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Does anyone know a good site to buy LEds specifically (10mm White LED (28,500mcd, 20mA, 3.5V) in bulk? Answered



Best Answer 10 years ago

Ebay. There are a number of sellers that sell lots of LEDs from Asia for extremely cheap, with free resistors and free shipping. Really, it can't get any better than that. I've always had good luck with them too, and they even get here quickly even from Asia.


10 years ago

Define bulk, ie 100, 1000, or 100,000... and also, you need to determine how much consistency you want from LED to LED, and whether you can make a second order and get a similiar product. eBay is great for getting things cheap, but if you need enough LED's to produce something for sale, and to do so over the long term, its best to get a specific part from a known manufacturer, and distribution chain, rather than over-run and surplus stock. Even if you have a bunch of LED's per unit, and its low volume, having obvious visibility differences from LED to LED is not so good... and pre testing each LED sort of kills off the cost savings with eBay.