Can you use a Speak and Spell cartridge on a Speak and Math? Answered


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 I bought a Speak and Spell on Ebay for circuit bending, but alas, I fried it. It came with an expansion cartridgl. I want to pursue this circuit bending project, so (going off another schematic), I bought a Speak and Math off of Ebay. What would happen if I put the Speak and Spell cartridge in the Speak and Math?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I doubt that the carts are interchangeable.  If they were then people would have only had to buy one unit to get both functions.

THe speak and spell was redesigned several times and the different versions weren't necessarily compatible with each other.

IF they were compatible:
And you plugged a spell cart into the math slot the programming would'nt know what to do with the numbers, and if you plugged math into a spell unit the programming wouldn't know what to do with the letters.

But then that's what circuit bending is all about.  Making something work in a way that it was not meant to.


8 years ago

You can put a any cartridge into any other device, though it will not expand the devices program. What the cartridge will do is add extra information to a glitched circuit. In other words if the processor has to scan a extra amount of programing it can become a little more unpredictable. This information I have attempted to verifiy, after a bender I met online told me about this. The differnce is very subtle.


9 years ago

Maybe you would speak and spell math!