Winnie the pooh mental disorders???

I'm sorry if this offends anyone but i think everyone in pooh bear has a mental disorder you decide put what you think below please =) enjoy! Pooh Bear: Eating Disorder Piglet: Social Anxiety Disorder Tigger: ADHD Rabbit: OCD Owl: Narcissistic Personality Disorder Eeyore: Depression Kanga and Roo: Dissociative Personality Disorder Christopher Robin: Schizophrenia What do you think?

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FAT Labs "Count in Your Head" Challenge!

As those in-the-know know, FAT Labs is currently at war with NYC resistor.NYC Resistor proposed that people should compete at counting on their fingers.FAT Lab countered that people should compete by counting in their head.I strongly encourage everyone to take a stand for mental arithmetic and enter into the FAT Labs "Count in Your Head" Challenge! (disclosure: I am a member of the FAT Labs)

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The mental state of Flow/Focus/Zone?

Hey guys, I can achieve a mental state through meditation called flow, which helps me get better physical and mental results for a period of time. Could someone help explain a little more about it to me?

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Clarifying the technique

Hey all, I recently posted a new math instructable that explains the art of vedic multiplication. While powerful, I feel the technique could be made even more so if I could come up with a better to explain it. Could some of you give me pointers on how to get the idea of the technique across?Thanks,Purduecer

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The world needs ALL kinds of minds: dispelling the them versus us myth

Temple Grandin in a 20 minute speech on the Autistic Spectrum.  The need for a variety of input as well as output....rather then putting out. One can consider this as Self Hacking, if one wishes to incorporate a wider point of view. The video can be found here  

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I am CRUSHED.... :-(

I had finally gotten my "project" (for the gift exchange) finished, well except for some cosmetic touches to make it look nicer then it did.  I tested it for the last time, and a wire crossed and the speaker when POOF in a puff of smoke. This thing has me so depressed at not being able to finish it and get it sent that I am having troubles just getting back in and tearing it all out to replace the speaker and maybe put in a dampener resister to prevent it from happening again......I AM going to finish this one way or another......just wanted you all to know I am having to deal with a lot lately (my Mom becoming ill and maybe needing full time "residence in a facility" and being the only one left in the family willing to do anything, a whole lot has been dumped into my lap since July. But I DO intend on getting this out somehow, but Tuesday...but I am so sorry for this horribly long delay.

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What mental disease could cause people to spontaneously swear?

I was down-town last week buying material for a photography back ground when I passed a lady who every minute or so went "F-F-Fu-F***ing C**t!" What would cause this?

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Embarrassing Moments in Engineering

Mental Floss compiles four great examples of not-so-great engineering feats and one dramatic fix. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge makes an appearance, of course, as well as three other detailed examples to learn from. Mental Floss articlevia Neatorama

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Memories - Noun - The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.

Well, I was "doing my rounds" on the net tonight, and hopped into the instructables chatroom, upon entering, I was swept with memories of what had happened in that room, and seeing it today.. Its really interesting to see the ups and downs of life... :(

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When you get mentally stuck, how do you get your mind back to pumping out awesome ideas and find new inspiration? Answered

Everyone gets mental blocks. You look at something you have, you know it's something cool and would probably look awesome if you could only think of what to do with it. But you just can't think what to do! So i'm just wondering where you guys find new inspiration? Do you collect cool stuff, make a list of problems and see if you can you use cool stuff in those problems? Do you look at something and think you can do better? do you sell your soul to Satan for good ideas? or look at an instructable and think crap, that's so easy and looks sleek and cool, why didn't I think of that (IE fungusamongus's new triple dial clock) So.... Let me know what you all do.

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Just how far is "a block", anyway? Answered

When I read books based in America, distances are often related in "blocks". I have no mental image of "a block" - how far is it?  How long would it take to walk?

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How can I improve my self-esteem/self-confidence?

I have tried the books, the mental excercises, but either I am too stubborn or just lack the ability to have confidence, mostly when talking to women. What can I do?

