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How to make a "Yes" "No" gadget Answered

Okay i'm looking to make a gadget so that pressing a red button makes it say "No" and pressing a green button makes it say "Yes". How would I go about making such a thing???

I'm presuming i'll need momentary switches of some kind.

Thanks for any help :)

Note: this is for a guy who is autistic and won't speak. It will enable him to be able to have an opinion by just pressing the button


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8 years ago

Keep it simple. Use two differant color LED flashlights, like for keychains type. They could be held down in place and shine thier color when the button is pressed. Just a thought.


Reply 8 years ago

Even simpler, a piece of card with the words "Yes" and "No" printed clearly fir pointing at.

Better, if the guy is completely non-verbal, you could make a selection of cards with useful phrases (yes, no, don't know, I need space, hungry, thirsty etc). Punch a hole in the corners of the cards, and hang on a cord around his neck for easy access.

You could then add to the cards over time, increasing the amount of communication he is able to do.