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Kitty TV

Every year, winter comes to RI (as it should). Then every year my family makes a cardboard house for the outdoor cats (they started off as one stray cat a couple of years ago, but of course multiplied). The cardboard houses would be thrown out at the end of winter since they would become soggy (even though we covered them in plastic bags) and an eye sore on the porch. Last winter, one of our friends got a little overambitious and made a house that was way too big (we could have fit both of our Golden Retrievers inside with room to spare), so the cats didn't use it. Last month I reorganized my room and decided to get rid of the cabinet I had placed my TV in. I was gonna toss or burn it, but decided to convert it in to a place for the cats to live. The light located on top doesn't light up, but is instead connected to a flashlight connected to the interior of the cabinet which does light up when the push light is "clicked".

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Nervous kitties?

Cats!! urg...A few years ago our older cat started biting and licking all his fur off..When the fur was gone he kept licking and biting! That left scabs,and blood all over.,but this was not the only thing that has happened to him. He was also very antisocial,and very skittish. At the time we only had two cats,who ended up mating...but then the mother cat gave birth to her litter she started not using her litter box..just went everywhere all over the house. So we decided to get her to someone at a farm. This is when my father cat started all the over grooming. We ended up keeping one of the male kittens from that litter. He is perfectly fine this whole time. Which ruled out mites that were effecting the Father cat...We moved to a new house a few weeks ago. I was hoping BamBam wouldnt get worse. But He is healing fine and doing great..It is his baby that is having the problems. Overgrooming.. WE DO NOT HAVE FLEAS...I de shed them daily....with a fle comb...wHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THESE POOR KITTIES?

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Hello Kitty Chainsaw

The Hello Kitty Chainsaw, for when you need an extra bit of cuteness in your zombie massacre. Not much info on this one, but it is one lovely custom paintjob. There's already a Hello Kitty AK-47 out there. We need more for a Hello Kitty arsenal. Link via Neatorama

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Kitty Washing Machine

Riddle Me this.... what person designs such a machine and says "Ya... what a good idea"?Even their website says its OK for cats o.0

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The Hello Kitty Belt Sander

These folks did the most excellent Hello Kitty mod to their belt sander for a belt sander drag racing event. I would love to see this screaming down the wooden drag strip. Flickr link Flickr setvia BoingBoing

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Kitty Litter Bucket Group/Sites/Ideas???

Does anyone know if there are any groups are sites that promote/share ideas for reusing Kitty Litter Buckets?  Maybe it's because we have four cats, but I find new uses for those things Buckets all the time!  I'd like to see some more varied ideas and uses...  and I had a hard time finding any 'inspiration' when I came up with the idea to use them for shelving.  Keep sharing those ideas to reuse!! Peace, Love and Joy Funcky

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Glow in the Dark collars for Kitties

This is my first actual post though I've loved the site for a long time now. Anyhow I have two new cats, beautiful friendly, I love them to bits. The only trouble is they are very dark furred and there's been a couple of times they've hidden in plain sight. Me and my fiance are both worried about stepping on them I thought some glowing type collar would be cool. I've been searching the web for an answer and I can't really find anything so I decided to make one of my own. I have limited experience with electronics, I saw the post with an ewire I think it was called collar for dogs. I should be able to figure that out however the cat collar would be much smaller and I don't think it would comfortably sport the battery unit. I ditched the idea of glow in the dark paint (flaking and the cats probably wouldn't appreciate the fumes). I considered some glow-in-thedark hot glue.. but I don't know how to do that without making a collar look lik ea stiff, plasticy, mess. Maybe weaving some of the glow in the dark plastic laces into a collar kinda like the paracord bracelets? Anyone have any other ideas? Anyone heard of some glowing material or even glowing material dye? Thanks :)

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Who Here Has A Cat?!

I do. and post ONLY IF YOU DO have a cat! anyways, he is a, uh, well I don't know what breed he is, but we know he is an american something, anyways, he is almost 7 years old, he will be 7 next month, VERY fat, weighing in at 25 lbs, and his name is oliver. but, enough about my kitty, what about yours?

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Another LED Question

Hey guys, I want to make a sign with LEDs for my girlfriend(A hello kitty one). I am new at this so I have a quick question. I don't even know if this is possible, but I want to connect 32 white 5mm LED's in parallel and 32 red 3mm in another parallel and run them both off the same power. What sort of power supply do you guys recommend? I was hoping something like USB, but I dont know if that will work. Maybe a 9V battery? And if any of you know a website that sells LEDs t hat will ship to a military address in Iraq, let me know! I will deffiantly make this into an Instructable when I know what I am doing. Any ideas or help would be awesome. Thanks guys. Andrew B.