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can you give me understitching directions for dummies? im having a very hard time getting it..?

Im putting a pocket in a jumper and it asks for understitching. apparently i have a mental block and i have not been able to understand any instructions i have found. can you simplify it to step by step of the actual process...

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Help with Render

Hi, I am making a render but for some reason one of my cubes keeps showing up with jagged edges. All the blue blocks have the same shader. I post all the settings I have. If anyone can help me out it is greatly appreciated. Muster

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Why cant New Zealand be elligable for the contests as well?

Hi there, I was just going through the rules and was saddened to see that New Zealand was not part of the group of countries able to enter the comps - this really sux as nz has such a diy mentality about it and would be a really great contributor to the comps. So anyway why is it that the the brits and the aussies can participate but us kiwis cant??? thanks Dan

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Two videos devoted to the spirit of creativity

Youtube poster RinpaEshidan puts up some great videos of walls being painted and repainted several times over and sets them to a nice groovy soundtrack. I find them helpful for when I need to give my mind a bit of a mental reboot. Here are two worth checking out.Do you guys have any favorite drawing/creating videos or other forms of inspiration?

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entertain a toddler? Answered

 I want to make a gift for my twin nephews that are coming down for the holidays.They are approx. a yr. and a 1/2 old twin boys of parents that are obsessed with health and DIY. I have a small budget..... like 10 dollars is on the expensive side.However I have a lot of things and art supplies to use and recycle.I need to know about what  their age group likes, and where they are mentally. Any project ideas knowledge or advice?I was thinking something like a game that brings the family together to play.

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Digital sundial

Http:// This guy just made an incredible 3D printed shadow casting time piece. My question Is: can you figure out how to slice it in 1mm slices so that I can cut it on my cheap laser cutter? First, I just don't have the mental capacity for such.  Second, my software is terrible and I need it in black with white background. And can even be a PDF.  I appreciate it and and would make an instructable to help anyone else do the same thing.  Thanks

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Recovery Fund for a Young Maker and Instructables Author

Young maker and Instructables author Joey Hudy (lookwhatjoeysmaking) was recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia, as explained by his sister Elizabeth on a gofundme page set up to help assist his pathway forward, found here: Please take a moment to read his story, and donate if you are able. On behalf of the entire Instructables Family: Joey, we wish you the very best going forward! Thank you everyone!

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Electronics Project Ideas which do not use Microcontrollers

In the past I have used various dev boards(Arduino,RasPi,Intel Edison, Particle Photon,etc) for projects. I am planning to make a couple of projects which DO NOT require the use of a Microcontroller. For some reason  I have this mental blockade of innovative ideas which I can implement without using a Microcontroller. If you have any cool non-microcontroller based project ideas, share them in the comments below & I'll try to make an Instructable out of them. 

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Need a Science Fair!!

Well folks, it's that time of the year again, and I'm not talking about walrus mating season (You're welcome for the mental image though!)I am in need of a science fair project for the 30th!SO, being the good citizens that you are, get me a science fair!!!!Nah, I'll ask more politely:I'm in 10th grade. Could anyone recommend a science fair project? I mean, the whole deal, an instructable detailing the whole thing. (I won first prize for the beetlebot last year) plz.I eagerly await Mr. Kiteford's response.

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How do I understand what the heck a cyborg is?

I'm not a cyborg myself... and I'm making an article about them. Can someone point me in the right direction (DIY bone conduction implants might work, or IR HUD) and I'm talking mostly about a mental fusion of man and machine, which I am sure I and most of Western society are. But  on a more fundamental level. Also, I wrote a few shorts on deaf people, some of whom were cyborgs, so I'd be glad to publish them on t'Internet somehow.

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Help me create this game with Arduino please!

I had an idea for a game for my martial arts class that I am teaching and need some help with the logistics lol. I created 6 "soft buttons" using the instructable I want to hook up six of them to an Arduino for a speed drill that requires the student to be the first to hit the target. I would also like to have some variations, such as sound effects played when the button is pressed. I have a crude drawing of what the set up would be to give you a mental picture of what it is.  

