I have a lenovo s10-3t the warranty that came from the manufacturer just ran out but i got a 2 year warranty on top of that how do i get this because i will be watching a movie and if the computer shakes a little the video will stop for a moment then speed up as if to catch up but i bought my computer at bjs wholesale(weird place for a computer) and where would i take it to get it fixed

Question by BIGHAIRYDUDE   |  last reply

warranty for contest prizes

Hey, i have a question that has been in my mind for some time now: a lot of the contest prizes involve some kind of electronic devices, and if you would buy these in a store, you would get a 2 year or so warranty. so i wondered: do the prizes have a warranty like that as well? it would be nice to know in case something stops working. and if there is a warranty, how could you claim it, since most of the time warranties need a reciept as proof of purchase. that won't work with the prizes obviously. i would be glad if someone could answer my question, thanx

Topic by sursula   |  last reply

Always buy the warranty.

Don't listen to all those "experts" who talk on TV about not buying the 3 year warranties for computers. I've just been approvoed by BestBuy to get a replacement laptop to my replacement laptop. It was an HP DV2100, I think, and replaced some other COMPAQ. Long Story Short:Bought a laptopSomething went wrongSent away for repairLostOffered new, better laptopFound, offer honored anywaysReplacement laptop is accidentally damagedApproved for another replacement, to be picked up at our convenienceI've been saved countless times by those extended warranties. Once, there was actually 9 days left on the warranty for something, when it broke. Brand new one, baby =]Note: Buy it within reason of price, of course

Topic by Weissensteinburg   |  last reply

Never needed a warranty in my life?

What's with people needing like, 3 years cover for everything they own? Seriously, what do people do with their tech? I've never needed to honour a warranty in my life, and I void them without care. Wen people buy a TV, do they expect it not to work? I bet most warranties are really just some technophobe who accidentally messed with their settings and can't fix them again, or people who dropped their stuff and said it came like that.

Topic by baneat   |  last reply

i didnt get my warranty when i bought my 360 and i was wondering if i was able to get a warranty now?

Its been abouth a month since i bought my 360 and the warranty paper inside the box says i have to send the money in 10 days. if theres anything i can do to get a warranty, please tell me.

Question by ninjasoldier   |  last reply

what type of warranty comes with the ipod touch when you buy it?

I just bought an Ipod touch and I was wondering if apple has a warranty for free or if i must buy on. If apple has a warranty how long thanks miiwii3

Question by miiwii3   |  last reply

I replaced my town and country's air filter with a fram. does that void the warranty? Answered

I replaced my town and country's air filter with a fram. does that void the warranty?

Question by robjob1918   |  last reply

Battery choices?

I have been having a lot of dead batteries because I don't drive very often.My battery always checks out ok so the warranty doesn't help me.  If a new battery would help me, should I choose a cheaper battery with lower CCA or a more expensive on with higher CCA and a longer warranty?

Question by Tyus   |  last reply

How can I improve the proformance and appearance of my 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer ES without voiding the dealer warranty?

Im looking to improve the appearance, performance, handleing, horsepower, torque and the "get up and go" factor. I cannot make a permenent modification (or one that cant be removed without showing little signs of it) because that would void my dealer bumper to bumper and/or powertrain warranties. I do know things can be done without voiding the warranties that would give me some results, however I dont know what they are. I also cant afford major upgrades due to lack of money. please tell me what, if anything, I can do to put the "street car" edge on my own car

Question by fastcar123   |  last reply

my xbox has sound but no video and is out of warranty, is there a simple way to fix this?

Ive read that this is usually caused by cracked solder, am i able to re solder them or do i have to replace or modify parts? any help would be great :)

Question by gareth21   |  last reply

Xbox 360 FAIL

How much does it cost for Microsoft to ship a box coffin for an Xbox 360?the Xbox's warranty is out of date... it hasn't been openedthanks

Topic by Sandisk1duo   |  last reply

Does any one know an easy and cheap way to fix the dvd/cd rom on an e-machine?

I'm not a computer person at all and mine quit working after 3 weeks.  walmart only has a 15 day warranty on this item. thank you

Question by cleo235   |  last reply

Electric Issues and Law

Hi, I' ve created a DIY which describes how to create a lamp and how it has to be connected. I don' t know or just can' t remember where I can find kind of a 'non-warranty' text or related statements. Do I have to add them by myself? regards, fleck.

