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How can I connect a 110V 12" 8W neon lamp in a PC case without having an external cable? Answered

I am going to mod my PC case. I probably can't get this
since I live in South America, and I have only found an 12" 8Watt 110V blue neon lamp for $8. It would be fine, but I don't know any effective and practical way to get 110 from inside the computer without opening the power source... Please help!



8 years ago

There are a lot of places that sell 12 volt cold cathode lights. 12 volts is the standard for cars so an automotive customizing shop can probably get some. They are often called ground effect lights.

Depending on your power supply you might void the warranty if you open it up. Not a big deal unless you paid a lot for a good one and its still got years to go.
A better solution if your going to stick with the 110 is to cut open the power cable, strip the wires and solder a power lead to it. Then tape it up good with electrical tape. It may not look really pretty but you can hide it with some wire sleaving.

This is a small company that specializes in modding components and they ship world wide, I just checked.


They have lights in blue, green , red, orange, white and UV. And several sizes too. Also sound activated ones.


Answer 8 years ago

The CCFL's really are cheap, however, shipping is not.

Shipping Methods:
$32.63USPS Priority Mail International (7-10 days)
$43.30USPS Express Mail International (EMS) (3-5 days)
$72.96UPS Worldwide Expedited (2-5 days)
$84.18UPS Worldwide Saver (1-3 days)


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks, for answering, sorry I'm this late but I never got a notification for answers... I decided to put the light under my desk so that it shines on my keyboard. I might get an in-car circle neon and install it in my case, or extract the inverter from it and put the tube in it.
Thanks again for taking your time to answer!


Best Answer 8 years ago

You can't unless you split the power cable and feed one side into the case for the light.

What's the voltage coming out of the wall in SA?

I'd go with opening the power supply and tapping off 120 from the switched line of the 120 volt switch. That way when you turn on the power switch the light gets power. You might want to add a switch in that line so you can turn off the light without turning off computer power.

On second thought, you could purchase a very small inverter that works on 12 volts (meant for in car use) and power it off one of the 12 volt plugs. But I'd still tap off the power supply but I'm used to working with 120 volts.