Sort collections

Howdy, It would be really nice if we could sort the order of our collections. :)

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Contest sorting

When I choose to sort the instructables in a contest by views, it gives the same order as when sorted by recent. I took the pumpkin contest for example.

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Sort by popularity?

Hello Is it possible to sort search results to see the most popular entries first? Thank you.

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Sort by rating

Is there anyway to sort the instructables in this contest by rating so we can see where our ideas stand? Thanks

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Sorting Favorites?

Hi! Is there (or will there ever be) a way to organize or sort Favorites into categories? I'd love to, say, create folders for various types of Instructables so I can refer back to them more easily once Favorited. (Home Improvement, Art, Food, etc.) Thanks!

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Sorting confusion...

I'm confused about the sorting function instructables employs.Today, (jun5, 08) 11 of the featured instructables are over one year old. Two or three are from 2006.With Zeitgeist, Random, and Popular being less "temporally ordered," I'd have though Featured would display the most recent featured projects...

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Sorting Instructables?

I want to view all instructables under a given topic, such as food, over a period of time. It seems that everytime I come back to the site the instructables have been placed in a different order. Is there a way to always start where I left off from my previous viewing in order to see all instructables for a given topic and not miss any? Love this site!!

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Sorting Machine

I am wanting to make a sorting machine for my autistic son, so he can learn how to tell different materials from each other & also different colors from each other.  I know that there are a few things that I want in it & also a few things that I am sure that I will need but I need a little assistance on how to go about it. I know that it will need a load sensor for the weight detection, & light sensors for detecting the color (I'm not too sure that is what I'll need), & I am not sure how to make it detect the materials though.   To give a small overview of how I want it to work is that he will place the colored block (he has some that are foam, some are wood, & some plastic ones) or a toy car (die cast) & he will drop them into a hopper that has a conveyor belt that will drop the toy onto a lever that will slide the toy onto a scale w/ a sensor to tell the color (or stripes) on the toy & also it will then be swept to the next station where it will tell the material the toy is made of & then drop it in the proper hopper.  I would also like indicator lights to show where things are going to show him what's going on if he'd like to watch. Can I get some help on this please.

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when in the contest page, what does sort by instructable do? Answered

In the pulldown sort bar in the contest pages there is a sort by "instructable"... what does it mean?(it does not just weed out guides, i know that much)

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Sorting My View

Hi All -- Back in 2013, there was a comment thread about sorting functions for Instructables, especially in contests.  Since then, the sorting functions have disappeared -- at least on my Mac and PC, using Safari, Chrome and IE. :-) Will they come back?  It seems to me that's a great way to find out what's "trending" in any contest to get a feed for whether your instructable will get any play.  I'm thinking sort by date, sort by views, sort by #favorites.   Still: love Instructables.  Love all the great ideas I get to see every day.

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Being able to sort forum posts

Can we have an option to sort the forum topics according to dates? It'll be helpful to find the most relevant ones. I was surfing the "Free Stuff" category where I found tons of posts on the top that were posted some 5 or 7 years ago. Those are not even relevant!

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Request For Feature: Sort by most recent reply in Answers

. Can you add a time-of-last-reply sort to Answers? As is done here.graphic courtesy of caitlinsdad

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Sort by cost and/or difficulty

When you create an instructable, you are asked to set it's cost and difficulty. Can I sort search results by difficulty and/or cost

Topic by munchman 

Paper Document Sorting?

So say you have to sort a lot of papers that need to be in a single stack in a specific order. Any idea how hard it would be to rig one of these up, or if its even worth it? Maybe someone sells one that I just haven't found. A simple google search doesn't really bring up anything remotely close (i.e. mechanical sorting, document sorting, business automation machines, or mix of the above terms). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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sort of relevant to us

Http:// exhibition for art made by engineers...hardly any time left to submit though, maybe someone out there is interested.