Topic by fleck 

DC toy motor as cooling fan

I used a dc toy motor to make a cooling fan. i made the connections to draw power using usb.but 3rd time when i plugged , the laptop didnt start. i called service centre and they said to replace motherboard. fortunately i had warranty. why this happens ?????

Topic by adonis ajith   |  last reply

build your own ipod battery back-up?

I was looking at this, and I thought to myself, that all it does is run off a couple AA batteries. Would it be possible to create my own? I couldnt find anywhere what the voltage an ipod runs off of, but I bet someone here knows. thanks PS: I know it will probably void the warranty

Topic by allstarn07   |  last reply

broken dremel

About a week ago my dremel stylus broke and I havn't really done anything about it. I have no warranty and it's almost a year old (christmas present). I think that it's the base that's broken, but I can't be positive, I think this because it won't charge. Does anyone know where I can get another base for less thatn 20 or 30 dollars?

Topic by guyfrom7up   |  last reply

Okay, a quandry... My car recently gave up the ghost on me. I need to replace it... Answered

Do you think it would be wiser to buy a used car with good service history and lots of options or a brand new "stripper" car with a good warranty? Price could be about the same for the two. Thank you for any input, I'm trying to puzzle out what I want.

Question by Stew2   |  last reply

What is the cheapest place to buy a ps3 in Vancouver?

I live near Vancouver (BC), and am looking to buy a ps3. It needs to be at least 60 gb, but I think they discontinued that one. I am not looking at buying one online, and it needs to have a full warranty. Where is the best place to buy one, in the next 8 months? Thanks, BB

Question by Bartboy   |  last reply

RAM error cause / fix

I've started getting system service exceptions, and have linked the cause to the RAM, which has shown around 10 errors when tested, mainly that certain pairs do not store data accurately, on at least one of the sticks. I need to ascertain the cause of these errors to see if the warranty covers it. Would it be possible to get or write a program to keep writing to the defective locations, to prevent important applications using the space?

Topic by The Skinnerz   |  last reply

How do you get free apps? Answered

How do I get free apps. Do I HAVE to jailbrake it. If so can I jailbrake it then return to normal without vioding my warranty and losing the apps I downloaded while it was jailbroken. Is it worth jaibraking the iPod you. How do I get movies for free. How do I get live tv free. Not orb, tvu, or live tv.

Question by miiwii3   |  last reply

What can i do to find out what's wrong with my dvd player?

My dvd player has had some problems playing for more than an hour, usually using a cleaning disc works for a while but it doesn't stop it for long, is there something i can do to fix it or should i get a new player? i have a Sony D350P and the warranty is expired if it helps.

Question by coldpsyco91   |  last reply

My Wii will no longer play Wii games. What's going on?

I've had my Wii for a little over a year now. It just stopped playing Wii games about a month ago, but it still continues to play Gamecube games perfectly fine. I haven't tried modding it or anything, it just stopped working out of the blue. What is wrong with it? And is there anything I can do? (It's not under warranty anymore...)

Question by moviemagicman33   |  last reply

what can i do with a broken LED projector?

I have a broken LG PA70G projector, it has a blue-ish image even when in the menu of the projector, and i'm thinking to repurpose it/ use it for something else. It's out of warranty so i don't care about it. The problem with it is that it started to get hot until one of the RGB connections got burned to ash. The rest is working fine. Any ideas what i could do with it?

Question by CristiS   |  last reply

Any ideas for using hardened plumber's putty? Answered

I bought a tub of this to fix my sink and only used a tad.  Despite it saying "Will not separate, harden, or crack" it does all that.  Unfortunately, they don't give warranties with this stuff, so I was left with a life time's supply of plumber's putty that is hardening as I speak.  Please, if you have ANY ideas on how to use this or soften it, do pass them along.  Thanks!  :)    =^..^=

Question by happi cat #71   |  last reply

How to fix the stem of the Philips Sonicare tooth brush? (Flex Care & Flex Care +)

I broke 2 Philips Sonicare tooth brushes and would like help in fixing them.   The problem is the stems have gotten loose and the replacement toothbrush head does not fit tight anymore.  Is their a repair person who is familiar with this problem or is there someone who could tell me what to do to fix it myself?   Mine have become loose right after the 2 year warranty is over.

Question by Irenexx   |  last reply

ge adora pours water during gentle cycle?

Had this front loading GE Adora washer for 2.5 yrs. OVer last few months it has begun to leak on every cycle except speed wash. Have cleaned out filter, drained water, but it comes back. Don't know if associated, but washer will "dance" and rattle throughout. When the water leaks, it sounds like an open facet. Any help would be appreciated. DId not want to call GE (unknown # and no warranty)

Question by tokyotea   |  last reply

How to replace usb ports on ps3?

