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Any Power Source USB Charger Answered

So here what I have in the works, I'm trying to make a pocket sized gadget that will charge a USB device from anything,  Normal 110v AC, And anything from 4 AA Batteries to a 28v Cordless tool battery,  to a Car Battery, Solar Panel in the middle of Mars, etc, Anything giving off Between 6-35V (Be nice if I could find a 7805 that had a Vin (Max) of 40V, Several manufacturers make 36v cordless tools) . I'll use alligator clips to attach to the battery of choice, and I'll throw in a Diode bridge to make it idiot proof. I plan on having a switch between an AC and DC Circuit. And of course, I'll throw a decent sized heat sink on the regulator. Any Suggestions? I'm not the most electrical savy person out there, so if you foresee any problems, let me know.