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How do I dub copyrighted VHS tapes to DVD's? Answered

I have educational VHS tapes that have copyright protection somehow encoded on the tapes. I want to dub these to DVDs to reduce my media storage for home resource use. I understand that the law allows one copy to be made if not selling it. But I don't know how to get past the encoded protection. I have a dubbing machine.



Best Answer 10 years ago

The way I've done it is to run video-out from the VCR (yellow) into the same video-in on my PC's display adapter. I also have to run audio-out (red & white) into the PC's line-in, but you can then capture video with software (e.g. free-with my machine Windows MovieMaker). If you don't have the same socket you might have S-Video instead? VHS is analogue, you need to capture the analogue stream on your PC, save-as a video clip, burn DVD. L


9 years ago

Forget the copyright issue, you are format-shifting to prevent loss of the program material.

Yes, feeding it into a PC editor can help, and it can clear up bad edits surrounding ad-deletion.

If the PC approach is not wanted, you can get a video time base corrector or "video image enhancer" which connects between source and target devices.

Either the PC or the TBC will put the vertical sync signal back where it is supposed to be so that the subsequent recording should be "stable" instead of all over the place.


10 years ago

Have you attempted to send the video out to a computer tv card? Seems to me that it would be a good way to work around them, although I'll probably delete this after a few days so no-one accuses me of aiding piracy.