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A while back you may (or may not) have seen this Japanese electric motorcycle prototype called the EV-X7. It was advertised to use a "Super Electric Motor" that was the combination of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet (isn't that was a motor is?) which would allow the vehicle a range as much as 180 kilometers (111.846815 miles) on one charge with a top speed of about 150 kilometers per hour (93.2056788 mi / hr).A few sources said that in about a year they would start producing a smaller version... That was 2007, and the company's website doesn't look very promising...Ok, so now what? Too bad, eh? Well, yes...However, the research company, Genesis, seemed to have posted something on their website:Translated WebsiteAnyone wanna see if they can build one? =D

Topic by robotguy4  

Interesting Facts

You blink over 20,000,000 times a year. You can only smell 1/20th as well as a dog. You'll eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime. You're born with 300 bones, but when you get to be an adult, you only have 206. You're more likely to get stung by a bee on a windy day than in any other weather. Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day. Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, everytime you breathe. Your right lung takes in more air than your left one does. Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.

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Interesting Links

Came across these today. - I think they should incorporate this into stuff these days... - I think I'll use this a lot.

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Interesting Work

Surfing the web I found the following Chilean feat: The dude has done an awesome work, It deserves to be known by Instructables's community, do you think?

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An interesting clock

Hello! I need a scheme for a fading clock. Please, has any body made something like this?  The idea - based on the fadenes on each number you can tell what time is it.  The GIF is very basic.

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any interest in this?

Well you guys, I just finished my knex crossbow/rifle I'm working on, and im thinkin on makin an instructable on it. The reason for me posting this is asking if you guys think you may wanna try and make it, before i waste tons of time on it. Here's the description of it: Its a very sturdy weapon, which means it can take a considerable amount of stress. It is not only a crossbow, but the bottom half of it is a single shot pistol which i am currently working on an automatic reload system. Very powerful, and strudy. So if anyone thinks they're interested, I may post it.

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An interesting dilemma?

Ok, so this is actually pretty interesting. We have a Netflix enabled Blu-Ray player. It connects to our wifi to run the streaming... But we have noticed something weird.... Every time a movie is playing, and the microwave runs- the movie abruptly stops and the player says "The network appears to be down. Retry?". This has happened consistently 4-5 times. So my question- is the microwave radiation enough to cause bumps and glitches in the network? The network is run off a Apple wifi routers, and it should be wireless N (5ghz) Any ideas if this could happen? 

Question by astroboy907  

Interesting Challenge

Any chance someone coud put together an instructable for the bringing together of a DIY electornic point of sales system. Computer, touchsreen, barcode, etc. for cheap. EPOS systems retail at $1000 easily, an i think it'd cool if you could show how much cheaper it could be done. Using a normPC running freeware. But i aint got the time to throw together the ible myself.

Topic by lifelong-newbie  

New member interest

Hey there this is AcidBass just wanted to see what kind of things are new members interested in and Lonewolf and I can see who we can get you in touch with (someone that is into the same things you are and maybe is more experienced).

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Anyone Interested in Blowguns?

Hey, I haven't been on Instructables in a while... anyways I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an 'ible about buying, using, cleaning and maintaining a blowgun? I haven't gotten an Instructable featured in quite some time, so I'm only going to do it if I see some interest. Thanks! --popewill

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Interest in Gundam Models

I have been surprised that there isn't a Gundam modeling tutorial on Instructables. If theres an interest in Gundam Models here I could post quite a few in-depth Instructables on the subject(custom painting. custom parts making and assembly). Thanks in advance for any and all comments.(And thanks to DannyChoo for the pic)

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Who here is interested?

Who is interested in transformers? Who likes making their own transformers? Who has knex and/or legos? If you answered yes to all of these questions, please, let me know. I'd like to see more home-made TF's on the site, and might run a contest if I get enought participants. Please, tell me. I'll have more information on the idea once I know who all might be interested. Feel free to let friends on instructables know, in fact, I'd appreciate it if you told people about it. Also, feel free to ask questions. One more thing, I'm not sure on this, but I might have a section where you can make your own TF from scratch, made from different various materials.

