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Help : LM386N Amplifier Answered

Hey guys. I'm new to these forms so please bear with me.
I am very new to Instructables and this is my first project.
I am currently working on THIS INSTRUCTABLE: https://www.instructables.com/id/Portable-Guitar-or-iPod-Amplifier-Amp-9v-LM3/?ALLSTEPS

All I did is connected all the components as shown in the link. What I decided was to use an aux cable to connect my phone to input jack and connect my computer speakers to output jack. After connecting the 9v battery and connecting phone and speakers, all that happened was that led lighted up slightly and no sound from speakers. The moment I turned the volume of phone to maximum , LED started blinking still no sound. Plz help......:( 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
Sorry for bad English...:(



5 years ago

It looks like you have modified the circuit to include an LED & Resistor (for power indication I assume). You seem to have connected them in series with C3 and +V for the IC which probably won't work. Try taking them out (or connect them directly from the battery to 0v for power indication) and see if that helps.


Reply 5 years ago

First of all thanks for responding.... It still didnt worked....:(