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How do I convert a Marine Band harmonica from nails to screws? Answered

Marine Bands come with the coverplates/reedplates nailed to the comb. I want to convert to screws. Anyone know the details?


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11 years ago

As I recall, there are two nails on each side, yes? (I haven't owned a marine band in years...they ripped my lips to shreds, so I changed over to Lee Oscar for the plastic comb...much easier on the lips...) 1. drill thru the caps reedplates, and comb using a 1/16" drill bit. at the center of each flange 2. pry caps carefully from comb/reedplates 3. remove nails. 4. replace caps. 5. apply 1/2" long fine pitch machine screws to fit the 1/16" holes and attach nuts til snug. 6. mark screws just above nuts 7a-1 remove screws and trim using dremel and deburr trimmed screws then reseat nuts onto screws to finish deburring 7a-2 replace screws into harmonica and tighten nuts just past snug. 7b or alternatively, file screws flush with nuts using fine tooth file while still on harp and then loosen and tighten nuts to clean screw ends.