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Can I repurpose an external hard disk drive (Lacie) to work as a NAS or media server? Answered

Hey there, I have a lot of older lacie external drives of varying capacity - ok, two - but would like to be able to use them as something a little more full-featured, something more like a NAS, for media serving and maybe backups? Are there any hacks/boards/mods that can be done swiftly to make it happen?



9 years ago

Well, it depends on how you want to go about it. If you have a networked computer, then you can simply plug the drive in, find it under My Computer, and set it to be shared over a network (Right-click>Properties>Sharing>Share). Make sure your computer has Network Discovery and File Sharing turned on as well. Also, if you have a fancy-schmancy modem or hardware firewall, you might be able to plug your drives into there and set them up for NAS.