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Interesting Speaker Idea

Well, this is a totally random idea I had about how to see sound. I would like someone to try to build this if they have the resources available. Pretty much it is an airtight box with an woofer driver in it. On the top is an clear acrylic tube with a light ball in it. There is a rod across the bottom of the tube to keep the ball from falling out. The idea is when the driver moves back, the ball is pushed up in the tube, and when the driver moves forward, the ball is sucked down.

Topic by benthekahn  

For those who are interested

OK this is my first forum. I have been following instructables for a year now but have never joined. I love DIY stuff and everything like it. I recently went to sacramento for thanksgiving. On the way back my faimly and i started to have one of those random road trip conversations. The topic of people who attach hellium ballons to lawn chairs came up. There was a movie about this a while back i dont know what its called but im not interested in that. I told my parents that i would have done it if i had the chance. Then my father and i came up with an idea to make an ellite hellium aircraft. We would take away the longchair and other variables. The end product would be somthing where i would have an oppen cockpit with hellium ballons tied to each corner and two 12inch fans in the back for sterring(the fan size may change) What im asking for is suggestions for ideas what type of materials the cockpit should be the list is endless im just asking for ideas Money is not a problem i have a finacial contributer that will pay for everything After i am finished with the prototype i will make another one and then post an instructable about thank you Public Enemy No.1

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Ideas for Personal Interest Projects?

I dont want to do something boring and generic like womens right or prejudices. Anyone have any ideas?

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Interesting Video on Global Warming

Here is a video of a show on global warming. I found it very interesting, and wanted to know what others though of it.

Topic by Sedgewick17    |  last reply

Have an interesting thing for sell...

I have a brand new, unused bare (without a proper case) DVD player screen. I am going to sell it on Ebay once more. It can display 200,000+ colors, etc. Look for it up in a couple weeks or so. Thanks Ethan

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More sites with interesting projects?

I am not sure how I stumbled onto this site but I'm totally hooked. I love all the little projects that look like a lot of fun and have even tried my hand at several! I just got done with grad school and have a lot more time on my hands so I was wondering if there were more sites like this perhaps that specifically focus on interesting decoration/lamps/knicknacks etc. If this is an inappropriate question for these forums, I apologize! I just really enjoy seeing what types of things people are doing and getting ideas for things to do on my own :D

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Interesting/cheap art projects

Hey, I'm an art/crafts director for a summer camp and I'm trying to think of fun projects for 2nd-12th grade students. Inner city boys makes it really hard to come up with "cool" things. Any ideas? I am put on a very limited budget but have tons of odds and ends. I have done this for 2 years and I get frustrated b/c I want the kids to have fun and make interesting useable projects and a lot of times they don't.

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LED workgloves, any interest?

Ever needed both hands in a dark place? Wanted all the light in the world at your fingertips? Fingeritivley speaking that is. Haven't seen these before, but i'm sure they exist. Seems simple and works better than what I had expected. The principle should explain itself, but if anyone would like "steps" then I can put an "Ible" together. Led workglove; Self contained battery pack with rechargable "flat" 3.6v Lithi-ion. Now just to get a Dremel and blowtorch in there. So did I do good, or have you seen better? Feel free to comment.

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Interesting White Paper to Read!

I recently wrote a White Paper (a nontechnical one) called "HIWR.PDF" which you can get here: High Impact Water Rocketry which talks about a new way to shoot water or compressed air rockets loaded with commercial payloads. There is an instructable on this, search around and you will find it, but the white paper, tho it has no images, is still more comprehensive and more detailed. You certainly will like it.Oh, and, if you do like it, please donate $5 USD to [mailto:// Nathan Zhang via Paypal] so I can continue my research and write more articles. Thanks!

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Achiev'ibles - Some interesting statistics

