Weedeater Bike

Http://www.dakotalogic.com/      I've been wanting to build a weedeater bike but need plans.  Does anybody have a copy of the ones from dakotalogic.com? please post them soon.

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how do you build a weedeater rc car? Answered

The title says all i would like to be really cheap with no welding or special tools

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weedeater repair and stuff

how would you fix a weedeater where it wont suck any gas in it has lost compression and you can actually hear grinding in the cylinder when the piston moves up and down and a screw stripped on the crankcase? and you cant get off the exhaust because it was like welded on.

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making a weedeater bike? Answered

The link below is a clamp that holds the engine on a weedeater bike. the good thing about this clamp is that you dont have to permanantly keep the motor fixed on the rear tire. you can cycle on flat roads and when nearing uphill, you can engage the motor with just one push of the clamp handle.    can someone with a mechanical knowledge make a video on how to make this clamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZCfYu7e730

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turbo two stroke?

How would you put a turbo on a two stroke? what i want to do is a strictly electric driven one rather than exhast driven because i dont want to have to deal with all the small stuff and the engine is only 25cc if i cant do it do you have any suggestions on how to up  the hp?

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Friction drive weedeater bike?

I am wanting to make a weed eater bike and I am having trouble figuring out how to get the bike peg onto the clutch shaft. Can I just thread the clutch shaft with a tap and die set (which I don't have). Would it work if I put the clutch shaft against the wheel instead of putting a peg on it? Also, how hard is it to mount the engine with angle iron since I don't have a welder?

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this isn't a question its a statement on a question i asked earlier

Earlier i asked about putting a turbo on a two stroke weedeater motor. i tried it and IT WORKED. it made the rpms triple! it worked to a point so if its too much then it will actually not work and slow down the motor. and it sounds cool 

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would a clutch bell work as a spindle for a motor bike?

I have a weedeater with a clutch on it and i want to make a motor bike as simple as possible and i am asking if you could use the clutch bell itself as a spindle for a friction drive motor bike if so i could probably build one in about an hour and also if so, where on the clutch bell would be best for contact with the wheel, the bigest part closest to the motor, or the smaller part of it farter away from the motor

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trouble with motorbike

So I have purchased a 25cc 2 cycle homelite brand trimlite weedeater, and have decided to put it on a bike.  my drive system of choice is friction drive. i have a 1 in diamater alluminum knurled roller that is held on by set screws. my question is, it doesent work. i have no cintrifigul clutch, so i must first pedal to start the bike. then i throttle on the motor and stop peadaling. the motor turns on, but quickly bogs down and dies, and i don't know why. am i doing something wrong? please help. this is very close to the system that i have. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Strap-a-Leaf-Blower-Engine-to-a-Bike-and-Go/

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where would you find some cheap weedeater motors? Answered

I would like to find some weedeater motors it can be just the motor or some type of motor like it like a blower or something where they have them online for really cheap, like under $40 

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chain driven weed whacker bike

I am currently trying to complete a weed eater bike build, but have run into some trouble. a jackshaft is required, but i do not have enough money to purchase a kit or use a welder. built one out of some bolts, bearings, and the sprockets needed for reduction, but the engine shakes the chain off the primary drive sprocket or the primary driven sprocket when it is operating. i also need to figure out a way to mount the secondary driven sprocket to the wheel, would JB weld or something similar work? thanks in advance for any help and/or ideas

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how do you know how many rpms your engine has?

Such as a weedeater.

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Can you use nylon weedeater cord to make replacement nibs for wacom pens? Answered

I was getting ready to order replacement nibs for my wacom bamboo tablet pen and just got curious about making my own. I did experiment with a toothpick, but was afraid it would damage the surface of the tablet. It did work somewhat, but i had to use the side buttons for click as tapping didn't work properly.  Would there be any reason *not* to make my own?

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does anyone know how to build a custom exhaust for a weedeater? Answered

I am trying to build a motor bike and i want to supe up a 25cc craftsman trimmer motor the bike will be spindle drive and i want to suck any bit of juice out of that engine... once i am done i will let you know how it went

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What is the choke for on an gas motor ? Answered

You may think im noob but heres my question, What is the choke for on an gas motor ? Like on the lawn mower, you put on choke to start it, but what it is actually doing? Thanks!!

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what do you do for the gas/air ratio on a weedeater 2-stroke? Answered

i made a motor bike and i rode it over 137 miles so far, it hasn't given me much problems except one day it lost compression so i rebuilt it and i put in a new sparkplug and rebuilt the carb after it was running better than ever and the next day i went to ride it and it wouldn't start so i cleaned the carb again, then it was working again but it was like there wasn't any gas, i used to be able to go 29mph now i can only go 16mph with the wind, if i give it too much throttle it will bog down and slow down, so i can only give 1/4 throttle. i have tried messing with the pin in the carb and the tuning screw but they don't seem to do any  thing, what is wrong?

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Could i use a 1 3/4 HP electric sander for a homemade pocket bike?

If i were to use a sander how would i make it cordless. or would it be better to just use a 20-25 cc gas weedeater

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Need an idea for a motor!

I live on the texas coast in mostly swamp and tourists. In my trials and trades I have came across a 82 450 honda engine. I have several ideas but need more input. So far a paddlewheel boat has the lead. Also have several other lawnmower engines and weedeater motors. The mower beds and bodys really catch the rust here and seem to melt in front of your eyes. hope for some ideas on screaming death machines.

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i am making a friction drive motorbike Answered

I am make a direct friction drive motorbike with a bmx bike and a 25cc weedeater i am going to mount it on a hinge and i will use a spring to tighten down the spindle. the hinge is just some angle aluminium mounted to the two bottom holes of the engine. the aluminum is just connected two a bolt that goes over the brake cross section. the spring goes from the end of the angle aluminum to the wheel axle. is that enough or do i need more?

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Cheap and easy digital tachometer?

I convert engines from weedeaters, leaf blowers, etc. for use on large model airplanes.  I use an aftermarket electronic ignition on the engines.  The ignition uses a Hall effect sensor and a magnet to trigger the CDI ignition.  I would like to build a digital tachometer that would use that same trigger.  They sell them for $25.00, but I thought it would be fun, and cheaper, to make one (or several) myself. Can anyone help with a circuit and parts list? Thanks!! vettebob

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