Topic by foobear 

Sorting and ranking Ibles

I would like to see the best ie. Editors Pick, Most viewed in a particular category or something. My need is to see all the Light Box Instructables "ranked" in some way so I can see how they are presented and see their Unique Selling Point (USP). I am trying to improve my Instructables by looking at how "succesfull" ones were made. Any ideas would be welcome. I don't know how to ask the question any better than this.

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Sorting My Favorites

Hi, long time viewer of this site, first time poster in this forum, I was wondering if anybody knew whether there was a way so I could create different files/boards centered around different ideas, so stuff about building musical instruments can all be in one location, and so on and so forth, sparing me the trouble of having to scroll all the way through my favorites just to see what all is there. Someone want to help me out?

Question by jlynn31 

What sort of Bearings are this ?

Hello, Im trying to see if I can find a replacement bearings so I can try out a larger / better wheel on my knee walker mobility device that has 8 mm bore as opposed to the 7 mm i have now. However after searching the web im still not exactly sure what type I have in order to find a replacement . You can see the bearings below in my photos . ( sorry no zoom in lens ) Any one have any ideas as to what is , and if not what options i have to replace them ? thanks helena

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Web Collaboration, of Sorts

No, not the World Wide Web--colonies of spiders that build giant communal webs to catch their prey. However, there is an interesting twist: spiders maximize their food supply per spider if the colony includes 500 spiders; more than that, and each spider gets less.As the number of occupants grows, the volume of the webs they construct increases - but the surface-area-to-volume ratio declines. The area of web is the all-important determinant of numbers of prey caught, so bigger colonies catch proportionally fewer prey items.Reminds me of Dunbar's Number, the theory that says that groups of larger than approximately 150 people are no longer optimal because humans cannot effectively have and maintain that many social relationships.Spider Webs Article

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Sort of an LED question....

Every October I organize a Halloween event for Letterboxers in my region. For those who aren't familiar, letterboxing has some similarities with geocaching, which seems to be more well known.... an outdoor treasure hunt thing. Since I don't hide the hiking trail letterboxes until the day of the event I can't give seekers printed clues. Since the hiking starts after dark I have used light -- LEDs -- to direct participants to the boxes. This past October I thought about how neat it would be to fix the LEDs so that they would illuminate only when instructed to do so. Although I want nothing more complicated that for the LEDs to light temporarily when a button is pushed - I figured that this was not a practical option... UNTIL I saw a recent instructable that repurposed TV remotes to activate other items. So, now I'm wondering: A) can I rig up a system whereby LEDs would be lit by some sort of remote control, be it an old TV remote, a phone, or whatever, B) if so, is it something that a fellow such as myself, who is NOT an electronics person but who is very good with instructions, could do, and 3) would it break the bank to set up as many as nine LED "targets" and at least several remotes? I always love the advice I get in these forums... looking forward to hearing from you!!

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Sort Suggestion - "Views Today"

Just thinking that it would be cool to be able to sort your instructables by 'Views Today'.  It would be a quick way to see what project might be causing a spike in views without having to try to run the graph on a lot of instructables at once (which tends to time out).

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How are forum topics sorted?

When I pull up a specific Community Forum, the default behaviour is to show topics sorted by "recent" -- which one has had a comment added now? However, there are some topics which seem to "stick" at the top of the list, for example "Instructables Store" and "World's Largest Piñata" in Community Blog. These "always recent" topics appear to come either from Robot or from I'bles Staff.

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"Recent" sort in Green Science Fair

My instructable, published yesterday, shows up in the "recent" sort closer to things a couple of weeks old, while stuff published the day before shows up first. It seems like the others are all in the right order, but mine's on the wrong instructabletop of the list where it should appearFurther down where it does appearI'm missing out on having people see it with it being buried like that!Thanks for checking this out.

Topic by LowEnergy 

Feature Request: Sort Group Topics RECENT by default

As announced this morning by Rachel (and confirmed by me), it is now possible to create discussion topics within a Group.However, when we view a Group, those topics are presented in the order in which they were created, from OLDEST to newest. That means, for many Groups, the new topics are completely invisible to anyone visiting. There is no way to change that sort order from the Web interface.I would like to request that the "sort=RECENT" CGI argument be used by default for the presentation of Group topics, both on the Group page and also with the view all link. I have confirmed that adding this argument by hand to the URL has the expected effect.