Hi Everyone. Tonight I did some updates to the Perl script which scrapes the statistics from your Instructable profile page. With the changes I made I now collect 3 more stats that I didn't before, because they were kept in weird places. As of tonight I'm now also collecting the number of people you're following, the number of favourites you have and your number of best answers (which is hidden, you can normally only see it by looking at the HTML). (Click here if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about and haven't heard of Achiev'ibles before) So with these new stats, I thought it'd be fun to announce the 15 members with the most of each stat. And so here they are! Following: mary+candy 1450 jessyratfink 1161 scoochmaroo 979 Dr.+Pepper 845 Goodhart 755 sunshiine 697 dombeef 655 Hiyadudez 607 zieak 298 nfk11 257 knexinventer 249 AngryRedhead 230 PotatoCoffee 206 MegaMetal8 203 poofrabbit 190 ----- Favourites: rockhardmj 2344 poofrabbit 1039 MichelMoermans 439 knexinventer 380 ewilhelm 320 CrayfishYAY 282 possum888 272 annahowardshaw 255 canida 252 Kryptonite 236 DJ+Radio 226 dombeef 225 Win+Guy 224 Kaelessin 213 iceng 199 Lithium+Rain 199 ----- Best Answers: steveastrouk 835 Re-design 692 lemonie 575 Kiteman 365 kelseymh 344 rickharris 334 iceng 228 canucksgirl 214 NachoMahma 178 AndyGadget 161 RavingMadStudios 129 Vyger 127 yokozuna 103 jeff-o 102 gmxx 90 mikeasaurus 89 Ok so I actually included 16 for favourites and best answers, because the 16th places were so close to 15th. Interesting stats? It should also be remembered that these aren't site wide, just for the 300 active site users that have signed up to be on the list. Finally, Canucksgirl sent me a new patch design this week. I'm not yet collecting the number of featured yet as I can't find it as a raw number, only as a percentage. Image below!

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...... wow..... uh.... wow.......

15678 members? wow. i never realized Instructables was that big..... wow....

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Would any one be interested in...

Another new knex forum? I know we have KI but I really just need to be working on a forum right now. I'm not trying to like have revenge on KI (I don't even have a reason) but I just don't care for it. They're moving at a snails pace. Sure I won't be able to get a payed host (is it even worth it for knex?) but I don't really think a domain name maters all in all. What you'll have right away if I do start it is. -A front page with details like new posts, latest polls, and of course the Xat chat right there. -I'll probably find some sort of cool style instead of the default. You'll still have a choice in case you're one of those weird people who likes blue, white, and grey. -I'm hoping to have the karma mod installed right away which will basically be rep -I'll hopefully implement a ranking system using knex pieces as images. -I'll have a handful of bbcodes ready such as a spoiler code that you click on a button to unhide whatever you choose to put in it and a youtube code in which all you need is the video ID. There will be others. -I'll have more forums than just knex. I'll still keep the common theme but y'know I think everyone should be able to make a topic in a variety of categories other than "misc." -I don't know basically I'll be taking requests which I usually answer within the week they are posted. If it's a new forum topic that you want then I'll usually add it if it isn't a stupid idea. I'm hoping to add later on a cash and shop system although I'm not sure how soon that will be. Mods will be payed. I'll pick out a good few mods to work the forums for me. You won't need any real exp. all you need is to have good grammar (get firefox! it's a must!) and be active. So will anyone actually go to it if I make it? Please any loyal KIers don't find this as any more of aggression against you. Like I said I just really didn't like your forum and I want to make a forum so I figured I might as well make my own. Alright so if I get at least 5 approvals then I'll make it. It's a lot of work starting out so I might not do it if I end up not getting too far in a limited amount of time. Hopefully I'll have a friend helping me out but if not then it might be slow starting out. I really want to get us a good place to migrate to without being forced to KI. I know some people don't really care for it but I promise I'll try making this place better for those people. I'm not saying that this will be any better than KI but it is another option if people want me to do it. Once again KIers I don't want to start anything so don't think of this as a competition or anything I'm just giving everyone else the option.

Topic by TheDunkis    |  last reply

How discover time travel... i think

Long story short, my friend found some instructions of how to create a time machine or something. The drawing looked kind of dirty so instead of keeping the drawing, she just took a photo of it. She showed me the photo, which turned out to be real blurry and crappy.I posted the blurry photo up on this site, and someone commented that the original image is on a site called It's some weird $h!t. I emailed them but never received any word back as to who is behind this. But anyway I figured to post the instructions here because it does seem feasible. The plan is basically this:1. Choose a date, time and city. These 3 things are called Asiko. Let's use 01/01/09, Time Square NY, New York just for clarification purposes.2. Popularize Asiko till step 53. Meet at Time Square on 01/01/09, and we should see a time traveler from the future4. In the unknown future, a time machine will need to be invented. Still popularize Asiko, 5. When they figure out how to have "safe time travel", a traveler will be sent back to the popularized location and time of Asiko, which is Time Square, 01/01/09.