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Silica pearls - what can I use them for? Answered

Have bought 6 kilos of a kitty-litter which boasts it is made of silica pearls. It looks like and reacts like the stuff in those little bags you find in packages that says "Do not eat". What evil deeds can I use this for?

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Does anyone know how to build a dog proof kitty litter box? I don't want the dogs to be able to get to it!

I need a little box that the dogs can't push aside and stick their head into, something they can't manage to paw at to get their head into the "kitty treats."   I have seen a wooden box with a top you can swing open that looks like a maze inside.  It was on an exclusive pet website and too expensive for cheap!!

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Your cat

This is a place to post pictures of your cat or cats (not internet downloaded exept from places like flickr on your account) and talk about them.

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Whats with the kitty cats & spinning pizza?

Have I got some kind of bug or are other people getting rather annoying images of laser eyed kittens riding on bacon & revolving pizzas in the background of these pages?

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I am making a kitty tunnel, And I need some way to shape it that way it'll stay up? Answered

I'm making a cat toy, Something similar to this one: But without the kitty embroidery, paws, etc. I need to find a way to keep it up, my cats get scared when they are being covered, like in a blanket. She has went to the bathroom once on my fabric cause she thought it was too dark/scary.

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Can anyone help me with reprogramming a 120 cartridge for a well known kitty loo?

please could you help me - I would like to reprogram a 120 cartridge that is used on a well known kitty loo.  it seems to be RF controlled - I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

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Kitty Crack, Steampunk Keyboard, Raising Chickens

Kitty Crack Steampunk Keyboard Raising Chickens LEDs for Beginners Frozen Fruit Pop Tetris Bookshelf Gooey Chocolate Cake Make a Fire Piston Commodore 64 Laptop LED Glowing Shoes USB Contest Winners Elderflower Cordial Make a Toy Catamaran Multi-Fuzz Guitar Pedal 6 Vaseline Tricks

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Has Mr rogers stole YOUR kitty? (the youtube rap video with MR Rogers.) take a look.

Youtube video me and my freind Mcnostril made.hope you like it.~Twisted

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Image Notes

I can't get the image notes to work! Can someone help me???

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Hell Kitten AR-15

LinkFor those of us who do not just want to kill our prey, but humiliate it too.

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How do I prevent static electricity from zapping people/animals? Answered

I have two cats who both love to be petted. The problem is that during the winter when I pet them it builds up static electricity. Then when I pet their heads I zap their ears, which they both hate. Any advice?

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Any ideas for winter outdoor cat shelter?

Basic shelter doesnt work in the freezing months of winter....any ideas to keep kitties warm and out of elements? Styrofoam and rigid insulation boxes are ok, but its difficult to keep dry in the snow and wind. I like the chicken coop shed, making it airtight and perhaps wrapping or draping it with solar heating material-hmm, it would that work? Cant be too big, this is to be placed in semi-private view. Cost is a concern too!!

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Cruelty to animals isn't okay...

Personally, I'm not an activist or animal maniac of any kind... but I find this instructable really irresponsible for the site to host and promote: "DIY Kitty Crack: ultra-potent catnip extract" The debate in the comments alone discusses how dangerous this can be for animals... and whereas I'm sure instructables bears no responsibility for what users do with their newly found knowledge, there's a line you guys should draw in the sand:  don't support teaching people how to kill domesticated animals. Take it down...

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Contest rules say to "publish a new Instructable that involves a hair, make-up or skin care tip."  Does that mean nails don't count?  I don't think they are really hair makeup or skin.

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Gift Ideas

Gift ideas? My little brother loves Nintendo any craft I can make for him? My sisters birthdays is coming up (its on NewYears Eve) And my boyfriend...uh I'm clueless about, I just know not to get him anything pink or easter purple..or hello kitty (or Halo Kitty)  Idea exchange? I Got my sister a mist machine for christmas I thought it would be great for their parties and great in general (10 bucks at Family Dollar)  And I just got Photo Frames for my parents :| Any better ideas?  Thanks!

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In desperate need of a recipe for cat food for a cat with liver disease Answered

I've always taken good care of my animal friends. This little kitty is still very much alive but we know she won't last forever with liver disease. If I buy the canned stuff from the vet I can extend her life. I've made dog food for sick dogs (heart failure). I am willing to put in the time and effort to maintain my kitty's life. It's the money for the food I don't have. Please help me out. BB and I would be extremely grateful for any help.

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Stuck in filters

Help I posted this instructable at about noon Sunday and I still haven't seen it.  I am assuming it has been stuck in the filters though I can't imagine why.  I hope there is not a problem with it.

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talbotron22- Finalist

Talbotron22 is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:DIY Kitty Crack: ultra-potent catnip extractThis is a forum post created by Instructables on behalf of the finalist. Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Check out all the finalists in the master list or in the Laser Cutter Finalists Group!