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Any cures for a jumpy laptop touchpad (HP easynote)? Answered

When I'm using the laptop, there's an issue with the touchpad for the mouse, it quite often goes absolutely mental at my touch, I've tried cleaning it, washing my hands... I can't find any correlation with the problem, it'll work fine for hours and then it'll suddenly decide I can't do anything sensibly... It's an HP easynote TJ68, however my brother's Hp, not the same model but very similar has zero issues... So not sure what the score is at all... 

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Looking for instructions on a sound masker to defeat listening bugs?

I have a friend who is going through a rough divorce and we think it is quite likely that he has bugged her house. He has used electronic bugs in the past, his daughter is mentally and physically handicapped and he put it on her wheel chair to hear what happened during her first day of middle school. I am looking for cheap instructions on how to build a device to detect it and/or instructions on a device like you read about in espionage books that produces noise that makes anything a bug picks up unintelligible.

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Need help making a fake hypodermic syringe

Hello. I'm set to film a scene where a needle is used to inject someone. I've found a lot of places that sell and rent fake hypodermic needles, but way over my budget. Is there anyone here who would/could be interested in making one for these? I attached a video of one being demonstrated. I'm just having a mental block on how to create one myself. There's definitely a spring mechanism, and the tip is dulled. Other than that, I'm lost.

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Need tiny items to fit in tube 3"x2"

Need tiny samples or items to fit into a 3 1/2"x2" tube for a mental health fundraising project: Beauty samples, grooming items, tiny tools, tiny toys/stickers, pencils/pens, craft items, jewelry: you are all probably more creative than I am, so any ideas (especially harebrained) are welcome. If you could tell me where to look or who to contact for samples or tiny items, I would appreciate it.   If you have any to get rid of, please send to Sue Clark, PO Box 851943, Richardson, TX  75085.   Thank you so much.

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Locating ELS Fiber

Good afternoon! I've been browsing, and tried to look up information on ELS fiber, short for Electroluminescent fiber. Googling it will get plenty of links to the initial article or two about it's creation roughly a year and a 1/2 ago, but nowhere can I find any information on where or how one can obtain any of it, outside of ready-made outdoor recreation clothing. I'd hoped someone might be able to assist me in this? I'd dearly love to get a hold of some for use in costuming. Thank you in advance for any info you could provide. Regards, Bronwyn "I've not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work." Thomas Edison "There's a fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'. I think I tripped over it a while back."

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Need Partner for LED Project

Hello - I have a burning desire to make a shoji panel that contains leds and will run an automated program called the Knights Journey. I will create the wood box, shoji screen, and would like to find someone who is able to create the instructions for building the tech logic. This will be a joint project. I can also provide funding if needed for the right person. A little about me: I am a Linux engineer, own a home laser cutter and love beautiful sights. I work full time as a contractor for PayPal, previously Charles Schwabb, University of Phoenix, Godaddy, and other companies. I would love to learn to make the led part myself, but quite honestly I just don't have the time, or mental resources to focus on learning it from scratch. Thanks Zach

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I'm Back

Hey everyone,     I know it's been a very long while since I posted last, but after much ado I am returning to Instructables to contribute more material in what ways I can. For those of you who are curious, the major highlights since I posted last are: 1) Graduated college (bachelor's in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University) 2) Started up my own website with a friend to share some of our electronics projects 3) Landed an internship far away from home (Ohio). I'm hailing from the LA area for the summer. 4) Ran my first 5k (okay, not of the same magnitude as the above, but I needed a good fourth item :-P)     For those of you that know me, and even for those of you that don't, feel free to ask me about anything. I'm particularly good with electronics and math (especially mental math).

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Just returned from the hospital.....

