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How can I show a video clip in an instructable when the clip resides on Facebook? Answered

The original video is gone in a computer crash but we still have the 25 second clip on the unpublished instructable Author's Facebook page and on mine (collaborator)



8 years ago

You have a few different options...

First off, and by far the easiest, you can just figure out the embed code for your video.  Here is a how to.

Other options- google "download video from facebook". That will get you several results of websites and programs that can convert the flash file to something more usable for you like this one.  I haven't tried any of them, but do a little research before using one to make sure it's not just spam.

Option three- you could use screen capture software to directly record what plays on your screen.  For OS X, a program I use is called iShowU.

Final option- recover the original file from either the camera or your computer using recovery software.  For PC, I suggest PC Inspector Smart Recovery.