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Something of interest for kids who have an interest in inventing and outer space.

NASA is holding a sort of contest for kids in grades K-12 to design a specifically-sized 3D-printable device that astronauts can use in the International Space Station. I figured it may be of interest to people here. I would participate myself but I am just a little over the maximum grade threshold. Info here. Good luck! -Nerfrocketeer

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Anything Interesting I could Do with this?

Hey all, I was recently given a free garage door opener, and I was wondering, Is there anything fun or interesting I could do to/with it? Here is a picture or two (Rat Trap is to Makeshift 'Keep Out Of Box' as Garage door opener is to...?) Thanks

Topic by CairnisReed    |  last reply

I thought this lego build was awesome

My husband saw this video on u tube about a Lego contraption I thought was so cool.   

Topic by sunshiine    |  last reply

A Ring For The Less-Attentive

Hello, first off I'd like to apologize immediatly if this is in the wrong section. Personally, out of all the sections it seems to fit best here :) You see, my girlfriend has ADD (bless her) and seems to always be fidgeting around when there is nothing to preoccupy her attention. So what I am looking for is any worthy scouter to take on my challenge :D. That challenge is to make a ring!! A ring so amazing intricate or beautifully simple that it will hold anyone's attention and keep them from getting bored. The idea for this arose from these two sources: And this one: Would astound anyone but the price is far far to steep, not to mention the massive size of the ring itself.  So there is your challenge, essentially a ring for the bored. Good luck all! Sincerely, Ryan

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searching for members by interest doesn't work

When you click on an interest that someone has listed, it takes you to a blank page. (Apart from the usual header and sidebars.)

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Interesting things to do with this old computer?

Just wondering if there are any interesting things to do with an old computer like this?Pic of the COMPUTER

Topic by Darkseid    |  last reply

Help generate interest and contributions to the instructables

You can generate interest and contributions to the instructables by helping to expand the Wikipedia article about it: Wikipedia instructibles article

Topic by watermelon  

any interest in a few armouring instructables?

Who would be interested in a few armouring instructables? i'm thinking about doing one on setting up an apartment friendly "shop" and then maybe a few on basic armouring skills... maybe dishing, basic patterning, how to peen a rivet etcetera. I'm deffinetly doing one on how to make your own suit of lamellar armour from scavenged pallet banding.

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Public Workshop who would be interested?

Interested in starting a public workshop. A place for people to buy time or perhaps a membership, to work on personal projects using shared tools that may be to big of an investment for private use.  Garages to work on vehicles to for people who live in apartments or just don't have a proper place to keep a disabled car.  A place to store materials.  Needing tools for a one off project that wouldn't be wise private investment.  So on and so on.  Anyone dig the idea?

Topic by laoich    |  last reply

Anyone interested in a stator joule thief? Answered

A few days ago I made a few joule thief ornaments from motor stators and rotors (pictures on my blog). I was wondering if there is any interest in an instructable detailing how to find the right wires on a motor and generally how they can be wired/rewired for joule thievery. Since my recreational project focus is capricious at best (and my blog is very young) I've put the question here rather than there. Alternatively I could write an instructable on the process of making a specific joule theif with a stator, but I would have to not include sections on different types of motor for clarity's sake. So if you have a preference for one or the other, or an interest in the idea, I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Drew

Question by andy    |  last reply

How to get a girl interested in me?

So, there is a girl that I like, but I don't know if she likes me. We not friends(Not that we hate each other, we just barely talk to each other) I don't know what she's interested in, and I don't want to act "Weird" and go, "Hi, what do you like?" Going up and talking to her would be weird and me, and possibly her, and so would just hanging out with her. I'm most likely not what you would call, attractive (boy will shoulder length hair, had to fang like teeth above my other teeth, thinks all most every one else is an idiot in some way, and only wears jeans.) If you could help, please comment, and no stupid comments please.

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Anybody interested in building HHO generators?

