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Homemade Gift Contest Winners Answered

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Homemade Gifts contest! Thanks to your efforts, the Christmas-Industrial complex was dealt a heavy blow this holiday season. I've gotten lots of future gifting ideas from these projects, and hope you have too.

This year we gave all our cousins awesome laser-engraved water bottles (to practice for the third prizes!), but didn't get our act together in time to make gifts for the entire family. Next year we'll try to move even farther off the consumerist grid. Start thinking now, and you'll be ready for both the holidays and next year's gift contest!

Check it out:

First Prize
These three projects win one of these tools: a Cuisinart 7c food processor, a Dremel 400-6/90 400 Series XPR Rotary Tool Kit, a Fluke 115 True-RMS Multimeter, or a Singer 1525 sewing machine.
Give the gift of Robot Invasion by MrMunki
Hard drive platter clock by albetcha
Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube by burzvingion

Second Prize
These five projects win a Leatherman juice S2 pocket knives laser-engraved with the Instructables logo and the author's name.
freehand glass etching by Robyntheslug
Literary Clock by mdhaworth
Junk box flowers by photozz
Home-made Sun Jar by cre8tor
Technical Monster by redribboncrow

Second Prize prime!
These five projects win handy Make Magazine Thomas J. Glover Pocket References Guides.
The Persistence of Recorded Memory by fungus amungus
Personalized Guess Who by randofo
Wooden Candle Holder by sam
Wall mounted magnetic knife block by radiorental
USB powered LED christmas tree by T3h_Muffinator

Third Prize
These 10 projects win the choice of a water bottle or a flashlight laser-engraved with the Instructables logo and the author's name.
Countertop Greenhouse by whamodyne
A Box Kite! (that's almost bigger than my wife!) by marcward86
Photograph to Stencil by nak
Nixie Tube Ornament by ian
Continuity Tester by neelandan
USB controlled mini lava lamps by jamesh
LED Floaties by Tetranitrate
PC remote control by Zujus
Resistor Man by chr
Custom Mirror by iammatou

Honorable mention
These 15 projects win an Instructables patch.
boy crush mash-up T by lilo
Blanket With Built-In Hood by trialex
Kat Litter Cake -- Gifts Impossible to Re-Gift by trebuchet03
Pocket Tripod by theRIAA
Teddy Bear Speaker by constructer of the odd
How to make a nice wooden sword by BobbyMike
Trendy note card gift set by outofthewoods
Disk Drive Dollar Bank by FrenchCrawler
Jewelry or Serviette holder by puffin_juice
Lucky Charms iPod Nano Gift Box by luckymonkeygarage
Gift Home made high power air BB gun for Christmas! by african_andy187
How to bind a book by eleraama
Pinball Coffee Table by heyrocker
Customizable Fleece Hats by ryzellon
Xylophone windchime from a children's toy by zieak

There were scores of fantastic projects, which made the judging quite difficult. (This is the best kind of problem to have, of course- keep up the great work!) Thankfully our judges were up to the challenge. Please give a round of virtual applause to judges jess, ian, LasVegas, rbhays, lisarea, GregDDC, Tool Using Animal, trebuchet03, randofo, jeffreyf, beemer, HeresyOfTruth, FrenchCrawler, turkey tek, zieak, mever, vatosupreme, ewilhelm, DavidBrown, numberandom, and fungus amungus. Judges weren't allowed to vote for their own projects.

Since we only give one prize per person, these fine entries (which would otherwise have won prizes) don't appear above:
Wine Bags by mdhaworth
Hand crank lego usb charger by Tetranitrate
Frankenbear Synthamajig by randofo
Telephone Handset Microphone by randofo

We'll contact the winners shortly via personal message with prize-claiming instructions.

For circular linking, here are the original contest instructions.


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14 years ago

When is the next contest?


14 years ago

Second place PRIME just made me loose my self esteem :(


14 years ago

Nice!! a pocket ref... thanks a lot!. I think this has been the best competition yet.. There were some really great instructables. way to go!


14 years ago

Third Place! Woo-hoo! That's exactly what I was hoping for - no way was I winning the big dog prizes and I already have a Juice, and my pocket ref is very dog earred and no more than an arm reach away most of the time. This is great! Thanks for a wonderful contest.


14 years ago

Nice job :P I predict that Dremel to be first picked :) I have the same model/kit, very nice.


14 years ago

Congratulations everyone! Great job!