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Can't reliably log in to instructables Answered

I can't reliably log into instructables. This has been happening sporadically for several months now. There seems to be a bug that when I go to log in it just keeps going back to the login prompt.

This usually happens a couple of times and then it lets me log in, but today I am stuck not being able to log in at all. I even tried re-entering my user name and password, but still no dice.

Now that I have written this, I see that I am logged in, but when I was trying to log in on the instructables home page it indicated that i was not logged in.


I realize this is very late, but in case someone comes up on this topic via search, I wanted to post here as well.

This was my topic:

I had the exact same issue, then used the following fix.

- Click the "forgot password" link and have a new password sent to your email.
- Log in with the temporary password.
- On the change password screen, input a new password that doesn't use special characters.

I believe the issue lies in the special characters (!@#$%^&*) of the passwords. Removing those characters from my password resolved my log in issues immediately.


8 years ago

When there are site updates, users' machines can (depending on what browser they're using) get stuck with outdated cached versions of common pages (like the main page, or RECENT if you use it, etc.), and with cookies containing out of date information.

The easiest thing for you to do is a "force reload" (usually Shift+Reload) of the page where you're having trouble. You can also delete your cache and cookies. That will require you to log in again, but it should fix the "forgetfulness" problem.