Last night at work, I started having chest pains and pressure, and so spent the night in the hospital getting it checked out.   AFAIK, it turned out not to be heart related, but they still want to run a stress/echo-C test just to be sure. At this point, we are not sure what caused the pain/pressure for 14 hours.  But it is good to know it is probably NOT my heart :-)  ADDENDUM: .the Heart Cath, prep and procedure take up much of a day's time (started at 10 am and got out of the hospital by 4:45 PM). And I was completely wiped out mentally and physically by then. All went fairly well, they found one artery about 70% clogged but not enough apparently to need a balloon or stent (shrug), so I will be "watched" for awhile. So, thankfully, no "extended" stay at the hospital this time around. I will be going back to work in Monday even.

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What is the best way to cut gerass on a very steep sloped hill?

My back yard is made up mostly out of an increadibly steep hill. For years I have used a non-propelled push mower for the top and mowed down until the mower has almost reached tipping point (just above the tree over the rock). From there I have to use a weed eater to cut the rest of the yard until its flat. this is a very difficult and time comesuming process that will drain anyone physicly and mentally. How can I fix this? If I need new lawn equipment, I am willing to buy new equipment to end this nightmare. If i need to change my mowing technique i will try anything that anyone has to offer.

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Increasing Testosterone

As we age changes happen in our bodies. One of these changes is a decrease in the production of some hormones, one of which is important to men, namely: testosterone. It affects muscle mass, physical and mental energy, and sexual function. Selenium is found in Brazil nuts, and it is important in the production of testosterone. If you are showing any signs of low testosterone, try eating three or four raw Brazil nuts each day. Some suggest a person should not eat too many Brazil nuts. (Of course, I am not mentioning this because I had the problem. I am speaking for a friend. Uh huh. Yeah, that is it. Wink, wink.) Anyway, my "friend" began to notice improvements within a week. You can get Brazil nuts in bulk at many grocery stores, and they may be a simple and inexpensive aid to low testosterone problems. Other things that help low testosterone problems are reducing body weight by ten percent and regular exercise. 

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Play with trash, win $10k

If you're a kid and you're pretty crafty, check out this Trash to Treasure contest that's being run by PBS' Design Squad show. Oddly enough, there's no definition of what a kid is and if that's physical age or mental, but I'm guessing it's under 18 or so. The goal of the contest is for kids to take discarded items and turn them into functional products. The grand prize winner gets the $10k prize and will work with pros to make a prototype of the winning design.This is very cool and will be running from April 1 to June 30.Some effusive comments from the organizer:"We are eager to see kids' ideas and everyday items transformed into innovative and intriguing inventions. What a great way to inspire a fresh approach to recycling, not to mention a new crop of engineers and designers!" said Brenda Musilli, Worldwide Director of Intel Education and President of the Intel Foundation. Trash to Treasure press release

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How Can A Group Of Judges Be More ___________(You fill in the blank!)? Answered

I can't believe it...Homemade Holiday Contest Winners have been announced....I really believe that My instructable: How to make Paper Roses should have been a winner.  All along, it had more views, more votes and was well enough rated, but no, far lesser gathering of views and votes win.  I'm afraid I just don't understand Instructables. Thought I did, but apparently not. It is probably enough to blow it all off. I will stew on it for a while, but will probably not be submitting more instructables.  Who in the world Judges these things?  I see a very predjudicial slant, or hugh bias at work. Certainly not based on any objective criteria that the mental mas_______ on this site spin the hell out of in almost every post. Oh, so disgusted with the whole thing. Enough!  Since there is no objective way to win, no set of tangibles to follow, it seems pointless!  Maybe just the wrong website? Cman

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Rat Brain + Robot = Research

Researchers have created a robot, controlled by a rat brain, to help study memory and look into the causes behind some debilitating diseases. The blob of nerves forming the brain of the robot was taken from the neural cortex in a rat foetus and then treated to dissolve the connections between individual neurons.Sensory input from the sonar on the robot is piped to the blob of cells to help them form new connections that will aid the machine as it navigates around its pen.The study has big implications, say the researchers.The brain cells have been taught how to control the robot's movements so it can steer round obstacles and the next step, say its creators, is to get it to recognise its surroundings.Once the robot can do this the researchers plan to disrupt the memories in a bid to recreate the gradual loss of mental faculties seen in diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.Interesting stuff from the BBC.Side note: When you watch the video, notice the volume bar. But these go to eleven!