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Somebody call my lawyer

Did you hear this story? kitty.I state your name being of sound body and mind leave all of my hackables to to be auctioned off and the money used to protect the giant squids.

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Trying to connect Samsung mb ph cord to IPad cord

Hi i have s Sansung galaxy S mb ph & trying to connect cords for tethering my Ipad. is there an adaptor available to join both Usb cords. thanks Kitty

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Subscription Updates . . . and updates . . . and UPDATES!

Starting this morning, I have received Subscription Update email notifications from Scoochmaroo.  I have received approximately 50 of these - all of them old guides. I enjoy updates from Scoochmaroo, but it's just disappointing to open an old update.

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The Presidents of the United States of America!

What do you think of the Presidents of the United States of America (the band)? Does anyone else on Instructables like my favorite band? If you haven't heard of them search for lump, peaches, or kitty on youtube.Attached are some pics I made using GIMP 2- te ones with the laser and the long poofy hair.

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Contests Entry Error 404

When trying to enter a contest by clicking on the + Add to Contest(s) button (under author options), both tqwerty and I are getting the same error: ERROR 404: No contest found! We're sorry, the URL;=INSTRUCTABLES is either incorrect or no longer available. Other things to try: * Search

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How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Hey guys! I was one of the runners-up in the Cocktail/Mocktail contest. I just got my t shirt and stickers and patch in the mail - but no gift certificate. Anybody know how I redeem that? And yes, I followed the redeem link I got in my email. Thanks!

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Sew Warm Contest email confirmation WRONG!

I got this email when I entered the sew warm contest: Hi Hello Kitty, This is to confirm that your entry 'Warm Rice Bag' for the 'Sew Warm Contest' has been received and will be reviewed. The contest closes on Mar 6, 2010. 12:00 AM. Thank you for submitting your Instructable to the Cocktails vs. Mocktails Contest.  The contest is moderated, and so your entry is waiting to be reviewed. This process can take up to 48 hours. If after 48 hours or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest.  You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project so that it meets the contest requirements and re-submit it to the contest. Requirements:  - Entry must be a recipe for a drink  - Entry must be a full Instructable with steps and original pictures  - If the entry is a mocktail, the title needs to end with "Mocktail" Thanks again for entry and good luck in the competition! Good luck, Instructables Robot

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Chemical Free Cleaning for a Student?

I am trying to eliminate chemicals in my house. Does anyone have a whole-house cleaning regimen that will do this? Right now I like to spray everything with bleach, let it sit, wipe it down.? I'm also trying to change a habit of letting everything collect until I clean it all a month later. I also have a kitty.

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So My Male RedEared Slider is Gettin To Big to be in a tank inside, So ive decided he needs a pond habitat outside! i want to make an above ground enclosure with waterfall filter i just need some help with ideas on getting started HELP! lol THANKS MUCH IN ADVANCE ^_^ 

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Sliced Fimo Cane Nail Art

My wife sells these (not Luxstar). 100 plus pieces. $4.50 including shipping. Currently available packages (1-7-13): Flowers Fruit Animals Sweets Mickey & Minnie Kerope Hello Kitty Smiles Angry Birds Hearts Yin Yang International Snoopy Holiday Mix Character Mix   Link:;=&hash;=item3a7cd2edb5link

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Trouble commenting

I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this, or even if it's a real bug, but my problem is that I can't reply to comments.   Following the bug reporting guidelines: 1. I'm using Windows 10 Home ("Version "1511") 2. I've tried using Google Chrome, version 51.0.2704.103 m, Firefox, version 43.0.1, and Internet Explorer, version 11.420.10586.0. 3. This problem occurs across all of my projects.  I got one comment to go through a couple weeks ago, so I wondered if maybe I've just been waiting too long to try to respond?  (I specifically just tried replying to this comment to check the problem: 4. Screen shots are boring, since it just shows a comment box like I need to hit 'reply'.  When I press reply nothing happens though. 5. Steps to reproduce... log in as Hello Kitty and try to reply to a comment on one of my instructables ( Help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Has anyone used the new Makerware 2.2.0?

Makerbot released the newest version of their Makerware last week. I haven't had a chance to play with it much.  There are some updates, but I've heard that some aren't so new (if you used skeinforge).   As cool as kitty-cat infill is, what do you guys think? Autodesk also released a 3D printing utility - on your 123D models page, click the "Fabricate" dropdown, then "3D Print at Home".  Give them a try!

