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Can't view the last picture of a instructable Answered

In this Instructable the first and last pictures are the same. I am unable to view the last picture though, it just hangs on the picture i was viewing before (click on the second to last photo then the last photo and it stays on the second to last.) If this isn't a bug it would be somewhat annoying if it was in a larger instructable.

System Specs:  Windows 7 home premium
Service pack1

Browser: Firefox 8.0

This bug is repeatable


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9 years ago

I see the same problem in Firefox 8.0.1 on Windows XP.

I looked at the JS in the source but couldn't see anything, needs a pro ;)

I did edit my latest photo instructable to match the one you've seen a problem with though. I added the first picture again at the end and managed to repeat the problem that you reported. The problem can be seen here as well as in the picture ible that kojero reported: