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How to plant fruits? Answered

I have a place, which I want to convert to a garden. My home is two story, so I'm gonna use this second story balcony for my garden. As I'm a beginner at gardening, I don't know where to start. I plan to plant fruits here, and I prefer starting from seeds. What fruits are suitable for my place, which is a tropical place? I live in Batam, Indonesia and Batam is just 10 degrees north from the equator. Can I plant strawberries? Please help me.


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10 years ago

you live in an excellent area for gardening! The only thing I see possibly giving you any trouble is finding the seeds you want.Strawberries are very adaptable and will grow from seed, here in the U.S. there are many strawberries grown in baskets, raised beds, even indoors! You will probably have to make a raised bed for drainage so your plants wont drown. I do believe you get a bit of rain there. I suggest you google search for container gardening or look here on instructables there are many good ones on container and raised bed gardens. As for getting the seeds you want I would bet you should be able to get them by order from a seed house in your country, I'm not sure about the shipping of seeds overseas or I could easily put the seeds you want in the post from here. If you cant find them let me know, I will try to help you find some in your area.


11 years ago

1) What you will need to do is to go to a website for balcony gardening, and look specifically at this type of gardening for tropical temperatures.

2) Look to see what is successfully grown on your neighbours' balconies.

3) Don't attempt to grow fruit from seed. It is very often the root stock (the original perhaps sour, wild fruit). Many fruit trees are usually grown from this root stock because it has a strong root system-the grafted fruit stock being more edible and prolific. Buy some small fruit trees, and put them into large pots.

4) Be mindful that this is all dependent on how much sun you get (they need a lot of sun), AND that you will need dwarf fruit trees-normal fruit trees are generally too large for a balcony.

5) You should be able to plant strawberries. They can be grown quite successfully in hanging baskets. Again, check a website for balcony gardening. I had a balcony garden once-the websites were a great help! (Google!).

Very good luck!