I had a ylod ps3(past warranty) and attempted to repair it using the ylod oven instructable. It worked, however the usb ports ended up melting during the process. This would not be a problem, as I do not use them much. Unfortunately, you have to have them to sync the controller though. Does anyone know how I can replace the usb ports, or just add more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Question by ademaree   |  last reply

What can I use for painting a black Evo desk to a very pure-white color?

I want to be able to paint a black evo desk to a white color that would look nice with an LED lit room. Please give me some suggestions or advice as I attempt to do this :)This is what I currently have. After going through the options at checkout.Evodesk Shape :Ergo Edge Renew Recycled Wood Finish :Carbon Black Desktop Edge :Ergo Edge ($79.00) Desktop Size :30x84 ($349.00) Frame Color :Carbon Black Storage Pods :No Storage Desktop Highrise :No Highrise Controller :Programmable Memory ($59.00) Keyboard Platform :Carbon Black ($139.00) Freeport :No Freeport Cable Management Tray :Carbon Black ($99.00) Warranty :Standard Warranty NOT SELECTED Harman Kardon Speaker System :No Monitor Arm :No Treadmill System :No Metalix Glass Chair Mat :No CPU Mount System :No Anti-Fatigue Mat :No EvoFlex Cable Management :No Evodesk Casters :NoThere is also water damage mark on the desk. Is it worth fixing it? it is water damage left over from a cup with no coaster. Any advice on possibly fixing this would be much appreciated. :)

Question by aquerol   |  last reply

hi. i just got a 360 for christmas. i was wondering if it would be feasible to install an externally powered fan. Answered

 i thought that i could take off one side of the case (so as not to damage the original case and void the warranty), and make a new case piece that has an externally powered bank of computer fans to cool the console... would this damage the other fans? I am trying to prolong the life of this one for as long as possible... i only play it several hours a week,  so it isnt on all the time.

Question by ilpug   |  last reply

Dell INSPIRON 5100 Battery

Http://www.tradesourcesonline.com/replacement-dell-inspiron-5100-laptop-batteries-6600mah_p7230.html Buy Dell INSPIRON 5100 battery 6600 mAh 14.8V ( Compatible with 14.4V) Li-ion now! Rechargeable, removable Li-ion battery pack designed to work with Dell inspiron 5150, Dell INSPIRON 1100 SERIES Laptop Batteries and more. Overcharge and short circuit protection. Factory price, fast shipping, full 1-year warranty and 30-day money back!

Topic by asdfmakewish   |  last reply

Does anyone know how to cleanly open a Hammer "morespace" 1 TB external disk drive case? Thanks in advance!?

As stated in the question, I have the external 1 TB morespace disk drive by Hammer Storage. I have found 2 screws on the case under warranty stickers. I would like to open this case up, hopefully without totally destroying it, b/c I need to convert this drive to an internal drive on a Linux Box. Thanks in advance!

Question by bikerdudenc   |  last reply

How do you fix the error when its both rings on the left side of the circle?

Talking to Xbox support I was told that it's due to my xbox 360 overheating...  Even when the house temperature is at 73 degrees!  I'm about ready to take a hammer to my beloved xbox.  I'm not about to pay 140 bucks (my warranty already expired so I have nothing to lose with a little DIY ;) ) Any advice?

Question by Treslayton   |  last reply

Has anyone ever added a dimmer to a LED clock?

Hi, Can anyone provide some insight into adding a dimmer to an LED clock radio? I've tried out several and the things are all way too bright for my bedroom. I'm a decent soldering tech and I'm very comfy voiding warranties. I didn't post particulars about a clock as I have several. I mainly want to know if anyone has done something similar before I start opened cases.

Topic by ringai   |  last reply

I have a monitor with a broken HDMI port, would there be any way I can repair it or have it repaired?

I have a monitor with a broken HDMI port. Part of the center that holds the pins in broke (About 1.5-2mm) , and the pins are bent all to... Well... That place down there and back. Would there be a possibility that any computer repair place could replace it, or any way I could do it?The warranty is expired, so I can't void it.

Question by Rokko8652   |  last reply

advice about timer?

