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PC Rife software home-made plasma globe: Anyone do this ?

I have been self-treating various illnesses for a while now using some bio-electrical methods. One of which is the resonance method developed by Dr. Royal Rife in years past - but modernized using the PC as a freq. gen. and an audio amp to process the output. Some info on the various methods and specifications: ( Related, and also fascinating: ) The PC/Rife/amp combo works well, but the better way is supposed to be via a plasma-tube, which is very expen$ive. Another way to do this is by using a plasma globe with an audio input used to modulate the discharges via the frequencies; this is also too expen$ive for me right now. Some users here have come up with ways to make your own plasma globe with a HV supply and a big incandescent light bulb. Great. Now - how does one modulate the discharges in the bulb by overlaying or adding the Rife frequencies ? This question seems hard for most to understand and I was even told to make a 'plasma speaker' when I asked one of the experts-> great idea-> as long as one is a crazed audiophile with $$$ to burn and a high resistance to exposure to pure/fresh ozone. (No thanks for me.) Is there any really smart person here (who understands my question...) with good suggestions for how to do this without 1) spending a bundle 2)massive ozone generation in the room 3)massive injuries and/or fatal results ? Also I have seen where people do the light bulb/plasma globe thing related with experimenting on ballasts from compact flourescents - but again there is a lack of info on how to do this as well as any means to overlay or control it with a desired audio frequency. Thanks !

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what is good gun, but esay? Answered

I like a long tybe like a shotgun or air rife.

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what should my new knex assault rifle have

Choose from the list of things that my new gun should have on it or with it. pick 1 from each section apart from the 1st one because I could try and put all those things in. some kind of rails like Ironman's (ill try and make my own) adjustable stock adjustable cheek rest fake charging handle if you can think of other things please say! what ammo should it use rods yellow blue white green grey red black connectors grey orange grey and orange joined together (like my m110 and scar) what should the gun look like M4 m16 scar Xm8 m468 hk416

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should i bother to make a m107 sniper rife

First I need to say: I am no knexpert, new to the site (noob) but I want to prove I am not one of those people who just comment. I am thinking of making a M107 sniper the minimum it will have... -shoot red or yellow rods -fire 60+ feet (thats going to be tricky) -have a removable clip -look something like the real thing -internal ram or just out the way -a folding bi-pod -true trigger I know it sounds almost inpossable but i am going to use the best of some guns and try to put it together. It will probly fail but it will be worth the try. Any questions or suggestions?

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Cultivate the Holistic Methodologies of the Database Application Facilitator

One of the things I get inflicted on me more and more frequently as I wander dazedly through the corridors of school management iss the buzzword.Already rife in the corporate version of reality, they're the words that numpties use to fill what should be a contemplative moment, or to cover a chasm of ignorance.It is beginning to look like we are in an increasing syllabocracy - the world is ruled by people who use long words.But, have no fear. I have come across two tools to save your sanity.The first is Buzzword Bingo - every time you visit, it generates a bingo card of buzzwords to be checked off during a meeting. Tell your colleagues, and each take one into the next concept cascade meeting you go to.When you eventually get caught playing, you will possibly need to update your CV. "Computer technician" is so boring - use the Techie Job Title Generator to come up with a more impressive way of entitling your functionality.Via: New Scientist

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Can a solid state amplifier be reconstructed/reconfigured as a tube amp?

All guitarists seem to prefer the sound of a tube amp over solid state. Amp manufacturers, after committing to the solid state format, hook, line, and heat sinker, must have been appalled when guitarists began to demand availability of the old school tube amps, and scrambled to replicate the distinctive tube sound by means of additional effects and eventually modelling features. But, the big boys doggedly refused to admit the error of their ways, which, as it turns out, was a good thing as new amp manufacturers began to spring up to fill the void. Finally after sitting around their boardrooms, no doubt sipping their Coke new recipes while watching their market shares dwindle, they decided to reissue some of their most popular tube six times the initial price of course. I can't afford a new tube amp. I can't afford a used tube amp. Ebay and craigslist are rife with inexpensive, (relatively), solid state amps. My question then is, could a solid state amp be retrofitted with a tube chassis and perhaps still utilize some of the solid state attributes and parts? My instinct tells me yes. However, my knowledge of electronics and theory being nil, I really haven't the foggiest idea of what might be involved with such an undertaking. To say that a schematic is Greek to me is a gross understatement. Therefore, I appeal to the genius of the Instructable contributers to comment, or even better, start a project build. (C'mon gmoon, you know you want to!) Thanks Sycan

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Some perspective...and a few References for those that care.

John Elder Robinson,  the author of  "Look Me In The Eye:  my life with Asperger's" writes this:  "Many descriptions of autism and Asperger's describe people like me as 'not wanting contact with others' or 'preferring to play alone'. ...I;d like to be VERY clear about my own feelings: I  did not ever want to be alone.  And all those child psychologists (1960's) who said 'John prefers to play by himself' were DEAD wrong.  I played by myself because (at the time) I was a failure at playing with others...As a young adult, I was lucky to discover and join the world of musicians & soundmen and special-effects people.  People in those lines of work expect to deal with eccentric people. " Elsewhere he writes:  "I suspect that grown-ups drew me out enough as a child to keep me engaged and on a path with my conversational limitations better than children.,,,my inablility to read body language or appearance meant--in a world rife with discrimination-- that I treated everone the same." "I have learned to begin conversations with a question,  like 'How are you?' I realize that many normal people are acting in a superficial and often false manner.  So rather then let them make me feel bad, I'd express my annoyance...Fortunately, I had enough satisfactory exchanges with intelligent grown ups to keep me wanting to interact.  No one would have looked at me thirty years ago and foreseen that I'd have the social skills I have today, or the ability to express the emotions, thoughts, and feelings you read in this book. " From Tony Attwood's book:    "The person may actively seek and enjoy solitude, be a loyal friend and have a distinct sense of humour." As for the Co-Morbid anxiety that occurs with many AS persons;  try this..... Reading the book may help.... References given in the book for your entertainment...... The OASIS Guide to Asperger's Syndrome Look Me In The Eye Asperger's Syndrome Temple Grandin's site Passing as human.... The curious incident of a dog in the nighttime....summary And finally, The world needs ALL kinds of minds.....Temple Grandin. a blog that is aplicable...... How about one on rerouting brain function?  And other then ADAM,   and Temple Grandin,  Thinking in Pictures,   you also should consider seeing Mozart and the Whale. I have had it indicated to me that maybe it was not a good idea to start a conversation about the demonstations of mental and cranial plasiticity, and that it would be better served elsewhere.    

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