I'm keen on starting a serious discussion group of folks who share my enthusiasm for HHO alternative fuel generators. Thus far there's only been one Instructable (Serge) and loads of YouTube videos, but most other sites either want to sell you plans or sell you a retail device. I'd like to start a club of sorts with folks who want to 'roll their own' but perhaps lack some of the electronics or other material fabrication techniques. We could help each other design & build stuff (like an hho generator for you car) and then post the how-to's here on Instructables. Anybody interested?

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Interesting tech, looking for practical applications...?

I recently received the gift of a functioning VHS VCR, an older computer scanner, an old blackberry, an MP3 player with a broken screen (power still works), some motherboards, speakers, and a bunch of other tech. I plan on making insane art, but I wanted to know what practical notions for usage anyone here might have for such devices?

Question by stephensunday    |  last reply

Extra LCD with full wiring...Interesting, no?

I have a Sharp LM80C219 11.3" LCD screen from a laptop and have the wiring harness that connects it to the motherboard. I would like to know if anyone could help me find info on if i could use it for other applications. I would like to use it for SOMETHING since I have it just sitting there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, DK

Topic by Danielk  

Knex Bouncing Betty: Anyone Interested?

How do you feel about using tactical items like mines?  I'm just looking for an opinion from people, since recently I made one for fun. It resembles a 'Bouncing Betty' and it works by tripping a switch. By the way it's built, it's usable outside and inside. Tell me what you think of it, and I will post it up soon. Update 4/28/11: Posted Photo Instructable. Please see the first model and subscribe for future variations.

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Neverending Seltzer Water Maker - Interest?

I've been making my own seltzer water for many years. And in normal situations (you know when there isn't a worldwide pandemic crisis.), I have to refill my 5 gallon keg about once every 7-10 days. But lately with a family of four at home, my refill cycle is down to 2 days!This has forced me to design a new system that will replenish itself automatically overnight. Basically, once its setup, the only thing it will need is a new tank of CO2 when the gas runs out. Even for me with a 25 lb tank at this high consumption rate will last about 4 months. So it will be a huge improvement for me, but was unsure if a broader audience would value the concept/project.Basically, I'm curious to know if people would be interested in an Instructable detailing this system. It will be completely electro-mechanical, and not require any raspberry/arduino/software/etc. (Also, it will be completely different from the other endless supply seltzer Instructables already published, and should be much cheaper too!)The system is currently in design phase, so I'll be much more diligent about documenting the process if others would be interested.Thanks in advance for your responses.(You can see my Instructable "Lazy Man's Carbonating Shaker (Seltzer Water or Beer)" to get an idea of my current setup.)

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Renewed Interest In Space, Lunar Explorations

Japan's space agency today launched its much-delayed lunar probe in the most ambitious mission to the moon since the US Apollo space flights.The Selenological and Engineering Explorer — or Selene — probe was launched on board an H-2A rocket from Tanegashima, the remote island location of the agency's space centre..............................Japan's mission comes at a time of renewed interest in the moon. China plans to send a probe, the Chang'e 1 to the moon, possibly this month. The Chang'e 1 orbiter will use stereo cameras and x-ray spectrometers to map three-dimensional images of the lunar surface and study its dust. China's official Xinhua news agency has reported that a manned probe could be launched within 15 years. Japan is also considering a manned mission by 2025.Meanwhile, Google has launched a $20m (£9.9m) competition to send a robotic mission to the moon. To claim the prize, a team of researchers will need to send a rover to the moon, make it roam for a minimum of 500 metres and send video, images and data back to Earth, all before December 31 2012.Full article hereRelated Articles:UK astronaut on moonIndia's unmanned probePlan for spaceport in SingaporeEverybody else want to go to space too..

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Interesting,every comment appears to be flagged

Whoa,the deleting system's gone berserk,it shows all deleted comments as (deleted by community request),even the ones that the user deleted by themselvesWHAT THE @$½{½[{[$$#½$#½½£$[{½#][{½{½{$[[{}]½£½{{]]]}}$$€{{£æß[]¨[i{i¨][IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!?,,]

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Anyone Interested In Creating A Video Game?