I need cheap small timer to use in my device ( voltage protector) to use in control of warranty of 3 months, this timer will connect to led and when the time is finish (3 month of real working) the led will off, this timer should calculate the time of electricity working only ( if electricity cut off the timer not calculate the time when there is no electricity)  the timer continue calculate the time of working only is case of electricity is exist. when the total time of electricity on (exist) reach 3 months the timer will cut off the power on the led so will turn off the led

Question by rubellamarket   |  last reply

Can anybody help me hack my capresso 453 coffee maker so that it makes coffee hotter than it does?

 We love our Capresso 453 grind and brew coffee maker but the coffee comes out about 15-20 degrees cooler than it should. We replaced the first one immediately but had the same problem with the second one. It appears to be a common problem with these units and we're out of warranty. I'm reasonably handy but I can't seem to find someone else frustrated enough with the knowledge to tell me how.

Question by ches1   |  last reply

How can I receive IR signal and send it trough wires? Answered

 I want to place a device inside a close enclosure. The device in on warranty, so I don't want to take it apart. The device works with a remote control, so I was wondering if there is an easy way to mount another IR receiver that  will pick up the signal and sent the to a IR emitter via wire. I can't place the device close to one of the sides of the enclosure and open a hole for the IR receiver.  I hope make sense what I'm trying to do. Thank you for your help in advance.

Question by newtonn2   |  last reply

looking for multi- speed quiet wall mount range hood 900cfm for a home

1. any one know where I can get a good reliable easy to clean multi-speed(min 6) range hood with max throughput 900 cfm? prefer    - under $900 with good warranty. most of the time use only 100 to 200cfm    - price include any custom, brokerage, if needed to Alberta Canada 2. baffle or other filter  (I'm new to kitchrn hood, want something easy to clean, low maintenance, low operating cost)

Question by gg89   |  last reply

How to replace BT Headphone Batteries?

Hi, I own an Alcatroz Airwave 300 for 6 months and I have issues with battery. I always use it when I got home from school, doing homeworks, doing household chores, even going out to the public. I always charged it until its full but they only last for 2 1/2 hours. Recently, I noticed that my battery discharges easily. It doesn't last for 5 mins. So I decided to open the headphone where the battery and bluetooth module was installed, then the battery inflated and exploded. I was lucky that i'm not hurt but then I had no money to replace those. The warranty on this thing voided so I got no choice but to replace it. One day, I was looking for a potential replace for my headphones then I found my old nokia. It's display was damaged but the battery is still good. After 6 years of owning it, I can't believe that my Nokia battery still runs good as new. I thought to myself "why not". Also there is another problem, I don't even know how to solder a simple wire. I have the basic equipment so I need your thoughts and advice including how to do it.Note: before the battery exploded. I lost my receipt after I puchased it, without it, then I have no free warranty. Plus these thing were the last of its batch ever sold as a bluetooth portable headphone.

Topic by MikoT7   |  last reply

Wii Dilemma (Wiilemma?) Wii have a problem!!!

I just bought a year old used wii. I am worried. I have wi-fi. I want to use the wii with wi-fi. I had read that when the wii launched, a wiiconnect24 update made some wii units completely unusable! I am worried. The people who I bought it from never used wi-fi on the wii. It had a 1 year warranty, which expires in about 3 weeks. I got a good deal on the wii, so shut up. Question: If I update it now, will it crash??

Topic by Keith-Kid   |  last reply

Help: Random Computer Shutdowns

I've got a problem, and I'm hoping you all might be able to help. My laptop has shut down on it's own three times. Each time it shuts down, it's as if the battery was removed--instantly off. I've also been watching video each time. Twice on hulu, once was vimeo. The first two times were one day after another, and the third just now, was a week later. So if anybody has any ideas on what might be wrong, I'd really appreciate it. The laptop should still be under warranty but I'd love to not leave it with best buy for four weeks. Thanks!

Topic by Weissensteinburg   |  last reply

How do you fix red ring of death for good ?

Hey guys I'm having troubles with my Xbox 360 I have fixed it 3 times already and got it to work every time but it only lasts about a month. The first 2 times I fixed it I cleaned all the shtuff off it and that was it the last time I did it I moved the heat sync over top of the GPU or CPU... one of the 2! So if you can help me in any way id be very grateful! Additional Info: It is an XBOX 360 arcade,past warranty, AND PISSING ME OFF!

