how one would mod an old Gameboy to open up and be able to contain the guts of a Nintendo DS/DS Lite

Question by Kikurimu    |  last reply

do nintendo DS batteries work in the Gameboy Advance sp?

I got a replacement DS rechargeable battery and it looks similar to my gameboy advance battery can I put the ds in my gba with out frying it ?

Topic by clasic_traveller_diehard    |  last reply

Customizing/personalizing plastic?

Hello! I'm giving my girlfriend a GBA SP AGS-101 for her birthday for when she studies abroad so she has something to do on train rides. I'm hoping to make the gift a little more personal by customizing the housing! I'm re-shelling my SP with a new black shell. To customize it, I want to either create the signature Twin Peaks chevron pattern on the SP, or engrave/paint this symbol on the front somehow. Any tips on how to do this most effectively and permanently?

Topic by Time_Paradox    |  last reply

Need help regarding the conversion between keyboard and a controller

Hello everyone I am diy enthusiast and been doing a lot of diys But as of late i got into technical and electrical diys And this one diy got my attention and i somehow stumbled upon a great idea. I guess everyone knows of SmartBoy, i am trying to clone it but with a few adjustments. So basically this is the base video i am making a controller with the ideas from Evan Kale But the only thing that i don't understand is how did he connected all the buttons i mean how did he made that circuit and copied it to the foil. Is that a common circuit or is there something included which I don't understand.

Topic by HariK131    |  last reply

i dropped my gameboy ds into the toilet, help!?

I reached in and grapped it immediatly and a toweled, hairdried, and Q-tipped it off. Symptoms, at first it would work with a blurry screen (with sound), then it would work (with sound) and a blank screen, and now it wont turn on and it will not accept a charge from the wall. I am thinking i will take it to slackers and have them try a new battery in mine and see if it works. Has anyone had any experience with this before, am i just completely out of luck? Does anyone want to buy a gameboy?

Question by MechEngineerMike    |  last reply

Gadet hack ideas for and old skool gameboy clear?

Hey instructables crew, I have an old skool original black and white screen gameboy clear. I havent used it for years but after cleaning up my office found the little gem sitting there and felt like i had to put it to good use. I really dont know what I want to do with it but it needs to be cool, gadety and electronic. I am currently studying for my Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering so building something electronic doesnt scare me. I just dont know where to start. The gameboy lends itself so much to having some cool mod/hack done to it I just cant leave it sitting there. I was thinking something like keeping with the gaming theme and pulling down a psp or something to stick in there or like a portable media storage with display screen but am open to any ideas. Please help I am aching to build something

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GameBoy Advance overly saturated screen... How to fix? Answered

I got a GameBoy Advance a few years back, the Nintendo DS of last decade. It worked great for about a year and then (I think I may have dropped it) it started displaying the colors on the screen way too brightly! Nothing else was effected, but the screen looks as though it doesn't know what "dark" means. All of the games I try to play are way too lightly-colored, to the point that I can't see any details at all. As you can see, I try to play Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog, but I can barely see where I'm going because the screen is too saturated. Oh, and another thing: After the screen started doing this, I dropped it once more, and it switched back to normal for a time, but then after 30 seconds, it flipped to the higher saturation again. This would lead me to thinking that something is broken inside... Is there anyone out there who knows of this problem, and perhaps, knows how to fix it? Thanks, Win Guy

Question by Win Guy    |  last reply

3.3V to 3V - Power a GameBoy Color from USB

I want to power my GameBoy Color using the USB port. It needs 3V ( 2 AA batteries). I found a voltage regulator, that puts out 3V, but it does not seem to be available in Germany. But there are loads of 3.3V regulators. So I wonder, how I could use one of those. Is it possible to simply put a resistor in row (if yes, what value would be suitable?) or is it a bit more complicated?

Topic by SpecieS~    |  last reply

Post the Nintendo game systems you have owned!

What Ninty game systems have you owned?I have owned:Gameboy Colour x2 *Gameboy Advance *Gameboy Advance SPNintendo DSNintendo DS Lite *and a Wii. *I'm pretty new to Nintendo consoles, but I've been through many handhelds. * means I still own.

Topic by Noodle93    |  last reply

How do you make a Gameboy Advance to Gamecube wire?

I have been looking around for wires, and most places, I check don't have it, or Ebay, and Amazon is too expensive for what I am willing to pay.  I have GBA connector wires, and GCN extender cords.  Can I use these to "make" a gameboy advance to gamecube wire, and how would I go about doing this. -On a side note, could I also make an edit to supply it to a NDS?

Question by Zinyin  

I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP?

I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP. I have considered the beagleboard, gumstix, flashcarts, and even the ITX mini. So far, I think the beagleboard wins, because it's self contained  and just the right dimensions. Is there any other sort of board I should consider before I blow $100 on a beagle board? It has to fit withing 3"x 3" and preferably run linux or windows. Thanks for your ideas! -WiLL

Question by flyingchainsaw    |  last reply

Does anyone know of a good multiple gameboy colour or advance games in one machine? Answered

I'm not looking for a cartridge, just a plug and play style thing like the one used in this tutorial: would use the same one but I can't seem to be able to get hold of one.Thanks Zealous

Question by Zealous    |  last reply