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Geting wheels of a axle? Answered

I have a 2345 peerless transmission that i need to get the wheels off of.. ive removed the lock ring and washer but it wont budge, it does have a keyway but i wouldnt think that would be my issue..
here is a complete guide on how to take the tranny apart but not too much help (the transmission i have starts on page 81)
and heres a blown apart picture and shows my type of axle
it says 47 and 48 but i think i have 47b and 48b because of the key
and the image is of the end of the axle with washer and lock ring off


master key

5 years ago

Penetrating oil, heat, and hours of frustration my friend. I recommend you use hammar and a chunk of wood to protect the shaft

What you might be able to do it remove the key and see if you can get the wheel to turn on the shaft. It's a long shot since the keyways on Peerless transaxles don't run too far back.


i have tried just letting penetrating oil go away at it.. but after about a week i gave up on it, as for the heat/hammer and wood i have been told that if you do it that way you can make some ring on the inside pop off and thus being forced to take it apart. I do have gear pullers, but their is no real way to fit it on to the tire unless i put them on the outer rim which would just bend it like mad.


True, I have had few axles rip right out before but when they don't its great. If an axle does come out just pop the trans open and reinstall it with a clip from ebay. while you're in there you could also repack it with grease.