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Firebreathing Pics

Heres the deal, my roommate wanted a shot of me firebreathing for some CD jacket artwork, so I ended up jpegifying all the frames near the frame I used for my avatar (Huh?). Basically I ended up with 28 different photos from that one firebreath sequence. Since the photos were just sitting on my drive, and it is the 4th, I figured I'd share them with everyone, and if enough people are interested I'll turn the other firebreathing sequences into pictures too. I threw all the photos in a RAWR im a kitty which can be found by clicking anywhere on the text.

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I am dumb today, Im also busy. best power supply for converting a cordless drill to corded would be the battery charger? or not? 6.5 amp 14.4 volt porter cable drill - model 877 charger reads 12v/14.4v 1.8 amp charger My math and logic tells me I am going to need roughyl 3 times the amperage to power this focker to full go, and that I should locate another higher amperage dealy, like a car batter charger or something....

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Please Vote For My Dog

Hey everyone, my dog entered in a cutest pet contest. The winner gets a vet gift certificate thing. He is a puppy and has heartworms. We can't afford for him to go to the vet because he just went about a month ago for parvo. His name is Dipper, and he is a very fun and loving puppy. He loves people and thinks everyones his friend lol, but his best friend is his kitty. He also loves cheese. Thanks for the help everyone, we really appreciate it.  (His title says "Dipper and the piggy"). The link is below.;=55991#SubmissionDisplay

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Are you growing anything right now? Yay gardening!

I'm curious if any of you have a little mini garden (or, if you're lucky, a large garden!) going at the moment. :) I have four tomato plants that I've grown from seed (I see some blooms!), some oregano, a half eaten bush of catnip, and a small Anaheim pepper plant. I want to get more plants going, but since I live in an apartment with two nosy kitties, I do better keeping my plants outside. I just have a little porch outside that I can put my plants on. I still have room on it, but I figure it's best to not get carried away. ;) Oh, and post pictures if you have them!

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I haz a sad - Gorilla competiton

So I saw the Gorilla competition and it said - make a cardboard construction and enter it in our competition. So I made my construction, and went to enter it, and only then did I see that I was supposed to be making was an instructable. This may be obvious to anyone familiar with the site, but I had not entered a competition on here before, and it does not say anywhere in the rules that a series of photographs and instructions was part of the competition. So I have a very nice cat tower made from carboard tubes (which the kitties love), but only a final photograph. Sigh. I will know next time, but I think you should say that this is a competition to make an instructable, rather than just a finished object.

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This male cat adopted us; our cat freaking!!! Answered

Anyone know how to acclimate two cats to each other? One is male (aggressive); the other is an older female (timid). Pulling hair out (mine). this has been goiing on for almost 2 years. Juggling cats not easy for two seniors; however, we love the little boy too. I have put up a barrier in one room that the male doesn't seem to know how to jump, and we let them see each other. Fem cat hisses, spits and runs unless I am there to put my hand on her; someone has to be holding him at the same time. We have cat windows, crates, and a kitty walk, and we utilize all of them. Aaarrghhh!

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Hand-Car Regatta and Exposition of Mechanical and Artistic Wonders!!

The Hand-Car Regatta blends art and science into one gigantic experience of moving parts, sounds and people. The Hand-Car Regatta supports art as an experience by taking art out of the gallery, into a public space and incorporating science, math and human ingenuity. This free, all day event includes live music, public art, kinetic sculpture and local food and drink. The Hand-Car Regatta takes place on the railroad tracks and around Depot Park in Santa Rosa’s historic Railroad Square. Please contact Dr. Erasmus P. Kitty from the link at September 28, 2008 Santa Rosa, Ca

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Essential oil/Alchohol/Solvent purification and separation

Hi,I have a lot of impure essential oil that has a lot of water in it and was thinking about ways to get some of the water out. Would salting out with Epsom salts work? I've seen an Instructable where a nonpolar solvent is used to extract nepecatalone would one be able to use a solvent that is immiscible (I swear that's a word) in water to get the constituents that are not water soluble out of the water?Also can common solvents (I'm thinking alcohol, acetone, and toulene) be salted out to increase the concentration? Would this work with dilute hydrochloric acid?-mitch

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Plushie Instructable Robot - Preview 1.0!!

Here's how far I've gotten with the Robot that I'm making. Patterns are hard, ya'll! You'll see the arm graveyard in the pictures. (Including the one that turned out like a condom - no idea about that one. Very weird.) I went through a lot of different bodies, too, but those aren't nearly as annoying. The last stumbling block is the head - after that it will be smooth sailing! I'm working on that right now. Keep in mind that I'm making these pieces out of felt - it's cheaper for practicing. The actual plushie will be made out of fleece. Yay! And the body will be less angular, too. The shoulders should be more rounded. The ends of the legs and arms will be sewn into the body seams. :D And now... the gallery. Complete with evil kitties that are trying to stall the construction.

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