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Growing Veg indoor from your smartphone Answered

Hey guys!

My name is Aga, and I wanted to post an update about the project I shared a while ago.

So we were looking for ways to make hydroponics fun, easy, interactive and beautiful so everyone can start growing the freshest food on earth even if they know nothing about gardening or have very little time and space.Of course we would rather garden in sun but for most of us it`s simply impossible.

We are still early stages but at least now it looking good. haha!

Check it out our new landing  http://getniwa.com/

We are gearing up for a Kickstarter and if our vision resonates with you would love your support!

Also: check out our blog - how far we have come from the initial prototype
and here is me telling a bit more about the project straight from China: http://bit.ly/1eVO5Oh

Thank you guys! Would love to connect with you and know what you think about the project


ps. this is not the spam, we are a bootstrapping startup and would love to share our solutions with the community!


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