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Can anyone help me set up Guitar Rig and Reaper?? Answered

Can anyone help me set up Guitar Rig and Reaper?? I am able to choose the VST from reaper, it brings the GR4 (Bridged) Player and I can choose amps and such but when I add those effects to a MIDI track I get no output. I use Kontakt 4 with Steven Slate Drums on a drum MIDI track and it works like a charm I had to initially set inputs and outputs and save that configuration but it was a one time thing. do I need to do a similar thing for GR4?? any help will be greately appreciated.?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

I figured it out... Guitar rig is a VST not a VSTI therefore it can't produce sounds on it's own, a MIDI track alone will not produce any sound unless it's processed by a sinth or a similar audio outputting device, or I could just actually play guitar and I do get sound output in Reaper which I can then add Guitar Rig effects to.