Topic by kelseymh 


How do I return to instructables that I marked 'Fave?' There must be a way to filter or sort by 'fave.'   What is the point of it if I have to remember every one I wanted to go back to?  To remind myself that I liked it when I stumbled on it before?  Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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A topic addressing the thousands of "Published instructable doesn't show up on site" Topics

We have all seen this topic many, many times. No matter how many people we explain this too, more come back the next day with the same problem. Perhaps it would be best to add an obvious message following publishing explaining that instructables will not show up straight away. All other ideas welcome, please discuss.

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Contests listing sort order

New contests seem to be popping up quite stealthily.  I do check the contests listing page often to see what I can throw together for fun but it is getting harder to keep up to see what is new.  New contest announcements will be buried a few down in the listing so I will not notice it if I do not scroll down the browser window. The listing does not seem to have the open contests in a recognizable order.  The Pi contest is at the top and some of the more previous ones were inserted between the open contests below. I suggest new contest announcements be piled on top so people can see what has been announced and work accordingly.  At least there is some chronological order to figure out what contests to enter.  

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Can you make photo sorting easier?

Hi Instructables Team! Can you make photo sorting easier on tags? Like delete, and edit tags - as you can see my tags are really messy, I want to delete some unwanted ones.

Topic by Plasmana 

Instructables Answers Tricks - Sort by number of answers and most recent answers

We're still working to make answers better, and additional functionality is on the way. For the time being, here are some links you'll definitely find interesting: Sort Questions by the number of total answers: recent answers (you'll need to mouseover the image and look at the status in your browser to see what Question it was asked on):;=textSearching Answers is coming soon, but for the time being you can use this URL and put your search term after the "q=".;%3Atype%3Aquestion=on&q;=

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The "/tag:user" URL fragment is not working

It would appear that the "/tag:user" filter in I'bles URLs is broken.  You can't search for usernames, you can't pull up a list of recently joined users, and so on.  Is this intentional?  Is it a known but low priority bug?

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Default sort of published instructables

When entering in You link to view my published instructables, by default they appear sorted by recent, but the sorting bar:sort by: recent | views | name | comments | rating seems to say that they are sorted by views, because this word is bold instead of recent, that is the true default sorting.

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Kit Contest sorting not working

I was just going through the contests and I found this bug. In the Kit Contest When you sort the entries with views, favorites, featured etc, it only shows the recent sorting and does not change. Hope the bug is fixed

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borked sort by most recent it just doesn't sort properly today. first page, i am getting re within the first page, I am getting results from 2008 and 2015. currently on windows 10, having the issue in both chrome(ver 45 .something) and MS edge i think the "posted on date" database server may need a reboot. :-) 

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Identify resistors? - well, sort of

So, i have a bunch of project that i want to do, i have schematics and the parts (but i don't know what the color bands of the needed resistors are) Can some one give me a link to a utility converting numbers (470 Ohm) into color bands (yellow, violet, brown) please help/reply! thank you!

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motion activated alarm, sort of

My wife just bought a tin pig that is about two feet tall and she wants me to see if i can make it squeal when someone walks up to our front door.  i figure it sounds like an easy project but i am not sure.  i have enough experience wiring, soldering, and general tech stuff.  i have read up and can guess that i will need a pair sensor and some sort of  micro controller, but i am unclear what or what to do with it.  the goal is to have a piece that i can put inside the pig and have it detect a visitor and then trigger a sample of a pig sound.  i know its silly, but i do what the wife asks!! ideas of maybe a link to something specific would be helpful!

