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Composite/rca output for webcam Answered

Is there anyway to modify usb webcam so it has composite/rca as the output?


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Big Bwana
Big Bwana

12 years ago

Not really, the computer controls most of the features on the camera, and sets important things like refresh rates, white balance etc... The only easy way to that is plug it into a computer and get a video card with a RCA output .... There is some camera made with both USB and RCA outputs but they are fairly expensive, if you really need RCA output you might want to get a different camera... (( And if you want a deal, keep an eye open for some old digital cameras, I bought a 3.1 mega pixel Olympus camera and it has RCA outputs no modding needed, for $30, and I have yet to see another camera out due it in quality for $30 or less ))