Question by Leems supreems   |  last reply

wii induction charger battery pack

Hey ppl, I bought an energizer wii induction charger earlier this year. A few months later, I started getting a red flashinglight on the charger and the batteries wouldn't charge anymore. I got the battery packs replaced because it was still under warranty, and I still have the old battery packs. I opened them up because they're pretty simple to dismantle (just 2 screws) and there are two unbranded AAA batteries. I was wondering if any rechargeable AAA battery can be used with it. Also any ideas on other possible uses for this induction hardware? Check out the pics below:

Topic by atomicrabbit   |  last reply

URGENT Need Hard Drive Converter Recommendation SATA --> IDE

My parent's laptop took a crap on them. I'm 60% sure it is hardware related (well, not the HD that is).Unfortunately, they never backed up their photos and our family trip to Mexico is on there (the photos :P). What really sucks (kinda) is that the HD is SATA. It sucks because I don't have a SATA enclosure (but I do have an IDE).So do I go with a SATA to USB2 converterSATA to USB2 converter -- or a SATA to IDE converterSATA to IDE converter?This is urgent because I need to determine if its the HD or some other component so that it can be sent in for warranty repairs. Crossing fingers that its some sort of hardware.

Topic by trebuchet03   |  last reply

Can I use a store bought halogen lamp in an LCD projector?

I have a Sony VPL-V500 LCD projector but I can't afford a replacement bulb($200-500). Can I use a halogen lamp from a lighting supply and put it in the lamps housing, drill a hole in the side of the projector for the cord? Here are the specs for the replacement bulb meant for this model. Any help/info appreciated. Thanks. Lamp For SONY VPL V500 Projector PKPJ-500 Contains 1 Lamp(s). 250Watts, Metal Halide Ships in 1-3 business days. 3 Month(s) Warranty. Manufacturer Original Lamp

Question by buffysissy1   |  last reply

Acer laptop, what mother board does it use?

 I have a acer aspire 5542, And would like to know the mother broad it uses Thanks for your help Brand Acer Model Aspire 5542 Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Processor / Graphics AMD Athlon II Dual-Core M300 2.00 GHz ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series Memory 4 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz Hard drive SATA 500 GB HDD 5400 rpm Display / Resolution 15.6-inch HD 1366×76 resolution high brightness Acer CineCrystal TFT LCD, 16:9 aspect ratio, 8 ms response time, 60% color gamut Removable Storage 8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive Wireless Support Atheros AR5B93 Wireless Network Adapter 802.11 n, b, g Communications Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet, HDAUDIO Soft Fax Modem with SmartCP, Acer Video Conferencing with Integrated Acer Crystal Eye Webcamer featuring 640×480 resolution, Bluetooth 2.1 Input Devices Full-size keyboard including number pad, Synaptics touchpad with Multi-Gesture support Power 6-cell Li-ion with up to 3 hours of battery life Accessories Extra battery, external USB floppy, extra AC adapter Security software/features Acer Backup Manager1, Acer Bio-Protection1, Acer eRecovery Management, McAfee® Internet Security Suite 2009 Trial, MyWinLocker®, Nortonâ„¢ Online Backup Other Software Acer Arcadeâ„¢ Deluxe featuring Acer CinemaVisionâ„¢ and Acer ClearVisionâ„¢ technologies, Acer Crystal Eye, Acer GridVistaâ„¢, Acer Launch Manager, Adobe® Flash® Player, Adobe® Reader®, EarthLink®1, eSobiâ„¢, Google Toolbarâ„¢, Microsoft® Works with Office Home and Student 2007 Trial, NetZero®, NTI Media Makerâ„¢, Oberon GameZone, WildTangent® Memory card reader Media Card Reader supporting SD, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS Pro, xD Accessible memory slots 2 slots Maximum Memory Expansion Up to 4 GB Ports Headphone/speaker/line-out jack with S/PDIF support, Microphone-in jack, Line-In jack, Ethernet (RJ-45) port, Modem (RJ-11) port, DC-in jack for AC adapter Additional Ports None Audio Dolby®-optimized surround sound system with two built-in stereo speakers, Optimized 3rd Generation Dolby Home Theater® audio enhancement, featuring Dolby® Digital Live, Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx, Dolby® Headphone, Dolby® Natural Bass, Dolby® Sound Space Expander, Dolby® Audio Optimization, Dolby® High Frequency Enhancer technologies10, True 5.1-channel surround sound output High-definition audio support S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface)11 support for digital speakers, MS-Sound compatible Built-in microphone ENERGY STAR Qualified Energy Star 5.0 Weight 6.16 lbs (2.8 kg) with battery Dimension 15.1 x 9.9 x 1.03 to 1.5 inches, 383 x 250 x 26 to 37 mm Thinness 1.03 to 15 inches, 26 to 37 mm Network Card Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet, HDAUDIO Soft Fax Modem with SmartCP PC Card Slot None Webcam Acer Crystal Eye Webcamera featuring 640×480 resolution Multimedia and Entertainment Acer Arcadeâ„¢ Deluxe featuring Acer CinemaVisionâ„¢ and Acer ClearVisionâ„¢ technologies, Acer Crystal Eye, Adobe® Flash® Player, NTI Media Makerâ„¢, Oberon GameZone, WildTangent® Warranty Limited 1-year and 90 day warranty options available depending on country, 1-year limited warranty on primary battery. Optional HP Care Pack Services extended warranty