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Suggestion for a sorting tweak in Answers

Like many of us who lurk in Answers a lot, I find the Recent view to be the most useful in identifying active questions to address. Unanswered view just displays everything that hasn't been marked Answered, but in no discernable order, which makes it less handy for finding questions that are still "live". The issue I have with Recent view is that when a question is flagged for human review prior to posting, it gets held up until an admin OK's it, but then it posts based on the original submission date rather than the actual posting date. This can lead to questions getting buried way down the list (depending on how long the human review took and how many other questions posted in the interim). This can lead to perfectly good questions getting missed by most of the Answerers, and therefore not receiving the same level of feedback as the ones that were not flagged for review. If the sort were modified to use the actual posting date instead of the submission date, it would level the playing field and ensure that all the questions have an equal chance of receiving the best feedback available. Yeah, I know, this is minor in the grand scheme of things, but I think it would be a significant improvement for the user experience of those who it would impact.

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A challenge of sorts: Field Kitchen

I want a military style field kitchen.  Not the giant 30,000 dollar trailers, the small but efficient kind towed by jeeps with 60 hp in the world wars. It has come to my attention that even these are quite expensive, not mention rare. I want to basically make a clone, except perhaps make it light enough to push by hand (should be possible by replacing non-essential heavy materials with light ones) and make it propane powered. Hopefully on a budget of a few hundred dollars. Any suggestions are welcome. A base/ pre-made trailer or cart to build it off of, material reccomendations, and most importantly how to implement the the cooking part. It needs tot be able to house 2 30 gallon pots and griddle top. pic is more or less what I'm aiming for

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A Night in San Francisco? [Sorted]

Right, here's a question for the San Franciscans amongst you... What's to do overnight? Kitefamily land in SF on the 29th July, just before 11pm, so I reckon it will be at least midnight before we get out of the airport. Unfortunately, the apartment we have rented is not available until 1pm on the 30th.  That's half a day to kill. If I was alone, that wouldn't be a problem, but I'll have Kitewife, Roger-X (15) & Conker-X (11) with me, as well as our luggage, after 16 hours on a plane. So, does anybody have a suggestion of what to do? Shall we be boring sensible, and book into a motel for a night?  Or can you come up with something more interesting to do, that is also family and luggage friendly? A big ask, I know, but I'd like a good start to our month in SF. ------------------------------- EDIT: OK, so it looks like we're going to be staying in a motel.  Anybody recommend a specific one? -------------------------------- FURTHER EDIT: Thanks, folks.  We've decided to ne normal and sensible, and have booked that night in The Dylan. By the way... I AM VERY EXCITED!!

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How to sort contest entries by views?

Since the recent site update, I'm not able to find the link to sort  contest entries by views. So I was wondering of any way to still sort the entries by views. Thanks

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BROKEN AGAIN: 'sort=RECENT' does not appear to be working for I'bles or Q&A

The "sort=RECENT" URL modifier does not appear to be functioning properly for either Instructables or for Questions.  Since this is a back-end operation, it should not be browser related (FF, MacOSX 10.5.8).  Nevertheless, I have deleted the affected tabs, cleared cache, and reloaded the pages multiple times. Update 23 May 2013:  As Mikeasaurus and Kiteman report, this problem does appear to be fixed.  A fresh Safari session showed the correct results, although my Firefox session still did not.  I quit and restarted Firefox, logged off of my Instructables session before clearing cache and cookies again, and now both pages are displaying correctly. Update 8 July 2013:  It looks like the mid-day software update today has broken this again.  The screenshots shown below (with the two "too many redirects" dummies missing) are exactly what the pages look like right now (3:49 pm PDT). Here are screenshots showing the page of Instructables and the page of Questions.  Both are were just wrong.

