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i have recently created a website offline which is about 1 mb in size. my next step is to upload it to a webserver so that others can view my website. i have registered a domain name at smartdots.com for free. can any body help me to upload it to a perfect webserver ?my website also contain images . i want that images to be displayed in it.  please mail me at sar.soumyakanti10@gmail.com?



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8 years ago

Have you a webserver available to host the website? Or did you just register the name of the site?

If you only registered the name, you are either going to need to start a webserver at home (have a computer on and connected to the internet 24/7), or get some web hosting.

Web hosting can range from $2-90 a month for services... just search around for web hosting services on google. I personally use webhostingbuzz.com and have had no complaints thus far.