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Full Belly Project, The Olympics and Me Answered

The Olympics are supposed to be the "green" Olympics this year.
Since they are going to be held in Beijing they are going to have a fun time making it green.
One way they are doing this is all the aircraft that will be flying the athletes will be powed by bio-fuel derived from the jatropha tree.
The people in charge of the commercials and filming it wanted to make a way to inform the people watching about this.

At Full Belly(who has their headquarters in Wilmington NC) they make various machines designed to shell nuts.
Jock Brandis(head-honcho, inventor of the nut sheller) was contacted and asked to make an electric Jatropha sheller. This sheller is going to be shipped down to Miami and will shell Jatropha nuts at a Jatropha farm while being filmed and a commercial will be born.

I am helping make this sheller at the headquarters! So my finger prints(and a little tiny bit of blood) will be in the Olympics! (not really, just in a commercial during the Olympics)

So, if you do nothing at all with your life, make sure you at least watch the Olympics to see the commercial!


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