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What Would Go on Your Robot?

Hello! Over the last week or so, I have been creating a mental image of a robot I will be building using Arduino micro-controllers (I will most likely be using four to five+ of them). The robot, as I will design it, will have much more functionality then any one person could use. Let's just say that I'm American and like to overdo things ;) Now, let's just say that money is virtually no object. I will be able to get steady funding for it, and I plan on spending a span of four years to build it. So far, however, I only have 27 features (which will go unnamed), but I want many many more. In total, I'd like at least 200 unique features. So that brings me to this topic. If you could buy or make your own robot(s), what would you make it/them do? Any suggestions of features will be credited in the completion of the robot. Any and all contributions of ideas are to be of great gratitude from me. Thanks a ton :)

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Convert an old canister vac to a harness/backpack vac?

Greetings Instructables Brethren! I've been getting along with all hardwood and no vacuum cleaner for 7 years now, and now with kids, I am admitting defeat, but still can't take that dreaded step into the spiral of ever-shortening planned obsolescence cycles for ever-more-expensive and flimsy junk. I'm looking for a way to turn an old Electrolux or other simple, repairable, and reliable antique canister vac, into a backpack vac. I wanted to do this Instructable myself, but between the 3 kids and being only armed with a dustmop and broom, I haven't got the time to do all the project development! Can someone out there with a few tools and a Monster Hacker / steampunk mentality, convert an old canister vac to a trusty Ghostbuster-style Backpack Duster? It will need a superlong cord, though most of those oldies-but-goodies did come with that.  And if you do this successfully, and can see fit to sell it on the Instructables Store, you probably have your first customer, right here!

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Need information regarding hallucinatory diseases Answered

I'm doing research for a novel and one of the characters is schizophrenic, or whichever form of disorder would best suit the plot. A have a few questions regarding the nature of schizophrenia, and wikipedia can only help so much: What are the main causes of schizophrenia? Is it possible to be brought on by trauma or through nurture? Or is it mainly genetic? Just how realistic are such hallucinations? What is the level of interactivity between the person and hallucination? I.e. Would it be possible for a schizophrenic to imagine an entire person (like an imaginary friend, only much more real)? And if it's possible to hallucinate an entire being, could they, say, carry out a conversation? How difficult is it for an average schizophrenic to differentiate hallucination and reality? If someone has a recurring hallucination, will they eventually realize it is a hallucination and not reality? What is the probability that only one type of hallucination would be present (like, going along with the imaginary friend bit, that the person would only see the friend and wouldn't have any other hallucinations)? Please realize that this is a work of fiction and a bit of artistic license may be applied. I thank you greatly for any light you can shed on this matter. -Y

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BooHoo Previous Comment Persons

​Hello,  Reading some of instructables comments necessitates me to comment on you! I find Instructables as having interesting content which has appeal to a variety of people  regardless of their mental capacities.  Items portrayed on the site are creations of every class of people. Having a special talent, each of them feeling a little pride, bravely present their subject matter with instructions,  pictures, videos, FAQ, help? and their names are printed on the website. Speaking to the big shots who know it all.  This is not a specific website geared to the most intelligent humans like yourselves.  If it looks like a project for a 5 year old---it probably is! Clever mistake observers, nice of you to point it out.  Did you fail at the project?  Did you do something wrong?  If after you check yourself and it happens that you are right.  Why not have a little consideration, call or email Instructables, insuring the situation is clarified by the important people involved.  You would be saving the embarrassment, ridicule and self-esteem of an individual, or didn't you think of that? Instructables your website is unique, interesting, educational, subject matter is something about anything! The site has helped me babysit, fight boredom, release stress and laugh hysterically! Thank All of You at I.,  Amrie C