Question by andreblue 

How do I take apart the Onda vx575HD?, I need to access the screen. Answered

Hi, The item has no obvious screws or catches, the ports stick into the side part of the rear frame and there is no other way of internal access other than removing the body. How would I go about remove the rear parts so as to access the screen? For pictures just type in 'onda vx575' on google images. http://www.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&source;=imghp&biw;=1366&bih;=677&q;=onda+vx575&gbv;=2&aq;=f&aqi;=&aql;=&oq;=&gs;_rfai= It's not broken so I'm not going to talk to the manufacturer and there is no warranty anyway. I just have an instructable in mind. Thanks in advance Jack

Question by jackh94   |  last reply

Is Ikea the only place that recycles incandescent light bulbs as well?

CFL bulbs need to be recycled properly due to mercury content, and there are many places: Park districts, hardware stores, Ikea, etc. that recycle CFL bulbs. However, I haven't found any place that recycles incandescent bulbs, I searched online and they say, they don't contain any toxic chemicals and can be thrown in trash and not curbside recycling. However can't the glass be reused to make new bulbs? I am sure they can reuse the glass, and the filament is probably too hard to recycle but the glass could be. I know Ikea recycles incandescent bulbs as well, but why aren't there any other companies that do? Also LED bulbs, I guess dead LED bulbs can either be returned to manufacturer if it has warranty, or in electronic recycle.

Topic by ADRIANT28   |  last reply

For sale Brand new Macbook pro 17 inches laptop

CONTACT DETAILS FOR INQUIRY:electronicstradingltd@yahoo.com TELL:+447024065722 The Management of ELECTRONIC TRADING GROUP OF COMPANY are launching out there product out to general public, We offer new year bonus, Buy 3 Get 1 Apple Ipod touch 32gb. All our product are brand new, @ Complete accessories(Well packed and sealed in original company box) @Unlocked / sim free. @Brand new (original manufacturer) box - no copies @All phones have english language asdefault @All material (software, manual) - car chargers - home chargers - usb data cables -holsters/belt clips - wireless headsets(bluetooth) - leather and non-leather carrying cases - batteries. if you are interested, forward your questions and enquires to us via email with your order and shipping details. COMPANY ADDRESS: ELECTRONIC TRADING GROUP, L.L.C. Registered No.FC021674 111 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10006, USA For more inquiry about our product do kindly contact us via our email: electronictradingltd@rock.com ELECTRONIC TRADING INTERNATIONAL LTD Registered No.04304522 C/O LAW PARTNERS, 28-30 SAINT JOHNS SQUARE, LONDON, EC1M 4DN For more inquiry about our product do kindly contact us via our email: electronicstradingltd@yahoo.com This are product that we Distributures, we deals on all brands and models of electronics such as Laptops,such: apple, dell, sony, toshiba, etc Mobile Phones such: Nokia nseris, Blackberry HTc phones, sidekick,motorola etc Xbox360, Sony Psp, Plasma Tv, Pda Phones, MP3 & MP4Players, Playstation, Digital Cameras, Dvd Players, They are Cheaps & Affordable prices and we also supply many other electronic products, such as portable DVD, car DVD, MP3, MP4, LCD TV, plasma TV, CD ROM, DVD writer,windows XP, etc. All Our Products Are Delivered with their FullAccesories and they Come with 1 Full Year International Warranty From Manufacturer and 6 Months Garranty from we Seller,Products will be delivered to your Door Step Via reliable Courier Service :Ups Or Fedex. WARRANTY We give 1 year warranty for every product sold out to our costumers, our products are company class 1 tested and approved by Global standard organization of wireless industries. RETURN POLICY Your satisfaction is our Goal. Please inspect your order upon delivery. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return your merchandise within 90 days for a prompt and courteous exchange or refund, whichever you prefer. Please note: the item returned must be in its original packaging in salable condition. CONTACT DETAILS FOR INQUIRY:electronicstradingltd@yahoo.com We would really appreciate your patronage

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