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Blocking Diode Recommendation Answered

So I want to charge some rechargeable batteries with some solar cells I bought and I heard I should use a blocking diode to prevent the batteries from discharging at night. I have 3 6V, 50mA solar cells in parallel for a 6V, 150mA total. Does anyone have a recommendation for the model number or kind of diode I should use? Preferably one with a very low voltage drop. Or is my solar setup too small to require a diode? I have never done this sort of thing before, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


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11 years ago

Haha, you have a lot of interesting projects going! The diode type shouldn't be too important for your project. You can get diodes really cheaply out of old disposable cameras. Those are the ones I normally use, unless in need a really specific type.