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how can i make a wireless power that can turn on a motor in a distance?

Hi every one,      i would like to know how can make a wireless power supply for at least  some meters so as to turn on my plane motor.

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An Idea for a Connected & Automated Healthcare Platform.

 Watch video demonstration of our Idea of a Connected and Automated healthcare platform. This project is part of a compitition so we need to popularize our video to go ahead into finals. If you like our Idea please share that Youtube link, more view means greater chances of clearing this round. Thank you. YouTube Link:

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How do I increase the signal strength of my wireless broadband card from sprint?

I own a Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U from SPRINT. Is there a way to increase the signal strength? Specially when I am indoors... THANKS!

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So I have bridged my lan connection and my wireless connection I cant get the internet connection to work on xbox live

But it works on the laptop... it says restart router.. did it.. still the same problem.. any advice??

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Can you jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon Wireless cell phone service? Answered

Someone once told me that you can jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon but I wasn't sure if they were right, and I didn't want to find out after I had bought one that you could not.

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Can I send A Signal from my PC to my HD TV Wirelessly?

I wanna connect My PC to my Sharp Aqous 52", But I do NOT want any lag or anything. Like a Wireless DVI? (1080p would be awesome)

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Laptop connect to home wireles network but there is no internet access and this is cause of DNS server isn't responding.

This is my situation, lately i have problem with my laptop. i can connect to my home wireless network but there is no internet access. when i try to troubleshoot my wireless network, the result is "DNS server isn't reponding". So i try to search at web regarding my problem and i found this/your website ( and there is a question similar with my problem and the way to handle it. so what i do is i change my preferred and alternate DNS server to and after that i try to reconnect to my home wireless network once again and it's totally working! I'm so happy! Thank you! :D So my question right now is, what is the main cause to my problem until i must change my DNS server to and

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Cordless phone with a phone jack in it for wireless dial up?

Is there anyway to make a cordless phone with a phone jack to allow hook up from the cordless. I know it is somehow possable for most phones only splits the wire with a simple circuit board from two to four wires and most of the stuff are in the phone in its self anyway. Correct me if I am wrong.

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LEDs - Is there a way to transmit an LED light wireless to another location?

Is there a way to transmit an LED light wireless to another location without having to attach to the original LED itself?  In other words, the transmitting device would capture the LED light when it turns on via a fiber optical cable or other light capturing device and then transmit the light to the receiver.  Actually, the light does not have to be duplicated, just some sort of signal sent to the receiver to indicate when the LED is illuminated, but again without having to solder the original LED.  

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Does anybody know a way to link two networks wirelessly (with directional antennas) where more than one jump is needed?

By "more than one jump" I mean that I want to send a wireless signal from my house via a directional antenna to a device that then repeats the signal down to the destination (also via directional antenna). I thought of just an average repeator, but I haven't seen one that works with directional antennas. Any Suggestions? Thanks, -Double_G

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i want to start changing a simple RC Car to wireless car that controlled by PC?

Hey ! i want to start a project of creating a rc car that works with pc, i have a good background of programming, and also i have background of game development and basics of logic  as im new to these kinda projects, i want to change a car that works with simple rc car remote controller to a car that i can wireless'ly be controlled from a pc on wifi connection :) so i'll be thankful for any advises and where and how to start doing my project :) kind regards

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Is it possible to wire a usb cable up to a wireless Turtle Beach x41 headset to power it? Answered

Hey I was wondering if soldering a usb cable to the batttery terminal's in the turtle beach x41 to keep it powered without batteries, would work? Would I just need to solder a resistor to the power(red) wire on the usb to lower it to 3v seeing as the usb outputs 5v and the headset takes 3v( 2 AAA batteries)? I would like to attempt it, but I honestly do not know if this would work. I would like some input on this. Also, the idea came to me because I hate going through batteries and don't like recharging batteries with either. Please and thank you!

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Wireless Push to talk button for walkie talkie

Hi all. I would like to build a wireless push to talk switch for use with my comms set up used for airsoft. I would like to be able to put the switch/button onto my rifle (wirelessly) so I can keep hands on when communicating on the radio. Having to take my hand off the rifle to push the talk button is a pain. The only ones I can find online are commercial and quite expensive. What I hope to do is build a simple wireless switch and modify the current PTT swith to be operated by the wireles one. Can anybody advise me how to do this? Circuit diagrams or hints? A site with ready made plans (wishful thinking) Cheers in advance from New Zealand

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How to make an old cellphone's camera into a wireless webcam ?

I wanna use my old Quad-band cellphone(lcd broken) with 2.0MP camera to transmit video wirelessly. I have a idea how to do it but don't know if its right.  Here's what i think will do the trick: I wanna transmit the video via the phone's internal antenna. For that i will have to somehow make the camera run with battery power then i will have to attach the data cords of the camera with the phone's internal antenna. I made it sound very easy but it ain't and i know it coz the camera is soldered to the phone's board and its connected via tape wires so no way i can cut them. I chose the phone's internal antenna coz its a quad band phone so it supports all 4 bands 800, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz. so the range would be good. But i still don't know how to make it work. I haven't thought about the receiver though, The receiver also has to be of matching frequency, that i know. Anybody can help me in putting this wild idea of mine into practicality ? Thank you.

Topic by TJkml  

Strange problems with the mouse and keyboard? Answered

Must be bad karma for the new year but both my mouse and my keyboard are playing games with me on the PC. Of course they are wireless, mouse is a Logitech, keyboard some very old Aldi brand. After many years of good service they started to fail at the same time. And yes, I tried fresh batteries several times with no luck ;) Here are the current symptoms: 1. Keyboard Randomly keys I press fail to show up although the blinking on the receiver indicates an action was received. When typing a bit faster, and for me that is the two-finger-best-hope method a lot gets lost. My speed is slow enough to make a bad typist laugh in tears LOL In some rare cases I also get totally wrong results, usually somethe graphical character that otherwise need and ascii input to appear. 2. Mouse At times when the keyboard plays up the little rodent does the same. Here it means the pointer disappears or moves in jumps. Also mouse clicks on let's say a tab in the bowser often grab the tab or are not registered at all. It is now starting to annoy me, mainly bcause I failed to rectify this problem in any good way. Only system change in or before the problems started was the usual Windows 7 monthly update, but that came about a week before it all started. To make things worse the mouse uses Logitechs old wireles tech while the keyboard is in a totally different frequency and as said dirt cheap. I also fail to replicate the problem consistently or find a common cause. Funny thing: If used on my old Nexus tablet both perform just fine even from over 5m away. Would love to hear some thoughts on things to try or check... But so you know: Tried the drivers, different ports relocating the receivers and even a rollback of Windows to a state from Nov last year. Everything else connected to the USB ports performs fine. Am at the stage where I even accept weird things to try, so fire up please!

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