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ATX power supply conversion Answered

I know this is a long passed DIY. But while building a ATX Power supply I separated all the wires as stated. I then put the green and a black wire to a switch and added the 3 brown leads to the orange leads.
When I plug in the unit the supply light comes on, but when I turn the green wire switch the main power LED goes out and no fan comes on. It acts like the switch is shutting the unit off. 
Can anyone help. I am 60 years old and just getting into doing some bench work to pass the time.
Thanks for any help.



4 years ago

Thank You for the help. I forgot to add a low value draw to the line in and I had the wrong wires connected with orange leads. I had all four brown when it should have been just one orange and one brown.
Thanks again for the help.


4 years ago

We had the same problem not that long ago....
I always say to do the homework before starting a project, Caitlinsdad provided a good link, Google would have showed even more.
Without a load on the 5V rail the power supply is unable to regulate.
A properly protected one might survive this a few times a cheap one can be destoryed when using without a load.