Hello there, I am currently creating a video game with a really good game engine and I need as much support as I can get! I need a story, characters, settings and someone who is willing to learn how to program and code in the basic level. I'm really just looking for people who are passionate about video games and who want to create one. I will later on open up my own video game company here in London (Yes I have the money for that). I also have publishers who will help in making our game get attention. But of course all this happens after the game is created. Any ideas? Anyone that lives in London? Or anyone who wants to join me online to create an amazing game? Thanks! Send me an email to

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Interesting and alternative uses for electronics components? Answered

At my school, old wise men teach us all kinds of circuits and concepts, many using components in ways they were never intended for. Thermal cutoff for a power supply uses normal 4007 diodes as temperature sensors. Hollow pieces of stripped wiring plastic, heated slightly and used as heat shrink. Reverse voltage of an LED used to detect daylight and guide a solar tracking motor. 21W light bulbs used as constant current sources because of their PTC characteristics. Fuses made from single strands of copper, doubled up to handle greater current. There must be more. Using components and junk in ways they weren't intended opens up all kinds of possibilities for electronics people and students on tight budgets who don't have access to components and technology. Are there other smart ways to put the characteristics of certain parts to smart use?

Question by Udon    |  last reply

Anyone interested in a tobacco fermenter 'ible?

I have been growing my own tobacco for about 5 years now and mostly have only been drying/aging it.  The homegrown tobacco always seems to have a bite to it unless it's flue cured or something. Traditionally, tobacco is dried, then fermented in large heaping piles and finally cured. As a home grower, I don't have a 1/2 acre plot growing to create such piles. On youtube, surfmonkeycoconut made a small fermenter using a styrofoam cooler & shop light. I'm taking his idea and running with it by making a fermenter out of an apartment sized fridge. I'm almost done with it but it's not too late for me to start the 'ible on it. My tobacco that has been drying for 6 months is now up & it's time to ferment.  I can't say how well it will work but I am trying to duplicate the "pile" conditions so after the "build 'ible" there would be the "using it 'ible." The plan is to be able to ferment anywhere from one leaf to 5 pounds of tobacco "Ron Popeil style" (you know, "set it! and forget it!). If anybody wants to see how, please let me know. I would be happy to make the 'ible if at least one person wants to see. Thanks.

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Anyone interested in making a Video Game?

Hi. I'm looking for a group of people to help me make a Video Game. I have lots of ideas, but the big problem: I have absolutely NO coding, drawing, or music composing skills. I'm looking for people who have those skills, and would like to help out. I live in Canada, but you don't have to live there. I'm good with Skype, or something else. I'm fine with any software. I don't have any money, but I was going to put the games on Kickstarter, and I could pay people off that profit. I have ideas about most genres, like RPG, or action, or even a simulation. One idea is this war game where you command a small army, and attack other people. I can't really explain much, other than you can upgrade your troops, and unlock special troops, like Motherships. Or maybe a tycoon game. I don't really know, I mostly come up with ideas on the spot... So that's all I think i should say. If you need more questions answered about me, just ask. PLEASE HELP A GUY OUT!

Topic by NickelGames    |  last reply

Good project books

My birthday's coming up and I'm probably going to ask for books. I want to know of any interesting or funny books you guys know about. Preferable nonfiction that have a lot of interesting projects or how to knowledge. Thanks for your help.

Topic by Hazard™    |  last reply

Killerjackalope's social experiment results

Well I've been conducting a secret social experiment using shopping bags and the environmental topics everywhere as a media for this to happen. Basically my plan was to see if I could affect the decision of whether or not to take a bag when it's not completely necessary, to change the course of decision I used different phrases and tried to get a more accurate measure by choosing the same people that come in for milk or bread each day.The phrases are:'Would you like a bag?''Do you want a bag''Do you need a bag?''Wee bag there, mate?'Bag?'The results were really quite interesting, the one putting emphasis on need (very subtlety) reduced bag takings by over half in a day, whereas 'Wee bag there, mate?' produced a very high bag taking day because it detracts from the bags impact as an object. The other things I found was that it's actually possible to control some customers bag taking completely, there's a customer that comes in every day to get milk and I have managed to control his bag taking with about a 95% success rate, so shopkeepers unite and we can eradicate unnecessary bag taking, thereby reducing the majority of plastic bags that end up in the street and ocean, landfills are another story, thankfully my stores bags are fully biodegradable...What do you make of all this, and is it possibly a bit much power to give to a shop worker...On another note I have curtailed the efforts of one customer I know as the bag thief, he used to take five or six for various uses, through gentle shame jibing he's now down to one.

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