Topic by amrieC 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Bricobarts Beer Contest: what you need to know

Hi all! I'm glad, a bit, and proud, also a bit, to point your eyes to my beer contest. Me, the whole Instructables-team and a lot of beer-producing countries are looking for all of your craziest projects that use beer. The possibilities are numerous, the potential endless. Got a new way to produce? We want to learn! Got plans to export it to a galaxy far away? We want to know! Got a thirty-foot-tall Hagar statue in your garden? We want to see! There are a lot of awesome prices, also, but we all know that's just a tiny detail. So all this is just kind of good news. But, also this contest has it's dark side. That side is me. I won't be able to comment, encourage, burn or even judge from august 25th till september 5th, since I will spend some time in a region far from cell-phones & internet. I'll be far away from you physically, and I'll try my best to do it also mentally. No worries, I'll be back, and I'll find them, those awesome projects I was hoping for. Liking this contest is just not enough. Participate, if you dare! bb

Topic by bartworker 4 years ago

Will a Prune Juice Laxative help with my constipation or is it just a myth?

A lot of people are aware that the health of our digestive tracks or particularly the large intestine commonly known as colon have adverse effects on the health of our whole body, not only physical health but also mental health. When our colon is unhealthy or diseased and full of toxins, this toxins enters our bloodstream through the process of intoxication. When our bloodstream becomes dirty it also affects the brain. Commonly we experience mood swing. Another tangible effect of this unhealthy condition called constipation or the hardening of stool due to inadequate digestion or lack of it. With this said, you may wonder what are my best herbal and natural remedy for cleansing the inside of my body and avoid if not irradicate this condition of constipation? One very good natural remedy is eating of Prunes. A Prune is a variety of plums. Prune juice is made by steaming prunes until it is softened and pureeing then juice is squeezed out. Prune juice contain a natural laxative known as isatin. Prune juice is high in insoluble fiber. Each prune fruit contains 6% of dietary fiber. Prune juice is good remedy for constipation. It is also high in anti oxidant. Visit for more info

Topic by MucusInStool 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Gigantic Scrabble

Scrabble is an obsession and I can completely understand why a couple would show so much love for the game that they would make an absolutely huge waterproof version for their backyard. Yup, it's lawn Scrabble and there's nothing wrong with that.He fashioned the board from pavers laid in a bed of sand — 225 of them, to be exact. He installed them all in one day and had the back pain to prove it.Jane Crane painted the bonus square in the proper colors and made letter tiles from craft-store wood plaques. She took apart shelves and reconfigured the pieces to make tile racks, and pavers and tiles were sealed to prevent water damage.Now Scrabble games at the Crane house are a physical as well as mental pursuit. The players have to get out of their seats to place their tiles on the board and pick new ones from the selection spread out face down in the grass.They haven't faced many challenges, other than having to light patio torches when darkness falls or dealing with the few times their dog, Maggie, has run across the game board. If it rains, they just take the game inside — on a regulation Scrabble board, that is.But you know, Jane Crane said, it's not as much fun. Link via Neatorama

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Artist 3D prints sculptures with human ashes

Dutch artist Wieke Somers has created a series of sculptures that are made with human ashes. She uses a 3D printer to assemble them, although there's no detail about the construction process in this article. Much more attention is given to the reasoning why in a classic artist statement: dutch design studio wieke somers does not want to discard the many benefits of technological innovation and its inherent mentality and the joy and will to create. instead she wants to make a statement about the current state of affairs in design and our conviction that we need a new view on what is necessary in the 21st century. her project 'consumer or conserve' evaluates this notion of a second-life. she considers, how human ashes can be reused by means of rapid prototyping or 3D printing, so that we may afford someone a 'second life' as a rocking chair, vacuum cleaner, perhaps even a toaster? would we become more attached to these objects if this was the case? would our willingness to pay more for a product increase if it is made from human tissue or ashes? I'd guess the answer is "no." Little bit creepy. Then again, Ed Headrick from Frisbee had his remains mixed in with a bunch of discs after he passed on so who knows? wieki somers: consume or conserve via inhabitat

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K'nex Sniper thoughts?