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Instructable Filing System

Dear Fellow Forum Readers, A while ago, I posted an idea/request asking about the possibility of making the names of Instructable  PDF files conform to a certain standard for ease of filing. I found my own best solution. If anyone can use this idea, please do! What this project does is to add symbols to the titles of instructables which indicate awards and featured status for each downloaded Instructable. I am using a Mac and purchased the app "A Better Finder Rename 9". Within a parent folder entitled 'Instructables Downloads' I created a group of folders with the symbols corresponding to the featured/awards symbols of the given Instructables. For example, if there is one star for an Instructable, I designate that this way: (*). If there is a star and a goblet, it is designated like this: (*+). I make a folder for each of the combinations of stars and goblets and then as I download (I download many at a time) I just save them to these folders. Then afterwards, I use "A Better Finder Rename" to add the designations as a suffix to the Instructable titles. When I want to quickly pick out the most awarded Instructable out of several options for a given project, I can see right away which one is most recognized as excellent. Finally, I made a master Instructables folder with broad catagories within which to sort my downloads, e.g. Electronics & Computer Instructables, Maker & Prototyping Instructables, Gardening & Homesteading Instructables, etc. Now I have a nice library for portability and offline use! Will many people want this? I doubt it. But it makes my substantial collection easy to go through and saves time when I want to look for recognized excellence among many choices of projects. Besides, it's fun and 'therapeutic' for me to idly sort, rename and file these great projects on a lazy afternoon (not enough of those!). Helps me mull what I'll work on next, too. :-) TN

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I want to make my own change sorter/counter.....

I'd like to make a change sorter/counter that I can use with my PC to figure out how much money I have in some 5 gallon buckets of change that we gathered while cleaning some old fountains. (Yes, they said we could have what we found under all the gunk as long as we got the fountains clean and back to working order.) I want to be able to dump some coins in a sorter/counter and have my PC tell me how much there is in a given bucket of change. I don;t want to use estimating techniques like calculating the approximate number of coins of a given type by average known weight of the coins. I want an actual tally - a count - of all coins of each type and unknown coins (slugs). Any ideas?

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You page "sort" buttons not doing their job..

I dont know if this was pointed out already as I am unable to "search the forums"! but I noticed today that when on my "you page", "instructables tab", the sort buttons are not working. views, title, date etc, none are sorting properly, they are stuck on "featured" sort. the only one that changes the sort is the "ratings button". from what i know those ratings are dis-abled now, are they not? If you need some screen shots let me know. I'm on a mac running windows 7 64 bit, with firefox latest update.

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Is the "Popular" sort function in Contests Broken?

Looking at the sorting in contests when you sort by "Popular" 'ibles with fewer views (both daily and since creation) are ranked significantly higher than others with more views (Daily and since creation). 

Question by XaqFixx   |  last reply

I finished sorting my knex!

I finally finished my knex after some weeks full of procrastinating. If you haven't already sorted all your pieces, I highly recommend you do so. When all of your pieces are sorted, it makes building much easier. The only problem is the fact that you have to re-sort everything once you've taken something apart.

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RSS Search Feeds -- sort by Relevance?

I've been using the RSS feeds to have programs search ibles, however, the RSS feeds are sorted chronologically, which is not good, since I don't know what the first result is. Is there a way to sort by relevance? Thanks, and Happy T-day!

Topic by zachninme 

Sorting wonky in Recent feed and Answers

The recent page shows nothing but collections when set to "everything", and not all those collections are recent. The answers page is also wonky, showing nothing but years-old questions. 

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Is it possible to create a sort-of a skewer ballista?

     I just caught wind of another idea while commenting on some instructable on a skewer gun. It got me thinking for a moment when I said "Is it possible to make the range around 80 feet or so?". Then, poof! My idea just came through. So, is it possible to create a sort-of a skewer ballista? Something I can fold up into a compact size for storage. Sort of a challenge already huh?

Question by nutsandbolts_64   |  last reply

Sort by views and the Star rating system

I thought Instructables did away with both of these features? I also thought the changes were wise and well thought out... but I see they're still operable on many contests and instructables.  Did the robot change it's mind?

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Another new knex element sort of

I was thinking what could be fun to build... a ball machine with a dragon theme! This is something that might be improved by some of you people if you can build it by just looking at it on this video. This could also be used for something else like a plain old dragon dragon. I was thinkin of adding this to my ball machine but it could not since its more like a prototype. The grey connector thats connected to the track is suppose to move but it isn't for some reason.

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