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E-bike modifications Answered

For a few years now the popularity of electrically assisted bikes, scooters and Seway like devices is growing.
If you see all these nice Youtube videos of people enjoying a ride without actually doing anything then you often want to join.

In most countries though anything with two wheels and a motor is somehow classified.
A nice way to for example prevent someone to run a 2000W E-bike at 120miles per hour down the freeway...
There is a limit in terms of motor or power on the wheel, sometimes even a combination of both.
Anything above and it is actually a motorcycle by definition.
If you are in a country without such restrictions and clissifactions then read something else as nothing here will apply to your ;)

What is the difference between an electrically assisted bike and an electric bike?
The most common regulation for E-bikes is that they only drive the motor if you actually pedal enough.
Even with higher power motors they are usually just restricted in the max speed at which the motor still helps.
For example you get assistence up to 25km/h but above you are on your own.
An electric bike or scooter does not have this requirement even if there might be working pedals on it.
Here we have restrictions on the max power that is allowed and often also a max speed that can be reached.

What does it mean if I remove restrictions from my E-bike or scooter of sorts?
Without any corresponding road or vehicle laws and regulation nothing at all.
In most countries though you would turn your fun toy into a motorcycle by classification.
As such it would need to be conform with everything a motorbike needs to fullfill.
However, you can't register it because it was modified and never intended or designed for this, it would be illegal.
It is no problem to find info on the WWW on how to remove any possible restrictions, install stronger motors and batteries plus heaps more.
But should you risk it?

What happens if my mods are illegal and I cause an accident or get involved in one?
If we trust statistics then the morojity of electric bokis or scooters involved in accidents is modifed to get more than the allowed power.
The statistics however conviently fail to show how many accidents were actually caused by them.
This means we can assume the same that the cops or forensic investigators assume: Unless confirmed to be legal the thing has illegal modifications.
With that comes the legal approach on any rider that caused an accident with serious injuries or worse.
Without the modifications you would get a slap on the wrist unless you were careless, after all accidents happen.
Modified however you face several problems.
a) You illegally created a motorcycle that is not approved for the use on anything but your own private property.
b) As it is now classified as motor vehicle you will be charged with driving it without the proper licences, driving an illegal vahicle or a combination of both.
c) With serious injury or death on the table you are no longer a kid having some fun on his new toy, you are a serious criminal.

With all three boxes ticked you are likely to end with a jail sentence.
Is it really worth the risk?
Get a license and a real motorbike with numberplate, insurance and all - no scooter or E-bike will give you that feeling...
If you are still not fully convinced then imagine how it would be on the other side of the story...
You come home from a nice and speedy ride on your modified E-bike and the police is already at the door and your parents in tears.
It was not you but someone else on a way too fast E-bike that got your little sister into hospital after getting hit.
And since the rider knew what he was up for he made a runner...
How would you feel here? Always consider this feeling when you think it is worth putting other people in harms way...


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