I'm drawing up some mental plans for a Sniper rifle. I posted some non-gun k'nex projects but they were never as popular as weaponry. I know there's a tonne of K'nex snipers out there already, but most of them underneath the body are just a basic gun with a blue rod mag, and a lot of the time the mag isn't actually removable. Of course there's nothing wrong with this, I myself have made guns with this setup. However, for my new Sniper, I want a removable mag with lesser-used ammo. I was thinking either orange-connector+grey connector ammo or yellow rods. Basically I wanted to see what the community wants the most, aside from Oodammo, because that's a tad awkward!  Also any suggestions as to what else I should add to my Sniper? I was thinking: Removable Mag, breach loading single shot chamber, rails (like ironman's), detachable scope and Bipod, rear monopod, true trigger (of course), pin guides and maybe a section where a small pistol can fit, probably TheDunkis' flat pistol or r3con's (spelling?) mod for it. Oh and maybe a heartbeat sensor for all the MW2 fans out there XD -Lowney

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Is there something going on in my head? Answered

     Well, I don't have a mental problem or anything, but it often gets weird and I just can't help but to ask. I'll recount several months before, around March or May last year. I was practicing Morse code, practicing with visuals, practicing with audios. After a few weeks of practice, I started hearing Morse code in my head, as in out of nowhere I literally hear it (completely random, it's not spelling out anything last I checked). I asked around about it (deleted the question though) and someone mentioned it's not normal/it's rare. Then fast forward into around November or December, I keep hearing that Morse encoded "SMS" ring-tone from a phone (it's quite popular here, heard it more than a thousand times). I kept searching for that cellular phone, but to no avail. I covered my ears with pillows, and I still kept hearing it. I then concluded that it was in my head. The end result was I couldn't fall asleep for 3 hours lying down on the bed. It's something like LSS (Last Song Syndrome, search it up if you don't know it) to the extremes (to the point that it resonates in your head and you can hear it as an audible tone not from your thoughts). Any thoughts as what may have been causing this?

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"Not liable" - Arrghh!

Is it only I that think that the Not Liable" category is somewhat overused? It seems like 30% of all instructables are tagged whith Not Liable...Ok, Instructables is a US site run by US citizens, and USA has enough slightly retarded individuals out of their 302 million citizens combined with a litigation-friendly juridical system to warrant labels on all goods to tell them that hot coffee can be hot, that you should not dry a cat in the microwave and that you should not iron your clothes whilst wearing them so maybe it's necessary to provide a Not Liable-category to keep our most excellent admins out of legal trouble.But can't that be printed in the footer of each page and in the TOS instead?For instance the instructable "make your own super pointer... for handhelds and tablet pc's" is classified as both "tech" and "not liable". Why o why? Is it because perhaps the spring in the pen might end up in someones eye while he's dismantling the pen and then the author and the entire instructables team together with the ISP's ( both the instructables ISP and the guy that got the spring in his eyes ISPfor not protecting and warning him for possibly bodily harm) will get sued for 47.11 millions of dollars in physical damages and mental anguish?Ay caramba! It seems that I've woken up in the wrong side of the bed today..... Disclaimer: I didn't mean you, you, you and you when I said slightly retarded, you know that, don't you? It's those other guys that I'm referring to... :-)And of course I deny any liability for the writing above. It is not the views of me nor my employer ;-)

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Magnetic reactive writing pad.

