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Arduino Home Theater Screen Design Answered

Hello Makers!
I have been designing a home theater retractable screen housing that is arduino based. I want to use stepper motors for the added precision and will be playing with some minor resin/fiberoptics to decorate the front in a movie theater-esq manner. My concern is with the stepper motors. I would love to know if anyone has attempted a similar project. The speed of the descent/retraction is not all that important but consistency is another story. I also have some power concerns. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



8 years ago

DC motors would be more appropriate for the loads you're likely to see.


8 years ago

Sorry, but I have no experience in Arduino, but I know a place where you might recive some awnsers. Nox Infomer. Sorry about being so fast and basicly I am saying "Go to my site", but you might want to try it. You never know.

I understand how Arduino works and might be able to help however.
I see your power concerns by connecting a low-voltage Arduino to a 150-volt stepper motor X2. Yeah that's going to be a problem. First, you might want to test your Arduino. How high voltage can it go? To do it, try doing what I call a loop curcit.

Strip a plug attach one to one of the motors and the other to the Arduino. Test it. It may blow your computer though (=0