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Hardwire IR Extension to amplifier Answered

Hello Instructables. This is my first post and would like to begin by saluting the work you all do, I love receiving the email at work showing the weeks projects.

My problem, that I hope somebody has a solution to is this...

I am building a false wall to house my fish tank and TV, ps3 etc however my amplifier is too large and does not fit into my project. The only way round this is to house my amplifier in the loft.
In the wall I want to place the IR remote control Sensor. I don't really want to pay out for those 'eye's' you can buy online (nor do i think they would be compatible with my model of amplifier) so was wondering if i could just use some ordinary electrical cable to extend the sensor?
I was worried cable might not allow this as it would probably add extra resistance to the circuit. Does anybody have a solution or suggestion that involves spending little or no money please?

Thank you very much!



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8 years ago

There are no compatibility issues. All those things do is repeat the signal it receives.

You may be able to put the IR receiver on a lead depending on how long the wire is going to be. If its only a foot or 2 then you should be OK.