I need help figuring out the best way to do the following. And i have been searching and apparently I don't know the proper way to phrase this to find the information on google/instructables. What I need -  a small surface that is magneticly reactive, to be able to Write with a magnet. It also needs to be able to be erased, probably also with a magnet.  I want it to be decently small, and I am sure there is material out there, but i don't know what it is.  And no I dont want a dry erase board.  Think of the Magnadoodle, where it would react to what is being drawn with the magnet, but i wnat something that is more like a Slate, and not a series of pockets that have a certain amount of filaments that react to the magnet.  I am sure there is some kind of material like this out there. I just dont know what to call it, and i need to be able to make it decently small and thin.  A basic idea, is like an impression pad. If you wrote something on the top sheet, or a couple of sheets of the pad, under the sheets, it would take an impression of it, (assuming it was written with a magnetic pen), you could then see what was written on the sheet originally, on the surface. Also it would need some way to be erasable so it could be used again.  A concept like carbon paper, but with magnets.  Please point me in the right direction, I am very hands on, and a long term DIYer, i just need to know what basic material i need to accomplish this. I know it exists, i just don't know what to call it. 

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How to design and build a switchable 3 colour LED into a 4x4 (16 cube) shelving system? Answered

Hi all, I've been wrecking my head on this project that I want to make, and I just can't seem to nail it, so hope some of you guys and gurus with much more electronic experience might be able to give me a nudge (or tell me that this is going to be borderline mental). Background: I repair laptops and wish to make a lighting system to give a visual indication of my current work flow. If a new laptop is placed in one of the 16 shelving cubes, I want to hit a switch on that cube to indicate the colour (RED), to say its a new arrival and hasn't been worked on yet. After getting it on the bench for assessment, it will be returned to the cube in one of two forms, either A) Its unfinished and awaiting parts/customer communication (hit switch and show BLUE LED) or B) Its finished and ready for collection (hit switch and show GREEN LED). The only thing close to an off the shelf (no pun intended) product that I've been able to find is 31cm wide Aquarium overhead LED for fish tanks. These come in at £11 GBP each, and I need 16 of the guys... so £176 to begin with as well as the issue with each unit having its own 12v Power Supply that needs plugged in! (Ouch). So, can someone here possibly recommend a solution to this that A) Isn't going to cost me my first born child and B) Not use up every plug in the house! :D I will admit, I'm actually not entirely averse to buying the 31cm bars as above, but would definitely need to be able to address the power requirements safely. I'm really looking forward to your ideas or certainly if you know of any other off the shelf (still no pun intended) product that I could modify to fulfil my needs.

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Deus Ex Shades

Alright folks. Those of you who are gamers must know about the last Deus Ex game that came out about a year ago. Ever since I first played that game I wanted to get my hands on working replicas of the retractable sunglasses that the main character, Adam Jensen wears in the game. The only problem is, I have not an ounce of knowledge on electronics. I can make shapes out of plastic and so on, so this would be no problem for me if I wanted to just make shades that didn't retract. I tried figuring out how to make these things by myself, but the world of electronics just proved to be way too complex for me to want to delve into just to work on this one project. So if anyone wants to help make this, here's what I have in mind... In the first picture we see Adam Jensen, sporting the shades. Notice how in the game the casings don't really have enough space for the shades to retract into. This is something that wouldn't work in the real world. There's a picture of a cosplayer that I've found online. As you can see, a realistic version of these shades would require the casings to continue all the way back towards the ear. Finally, if you look at the little picture I drew, you can see the basics of what I have in mind. Basically; we need a mechanism that will propel the glasses forward in some sort of a rail system at the push of a remote control button. We can hide this button on our person to secretly push it and create the effect of the user just controlling the shades mentally. You hit the button and, Woosh! The shades slam shut. If need be, this could be made so that the glasses need to be pushed into place manually after releasing them. Whatever works. The little silver circles at the ends of the glasses would work perfectly as batteries. Also, because the shades would be glued on to the face, our primary concerns with the parts we choose would be to keep them very light, very small, and to keep the parts very stable. If anyone wants to pick this project up, please let me know so that I can help as much as I possibly can. I really, REALLY want to see this happen.

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