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Help plz:) Answered

hiiiii! I'm Izzy, and next year ill be living on my own income for the first time. Now I'm a crafty person(duh) and on top of working part-time, I also want to start selling my art. However, I have no idea how to do this. So far I can knit, crochet, draw, paint, sew, and cook. I want to get into doll and squishy customs as well but I also have no idea what I'm doing in that aspect. Any helpful tips or ideas are much appreciated. SALUT!! :)



3 months ago

I saw this one guy while driving and he had a really smart idea! I'm hoping it will help! He had his van open and had all of his artwork neatly placed all over the place. He was selling them on the street. I'm not saying sell them on the street, I mean anyone can do better than that. But here's the thing, maybe you could put up posters near your home that say to contact you for any specific artwork people want. Or maybe you could print out some flyers for a gallery walk at your home or something like that. You can also try and contact your friends and tell them what you are doing, and so if you do well, eventually, things will spread and you'll have over 15 people knocking at your door! You can also provide lessons, maybe paid lessons, for those who want to learn to draw or knit or whatever you can do. Try to star at a cheap price and eventually as time passes by, you can increase the price of it! I hope this helps!


3 months ago

1. Start searching the internet there are lots of sites with craft ideas on them to get you started.
2. If your intending to sell, you need to know what your work materials cost, how much time you spent on it and how much you want for that time. A good way is to look at what others are charging for similiar items.
3. ETSY is one craft site for selling, Ebay of course but look around you locally, there might be shops that will display your work on a sale or return basis for a percentage of the price.
4 Flea markets (car boot sales in UK) - good place to take a stall
5. Local Market place, generally stalls don't cost much.

You don't say where in the world you are but postage costs might be an important consideration.

In this day and age I generally suggest to people they need to do the jobs others don't want to do or don't have time to do:

Gardening, takes little real skill and can be a regular income in the summer months. Walking dogs, at least in the UK, this can be a big business, people have pets but are working and need someone to look after them whilst on holiday or whilst they are at work.